Kolkata, peeps!

Okay,lemme tell you a story. A very short one, okay?Even though that’s not my forte. Finishing a story in short, I mean.-.-
Well,yeah. So,there’s this guy. He studied in one of the best business schools of the nation. IIM,yeah? He is from north India. He met a girl there who was from an eastern state of India. They became friends and fell in love. The girl’s parents came to meet the guy’s family. They have an arguement. Girl’s family storms off. And then the guy’s parents decide that it’s not worth it and their kid’s happiness is what’s most important. So,they meet again and sort it out. Now, the marriage is on. In less than a week the ceremony would take place in the bride-to-be’s state. The guy’s extended family is going to attend the wedding. Hope they have an awesome life ahead. THE END.
Now,does that sound familiar?Bollywood buffs?Story of a b-wood movie?2 states,yeah?
Hmmmmmmm. Exactly that. Slight little variations here and there. The guy’s my uncle. And the place the girl is from?KOLKATA!!! And I am a part of the family going for the out-of-state wedding!I am so excited.*squeals*
I have only ever attended the north Indian weddings, ofcourse. The weddings here are wonderful. Rich and with deli-freaking-cious food. Mm hmm. *sighs* But I have always wanted to attend weddings from different cultures. And I heard the Kolkata weddings have those crown thingies and the leaves covering the bride’s face and men wearing dhotis and stuff. And finally!*smirks smugly*
Now, Kolkata peeps?I want this to come off as a suprise. That’s why I am so excited. I want to experience the rituals of different cultures. I am assuming, this would be fun. *grins* But tell me seriously. Should I know something before I set foot in the foreign territory? I have visited Kolkata before, yeah. But the wedding is going to be altogether different from a touristy visit, I suppose. What’s special about weddings in your cultures,people? If you wanna,do tell me. I am so excited!*excited squealing*
The differences in cultures are so exciting!*squeals again*
And I am getting too excited and squealing too much.-.-
Don’t mind me.*waves her hand dismissively*
I am just…excited. *grins widely*



61 thoughts on “Kolkata, peeps!

      1. Well, with the same force check out my new post, if you got some time… Because you are my regular visitor. One in only few…😊😊
        Thank you…


    1. Now we are talking. A tag I would love to do without anyone forcing me.*grins* Because I am the most obsessive person I know when it comes to books.I LOVE to read. And that’s saying something as I don’t believe in the emotion.*winks*
      Anyway,I will mention how thankful I am when I do the actual post. For now,thank you so much for the nomination, Muskan. :*
      P.S. The post would be up after a couple of days.Going for a out-of-town wedding.If I get time,this would be the first one up out of the pending ones.:D

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      1. Big Smile
        That’s pretty cool
        May be you should let yourself sip into the experience

        We are already getting the hold of it
        I am guessing a lot of cool posts on culture soon ? 😀

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      2. I know right? *grins*
        And as for the posts…I am gonna try my best to grasp the maximum amount of stuff I can.And then try to post about it.
        But the thing is,the moment the reception is over in my hometown after I return,I will have to get back to college.Infact, college has already started as of yesterday. But I am missing it for the wedding. So,I don’t know how much time I will have.*Sighs*
        Second year with economic honors is gonna take its toll on me.-.-
        Anyway, get ready.Atleast a couple of posts,no doubt.:D

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      3. It’s like you have Rajdhaani salt flowing through Miss Unstoppable!
        Well we are all set for the journey aboard be KK or back at your hometown. All the story are going to be exciting for sure.

        For your college, I guess it’s okay at times to socialize. You see the country economy can wait until you take everything on your shoulders 😉 Wish something new would come then in E C O N O M Y.

        So all the best for fun.task.tick. journey and experience 🙂

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      4. I am glad you have such confidence in my story writing.:P
        I don’t.:|
        And I am stuck with economics for the next two years in the minimum. So,if I don’t focus,I am going down for sure.:/
        Economic honors is, afterall,the toughest course of DU.*sighs*
        Thank you so much, anyway.:D

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      5. Don’t worry. A quote from my friend –

        Most amazing things come from least expected people !

        University would matter for 2 years only and after that, I am sure you will be ruling the Economics. So yeah this small scary stuff(your language) is necessary for the big scary stuff you are going to be 😉

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  1. kolkata’s food!!! I’m so jealous of u! i want to go to kolkata too!
    ok here’s a list of things to eat 😛
    Puchka(pani puri, golgappe),egg roll, chicken roll, biryani, jal muri, mishti doi, chum chum mithai,masala soda!
    weddings are a lavish affair there! u have no idea the amount of food u r going to see!
    can u notice my jealous tone? 😛

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    1. You are?!
      See,I only had puchka outta these. I am a vegetarian. So,half the options closed without a thought. And the mishti doi didn’t look appealing to me.I was missing my North Indian food in the couple of days I was there,instead.:/
      But yeah.The rosogollas, I had loads.*_*
      I guess, I am a hardcore north Indian, afterall. (Does any such category even exist?-.-)
      I missed the north Indian food.Period.^_^
      Thank you so much for commenting, by the way.:D


      1. Hey,I was just going through the comment sections of my older posts and came across your reply. I am so sorry I am responding this late. I didn’t get a notification for your reply. :/
        Anyway,daal chawal rocks,afterall! *WINKS*
        And rosogollas were the only thing I liked in the couple of days I was there. But,like them, I did.❤


      2. I know,riiiiight?
        Damn weird. Stupid app. It has been doing this so much,I had to contact the support people. They still haven’t come up with any explanation though. They are working on it. It skips any random notifications for comments and replies.:/

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  2. My mother studied in India… Unfortunately she never gives details about her experience really… She Just mentions how her mouth used to be on heat during meal times lol… I would love to experience different cultures as well… Unfortunately, i am not even conversant with my own *hides face…

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    1. Hahahahahah that does sound like a side-effect of Indian food for someone who’s not used to it.Oh who am I kidding?Even people who eat it everyday cry their eyes out often.*rolls her eyes*
      But I especially love me some spicy food.:P
      There’s no taste in stuff without spices,really. Ofcourse that’s just my boinked brain word vomiting. *sheepishly shrugs*
      And yes!You should.It’s beautiful experiencing different cultures. I love my culture, to be honest.Try to explore. You are not gonna regret it.
      And there ends my out-of-my-mind-deprivation-of-WP side-effected comment.Hope you don’t regret commenting. Trust me,that’s definitely a possibility with me.:P

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