I am giving up.

Resignation shines bright. Ah the irony!

This pressure on my head just might kill me. I am coming to realise that now. It just might be the end of me. My doom. And the crazy thing is I know I am the only one responsible for this predicament I am in. This mess of a life I have made it be is my doing. There’s really no one to blame but me. And the thing is,it’s all in my own damn head. I feel like I might go crazy, totally nuts, if I am not relieved of this burden soon. I know that would happen for sure. No way will I come out of this unscathed. One can take only so much. And it will all be ruined. There’s no ifs and buts about this. Neither is there a question of when. It’s only a question of to what extent. Because ruin everything, it will. And it wouldn’t be easy to recover from. Maybe it would be irrecoverable. Yes! That just might be true. I am coming down. That’s the only thing I am sure about right now. It’s over. The game’s over. So am I. Can nobody protect me? None? Am I gonna burn all alone? Maybe I will. I was the one with my hands crossed at my back, making a sympathetic face, when I saw them go down,afterall. I am so over. I don’t wanna continue like this, anyway.



9 things that make Diwali DIWALI!Yayayay!♥

DIWALI. The most beautiful festival ever. Seriously. Those who don’t know what it is,this is to let you know. It’s the biggest and the brightest festival in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. You will fall in love with its beauty if you ever get to experience it, believe me.

Here are 9 things that Diwali is all about:

🔅Pretty Lights!
It’s not called the festival of lights for nothing. Everything is beautiful when it’s Diwali. Every single shop is lit up with colorful lights. And every house,too. Annnd, there are the Oil lamps. Best freaking thing ever. So damn pretty.

Such gorgeous electric hanging lamps are lit up and hung all around. This one's hung from the balcony of the lower landing in my house. Gorgeous, isn't it?💚

🎁 Loads of Gifts.
People exchange gifts: Decorative stuff, pretty bowls filled with nuts and packed tight, gift hampers,and my personal favorite is collection of assorted Chocolates.😍
Loads of varieties of stuff, actually.:D

Heap loads of Gifts that are gifted every year.:D

🍭Food. Yummy!
Delicious food all around. Sweets are love. And Diwali is all about having sweets,feeding other people sweets, exchanging sweets,and having more sweets. Mm-hmm.😻

🙏Praying to the almighty.
Ofcourse the reason for celebration is the almighty. It’s them because of who everything else happens as it happens on Diwali. So,we thank them for everything and pray.:D

Yesssss! Loads of these. So so many,that it kills all the mosquitoes around and it just might kill a few of us,too, if we don’t reduce the amount of Firecrackers we burst. But yeah. It’s fun. I celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali now,though. 😶

Something like that. 😶

🎀Ethnic rendezvous.
People dress up. Pretty clothes and prettier jewelry. And everybody look so great,as if they all are royalty. 😻

Even people like me,who have never even tried make up and stuff in all their lives,wear stuff like this^ : Since I love anklets and am usually wearing a couple of those,I add another one on occasions like Diwali. And the bangles! I wear such stuff,too.😶 Aaaand,such pretty pretty earrings,too. I have very sensitive ear piercings,prone to infections. So,I don't usually wear earrings in general. But on occasions like these? Everything is forgotten ;consequences be damned. And, ofcourse, totally traditional clothes. People find it hard to believe it's me on such days.:P

*sighs* What did I say? Beautiful festival. The flower garlands,the confetti, the Oil lamps, the electric lamps, the Rangolis( the various designs people make using colored powder. It’s a lot of work. And precision is needed. Since that’s not my forte and I am lazy as hell, I use stencils,if that. 🙈) But it’s all gorgeous.💚

This was a flower design I made with flower petals and surrounded it with oil lamps. This is just a teeny tiny part of it,though.😄

Annnnnd,ofcourse it’s all fun. So, that. I guess, all of the above sounds fun. So,I don’t need to elaborate, do I?:D
Stuff like exhibitions and all are there before Diwali even rolls around. And then there are Diwali mela(fest) held all around. My college’s Diwali mela is especially famous.😌
The amusement rides and deli-freaking-cious food.❤

Ofcourse. It just fills you with happiness, and joy, and you laugh and smile like crazy throughout. It’s a very happy happy kinda festival with a very happy story behind it as to why it’s celebrated. So,it’s all awesome, and it lights up our lives,both figuratively and literally, like anything.

Awesome day, it always is.:D
Happy Diwali,you all! Have some sweets from my side this Diwali, why don’t you?



Curiosities and shit.


My friend wanted to convey something along the lines of this^ to her friend. She asked me to help her with it(read:write something for me,please, please, pleasssseeee?!!)
So,even though I am not really a friend-y person( Excuse my creation of a new word. English must really hate me. I make such stupid additions to it without them making much sense.#_#), I wrote this. I was kinda in a good mood. So,don’t go spoiling my reputation. I am still mean and selfish.:P
Honestly,though? It seems like total bullshit to me. But,whatever.
So,anyway, my point here is, do your friends ask you to write such stuff for them just because they think you love writing,even though since it’s their clarifications and apologies, they should be the ones writing it?:/