I hate manspreading and I can not lie.

My take on feminism today.

During an email conversation^, I had been asked about feminism. And on the occasion of the International Women’s day just gone by, I felt like I needed to put my point across. 3 points, actually.

*I really don’t see how asking men to get up from the “reserved” seats for women on a metro is gonna establish the equality, let alone your “supremacy”. They worked as hard as you did during the day. They attended those same, boring, continuous lectures as you did. They have similar stamina as you do. They are humans just as you are.

*And how is not shaving your legs, or arms, or underarms, for that matter, working in your favor in this matter? I mean, if you like hair, that’s perfectly cool. But if not,remember you do the shaving for personal hygiene. You do it to feel your silky-smooth skin under your fingertips in the shower (Admit it. That’s where you notice the hair with the most disgusted look on your face.). You do it to feel good about yourself. They aren’t as hygiene concerned. That doesn’t mean you gotta stoop to their level of unhygienic to prove you are equals. Or superior,if majority’s idea is to go by.
Animals aren’t shaving their hairy legs(Excuse me, men). Are you dying to prove how you are equals? And before you argue how animals aren’t discriminating against you, how do you know they aren’t, with disgust in their big,beady eyes and loathing on their ever-chewing huge faces?

*And I can not, for the life of me, understand how counteracting manspreading with something equally horrendous is gonna establish you as rational equals. Manspreading, in my opinion, should be declared a punishable offense(I have a personal vendetta against manspreading, yes.-.-). It’s irritating, really. If your balls can’t fit in the space allotted for one individual, pay for two. I mean, what the hell,dude? You can’t just go around spreading your legs when you find women doing it really offensive to your sensibilities.
But that doesn’t mean,ladies, that you gotta go around trying to introduce some “equally” ridiculous female-irritating-mechanisms just to spite them. Stop them. Tell them they are wrong. Tell them they gotta stop. Don’t get more annoying than they are. It’s not a race to see who can be more annoying,for god’s sake!!

Yes, these are the ones that personally annoy me (especially manspreading, in case you missed that^😶). I find this shit irritating. *shrugs* You are obviously entitled to your opinion. But don’t try to justify any of this shit,please. Stop being little insecure girls, trying to prove how getting your pigtails pulled is cute. It’s annoying,admit it. Learn to be a woman. Be a woman. A rational woman who KNOWS how she’s equal to the other half,and not trying to prove why she is.


I am a mystery?

As simple as that.*shrugs*

What makes you think you wanna know all of me? What makes you think you can handle it? What ever gave you the idea that I am a mystery waiting to unfold? And why would you think that I am waiting for someone to unravel me? Why the freaking hell would you think that even if I am, you are gonna be the one doing the unraveling? And why would you get this idea in your head that I can be broken in? Why the hell, I ask? Why does it seem so important to you, this discovering? And how would you even know that I have more to me than what meets the eye? What makes you believe you are capable of anything when it comes to me? Why? Why? WHY!?!


The night is still young, and so am I.


I have had this crazy idea in my head for a few weeks now. Yes, people would say,wild and crazy. I wanna get a pixie cut. Not a longish one,but one with short sides and longer top with a bit of bangs,maybe? My hair are too damaged to salvage at this point. So I don’t see any other way but to chop it all off. Also, I have lost so many chunks of hair during the two weeks of exams because of the overwhelming tension that my head looks like a dog’s back with missing patches of fur due to some puke-inducing disease. Yes. I am not even exaggerating( okaay, I am really. My condition is bad. Not that bad,though,I guess. 😶).
But yeah. You get my point, don’t you? I lost half my hair during these exams!! So many chunks! So many!*sobs*
Anyway, I have shoulder-length curly hair(kinda tightly curled sometimes and kinda wavy other times) and I wanna go pixie now. And I thought of running this by a few people to see their reactions.
My mumma, as always, was supportive of my decision. She agreed to go with me to the salon. Other people, though? Cardiac arrest!! Why!?! What!?! Huh!?! Don’t!! Noooo!!!! Seriously!?! You’re kidding, right!?! You’re crazy! This is India!! You want a boy cut!?! Yes. That’s exactly what I got. And ofcourse that made me furious! From when do boys have a copyright on short hair? And when a guy decides to let his hair grow,he’s so cool. Why can’t girls chop theirs off?!!! Why?!
And yes. You wouldn’t look like a girl anymore. What? Neither my body nor my face is getting altered. What the hell?
I kinda researched on the Internet and I came across various people talking about the pros and cons of getting a pixie. Some were:
❤Easy to manage hair.
❤Getting rid of the damaged stuff without looking like an utter fool.
❤It’s “in” these days.
And many many more.
🐀”You and I have a similar haircut.” <- says a guy, in case you were wondering.
🐀”Are you coming out?!” SERIOUSLY?!-.-
🐀You won’t feel or look feminine.
🐀 You won’t be able to wear you hair down. Duh.

If that doesn’t sound stupid enough, people said stuff like, “That’s okay in other countries. Here,in India? Not so much“, to me. Why the hell not? I can not understand for the life of me.
Also, I have really fine hair and the density has decreased a lot A LOT. So,my getting a pixie is not only about looks but health reasons. I wanna work on the damage and get my hair healthy again. I will grow these out again once they are fine. What’s the big deal? It’s just hair. And even if you don’t like it once you get it chopped off, just get a wig( that’s the last resort,though🙊).
Anyway, I just wanted to kinda rant and vent about my anger and frustration. So.😶
It’s not really usual with me. But anyway. *shrugs*

By the way, does any of you have a pixie? Wanna share your experience, or why I should or shouldn’t get one(except for the ones above,I mean)? Tell me! There’s still time. I don’t want regrets!*sighs*


Curiosities and shit.


