A thousand freaking apologies!

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies! I went AWOL and I am really sorry for that,people!I know, people go off stuff all the freaking time,but they generally inform,yeah? I didn’t. And I am really very sorry for that. I have been speculating why I did that. I “adore” WP. And you all. Always have. But I just didn’t feel like coming back when I came back from Kolkata,I guess. And writing is all about feeling,yeah?I haven’t written anything in the last 8-9 days. Nothing at all. Except the broken English ridden replies to text messages on WhatsApp, ofcourse.-.-
But they don’t count,do they?*rolls her eyes*
Anyways,enough of that. I just wanted to apologise. I owe you all that much. You have always been awesome,afterall.💋
So,yeah. JUST kinda announcing that I am back. I missed you like crazy,WP. I just didn’t wanna write. What’s wrong with me?*sniffles*

Anyways,I found this picture. And loved it, Ofcourse. So,shared it for ya’all.

By the way,happy friendships day ,peeps!♥
And WP,you too. Lol
Over-dramatic boinker behaviour again.:P




10 thoughts on “A thousand freaking apologies!

  1. I can understand this dear … I mean we all never met each other but still we have that bond and inside there is a feel that might be some day we encounter each other suddenly … It will be like , ohh hyee , remember me , we are together on wp … That will be awesome … And yes sometimes it’s like we don’t wanna write anything or say anything but just watch people … And happy friendship day to you too … I am sitting alone write now and with no friends with me write now but just you all … And thanks for coming back as I was searching for your post from long time …

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    1. Hahahaha I knowwww!That would be so freaking fantastic, right?Meeting people you have only ever met on WP?
      But you people won’t recognize me.But I will recognize you.*sly grin*
      And thank you so soooo much for the sweet words.I will try to post regularly like I always have to make up for this absence. 😀

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  2. Ahhaaa finally you are back… I was wondering where the hell did Wandering violet has gone all this time, no articles… Well… That’s a pretty nice sign you are back on Friendship Day… Damn this is great, we have never seen each other but all the time read each other 😱😱 Very Happy Friendship day 😊😊, hope this WordPress friendship sails forever….

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    1. I knowwww. I thought about WP so much in these days. But the moment it came to posting,I kinda froze,you know. Like I just didn’t wanna. :/
      And that’s a sweet sign, I guess. Because you people are selfless friends.No expectations, no demands. :*
      So,I wish for the same,Abhijit.:D


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