Two Broken Wings.

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She had a lonely past.

Loneliness, her friend of choice.

The past had taught her lessons few.

Drunk mother taught her to keep her mouth shut.

Opening it resulted in insults hurled incessantly.

It was better to stay hidden.

It was better to stay quiet.

Depressed father educated her to never get attached.

The spirit bottles her mother guzzled had made him a broken man.

He did nothing. He said nothing.

It was better to stay aloof.

It was better to stay away.

Promiscuous sister was the next in line.

She taught her to never trust the divine.

She slept around in hopes of finding the one.

There was no one.

There was never one.

She used to dream of flying around,

Enjoy the sights and the cheerful sounds.

She was now a bird with a broken wing.

She couldn’t fly, she didn’t dream.

Then came he.

Filling her with hope and positivity,

He told her she was magnificent and free.

She believed him and started to try,

She was going to be the bird

With a broken wing who could fly.

She thought she got rid of the past that engulfed her.

She didn’t think she needed to stick with the lessons anymore.

She believed he was the one who would help her fly and dream again.

He was the last straw, he wasn’t supposed to be.

He promised to teach her to fly with one wing.

Instead, he broke the other wing.

She was now a bird with two broken wings,

that couldn’t fly.

She wouldn’t fly.