My friend wanted to convey something along the lines of this^ to her friend. She asked me to help her with it(read:write something for me,please, please, pleasssseeee?!!)
So,even though I am not really a friend-y person( Excuse my creation of a new word. English must really hate me. I make such stupid additions to it without them making much sense.#_#), I wrote this. I was kinda in a good mood. So,don’t go spoiling my reputation. I am still mean and selfish.:P
Honestly,though? It seems like total bullshit to me. But,whatever.
So,anyway, my point here is, do your friends ask you to write such stuff for them just because they think you love writing,even though since it’s their clarifications and apologies, they should be the ones writing it?:/


I am planning ahead.

I am gonna go off WP for a little more than a month. For the most PART,atleast. And the reason is what every teenager(or almost adult) has. The dreaded exams. Yes,I have my semesters coming. And they are fast approaching. Annnd, I dunno a single freaking thing from my course. *hides her face* I dunno what I am gonna do.
It’s mocking me like,

Yes. Exactly. -.-

I used to be intelligent some years back. It actually feels like a lifetime ago. Yes,so as I was saying, I used to be intelligent. Back in school. I used to top the school, teachers loved me, children envied me, parents adored me,mine and others’.( Mine still do.🙈) So, all in all, I was intelligent.
Now? Let’s not even start. It’s only been a few months more than a year. Yes,that’s all the time that has passed and I have turned into those stupid people who don’t want to study and so,they don’t. *sobs* College has made me dumb. Or maybe it’s just economic honors.*rolls her eyes*
It has made me a totally ,totally stupid person.

Can you believe that?!! I love books,afterall.*whimpers*

Sooo,I have decided I need to focus my attention on this stupid course and try to forget WP in the mean time. I know I will pop in now and then, but I am gonna be MIA for the most part.
I am gonna miss your work and awesome writings, and I am gonna post way less frequently than I do now.
I just hope you all will be here when I return. I have seen people lose their readers by the dozens when they go off WP even for very short spans of time. So,hopefully, I will still have all 1750 something of you here. Even the thought of losing any of you makes me be like,

Even worse.

I will try to post a few times during this time. And when I come back I will have a month off. So,I will catch up on your writings then.
Anyway, all the pending awards and tags? Apologies. I will try to do those when I return for good. 🙈
Annnnd,that’s it. I thought of informing this time before disappearing. That’s not fair to you.
Annd,no matter what,I adore you people. *blows a Kiss*
See ya! Whenever.(Hopefully soon)
I AM still gonna be present sometimes during the next week or so.
Have a blast,enjoy life, have fun on WP, AND don’t forget me.🙈💋


A thousand freaking apologies!

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies! I went AWOL and I am really sorry for that,people!I know, people go off stuff all the freaking time,but they generally inform,yeah? I didn’t. And I am really very sorry for that. I have been speculating why I did that. I “adore” WP. And you all. Always have. But I just didn’t feel like coming back when I came back from Kolkata,I guess. And writing is all about feeling,yeah?I haven’t written anything in the last 8-9 days. Nothing at all. Except the broken English ridden replies to text messages on WhatsApp, ofcourse.-.-
But they don’t count,do they?*rolls her eyes*
Anyways,enough of that. I just wanted to apologise. I owe you all that much. You have always been awesome,afterall.💋
So,yeah. JUST kinda announcing that I am back. I missed you like crazy,WP. I just didn’t wanna write. What’s wrong with me?*sniffles*

Anyways,I found this picture. And loved it, Ofcourse. So,shared it for ya’all.

By the way,happy friendships day ,peeps!♥
And WP,you too. Lol
Over-dramatic boinker behaviour again.:P



Kolkata, peeps!

Okay,lemme tell you a story. A very short one, okay?Even though that’s not my forte. Finishing a story in short, I mean.-.-
Well,yeah. So,there’s this guy. He studied in one of the best business schools of the nation. IIM,yeah? He is from north India. He met a girl there who was from an eastern state of India. They became friends and fell in love. The girl’s parents came to meet the guy’s family. They have an arguement. Girl’s family storms off. And then the guy’s parents decide that it’s not worth it and their kid’s happiness is what’s most important. So,they meet again and sort it out. Now, the marriage is on. In less than a week the ceremony would take place in the bride-to-be’s state. The guy’s extended family is going to attend the wedding. Hope they have an awesome life ahead. THE END.
Now,does that sound familiar?Bollywood buffs?Story of a b-wood movie?2 states,yeah?
Hmmmmmmm. Exactly that. Slight little variations here and there. The guy’s my uncle. And the place the girl is from?KOLKATA!!! And I am a part of the family going for the out-of-state wedding!I am so excited.*squeals*
I have only ever attended the north Indian weddings, ofcourse. The weddings here are wonderful. Rich and with deli-freaking-cious food. Mm hmm. *sighs* But I have always wanted to attend weddings from different cultures. And I heard the Kolkata weddings have those crown thingies and the leaves covering the bride’s face and men wearing dhotis and stuff. And finally!*smirks smugly*
Now, Kolkata peeps?I want this to come off as a suprise. That’s why I am so excited. I want to experience the rituals of different cultures. I am assuming, this would be fun. *grins* But tell me seriously. Should I know something before I set foot in the foreign territory? I have visited Kolkata before, yeah. But the wedding is going to be altogether different from a touristy visit, I suppose. What’s special about weddings in your cultures,people? If you wanna,do tell me. I am so excited!*excited squealing*
The differences in cultures are so exciting!*squeals again*
And I am getting too excited and squealing too much.-.-
Don’t mind me.*waves her hand dismissively*
I am just…excited. *grins widely*