Emotions · Poetry

Unanswered pleas!


Oh why does this have to be this way?
Why? Why?Why?
Why am I so confused?
Why do I not find a muse?
Why do I feel so much?
Why do I not do much?
Why do I feel everyone’s out to get me?
Why don’t I trust even me?
Why don’t I have answers?
Why don’t I get that hard work conquers?
Why,oh why?
Will no one answer my questions?
Will my plea always be unanswered?


Emotions · Poetry



The pale walls,
The filthy curtains,
Dirty floor,
Unmade bed.
I shrink in the corner,
With tear stained cheeks,
Alert,I sit.
Crashing noises reach me through the cracked window.
I flung myself into the closet,
Sit, peaking through the gap.
Silently I pray.
Hoping,not to be found,
I wait in my sanctuary…



Spring is here;and, yet not.

Red beauty!

Spring is here.There are flowers all around. Colorful ones.Beautiful ones.They are a treat to the eyes.I mean,my balcony and front yard are filled with flowers, which I can see all day long and yet, not get tired of it.

A bud of hope.

Some plants are sprouting buds which would lead to,wait for it,yes,more FLOWERS.

A bunch worth clicking.

Some are red;some pink,fuchsia, white.And all are pretty.No color discrimination,whatsoever.


And varieties,varieties.

White, it is.

The spring flowers are,afterall, supposed to be beautiful.
But the coming of spring doesn’t,in any way,ensure beauty all around.Just like having happiness doesn’t ensure that you wouldn’t have to endure pain.Because you would.Eventually. That happiness would vanish and in its place, would come despair.Because that’s what life is about.VARIETY.Every freaking variety, you have to endure.


The pool of happiness dries and you are left with the drying petals of despair.


And pain.Yes.Sometimes, we live in the illusion  that the happiness would prevail forever and ever.But it doesn’t.

Drying, drying.

Just like these flowers.They were once pretty.But right now?They are drying and would doon be nothing more than a dead, brown matter.Yes,that’s what they would be.

Just a part.

But but but.There comes hope.Because we cannot write a piece about happiness and pain, and not have hope come in and play the hero, now can we?
Yes.There’s always hope,just like every other “variety”.It comes out to play eventually.When you feel that you cannot bear the pain,despair anymore,you are hit with hope.Hope.It’s always there.Atleast,that’s my opinion.

Hope, here and always!

In the same way,the flowers sprout buds again,and again,and again.And the beauty doesn’t vanish.No.It just might diminish for a while, but eventually,it returns.Full force.

Returning,I am.

Or more than full force.
And it’s breathtaking.Even more so.Because after pain,the happiness feels multiple folds better.