The sweet fruit of patience!

A long,long wait...for that one sweet taste!

Everytime I have to return to college;everytime I have to leave home ;everytime I have to travel for more than three hours, away from home,I feel a sense of loss.Yes,loss.I know, I know I am going away for my own good;to learn,for my betterment,but…I don’t know.

It’s like someone has asked me to give away a limb.Weird,I know.Because teenagers all around wait for the day they will be free.Everybody, I guess,wants to live their life on their own terms.They want a place of their own.Not me. I am weird,I know.

I love the comfort of home;of my hometown, of bickering with my brother,of homecooked food,of late night television,of waking up after noon,of lying under my quilt whole day…I love it all. But the best part of it all is…my ma-papa.The knowledge that I can kiss my ma,whenever I want.The ability to hug my papa, whenever I feel like it.Yes,I love this,and everything else.

So,you see where I am coming from?I don’t want to leave this comfort for any sort of ‘betterment’ or whatever.No matter how it would benefit me,I don’t wanna go away again.

*sigh* But it’s inevitable.I have to go back  the day after.No point denying it.*sigh again*

So I am just going to enjoy this remaining visit and then go back…and wait for the next one.That’s all I can do,isn’t it?And haven’t we heard our elders say,”The fruit of patience is so very sweet!“?

So…I will just wait to eat this sweet,sweet fruit. Afterall,I have a sweet tooth. *wink*



Possessive friends?No,thanks.

So…there’s a friend of mine in college who I am kind of close to.Not in the best-friends-forever kind of way,but closer than others,I guess.Ofcourse I am not as close to her as I am to my ma,my best friend for life.(Yes,I have got an amazing mother,who is my best friend too,lucky me :-)). But yeah,in college I generally stay with her all the time.

So yes,we are friends,but ofcourse we have other people we talk to. We have some mutual friends,and then there are others who I am friends with and she’s not…and vice-versa.So,our department had the departmental fest the day before,and it was enjoyable to say the least.I mean,we ate,we clicked a ton of pictures and we just explored and roamed around…and yes,we got food vouchers,so free food…what’s not to like huh?We all enjoyed a lot.

Anyway,this friend I mentioned, takes me aside just before she is about to go home,and says that I have been ignoring her.I was like,WHAAAA?I haven’t been ignoring you.you have been right beside me practically the whole day.So she points out a couple of instances when I went to a food stall with another of my friend’s, and didn’t take her with me.Yes,she said that and was upset about it, nonetheless. I calmly told her that this other friend of mine,let’s call her N,is my friend too.And since I have no problem with R, let’s call this possessive friend R, hanging out with other people,she shouldn’t have one either.So she’s like, I am always with you,and don’t go off like that,and blah blah blah.I calmly try to tell her again that it’s not like I am ignoring her and shit…but she is not ready to listen.

Ofcourse,I start getting angry when she is not ready to listen,and I jokingly ask her if she is jealous.She answers in the affirmative and says that I am the closest friend she has at the college and she doesn’t want me to do this again.Imagine! I straight away tell her that N is my friend and I won’t stop hanging out with her just because she thinks I should.She kind of defends herself and says that she has no problem with me hanging out with anyone else.

And this afternoon, when I text her asking if she went to college today,she’s like,N knew about me being absent and she didn’t. I feel the anger taking over again and tell her that it was her who went away early,and not only N,but all my friends knew about my being absent.She again deflects the situation by saying that she was kidding.But I was not,so I try to end the conversation before a full on fight.Now I haven’t replied to her latest text.

The thing is,I don’t like people trying to tell me what to do.I never have.It leads to me getting angry,and the other person getting hurt,or whatever.And R trying to dominate me just pisses me off.This possessive friend thingie is getting on my nerves real bad.

I have no idea why I just wrote this piece, except to get it all out.Afterall,that’s why I started writing in the first place, isn’t it?But still,if R doesn’t back off,we are going to have a serious issue.And this issue would lead to serious talk.She seriously needs to back off.This dominating and possessive shit doesn’t work for me.At all.

If someone is a friend,they need to act like a friend,don’t they?When they try to tell you what to do,don’t they become…dictators?Yeah,yeah I went over the top for a second there,but still…
Aren’t the friends just supposed to be with you as and when you need them…and their support        and all?

Well, I dunno about any of this.Atleast I was able to get this all out.Maybe my anger will subside before I talk to R again…but then again,maybe not.We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.



The Midnight Partyyy!�

My roomies and I,decided to have a party of sorts.Well,it wasn’t exactly a party…it’s just that all of us felt the craving to eat something delicious.Yes.It was a craving for food.Not because we didn’t have dinner… but because “our minds weren’t satisfied with the food,even if our bellies were“.so…yes,we decided to eat noodles.Yeah,the-out-of-packet type, two minute noodles.And then it forged into hot and sour soup…and then throw in a couple of mouthwatering cookies…and yes,a hot, spicy packet of oats.And we had a partyyy!

Yeah,yeah.Not exactly a party,I know.But with nonsense conversations,gossiping and sharing the hilarious moments of the day we have had,it was a blast.

So,it got me thinking…if the most important ingredient of a good time is just great company? Or was it just tonight?!;)


Emotions · Poetry


There is an abundance of emotions in everyone’s heart(well,almost everyone’s). Some,we want;some we just…don’t!After actually going through that roller coaster of emotions that people talk about,one craves nothing more than that sweet,sweet oblivion they were once in.That small little piece of nothing is what they desire!They just want to…be.Without those abundant swirling emotions making a mess of everything.Yes,that craving!!

Swirling mass of emotions...a jumbled mess!
Swirling mass of emotions…a jumbled mess!

I have.

I want.



Through children’s eyes.


When you look at me,
you see me through children’s eyes,
you see a world filled with laughs,
where no one cries.

When you look at me,
you hear the birds, they sing,
you smell the flowers of the gardens,
where bees don’t sting.

When you,
Oh, when you look at me,
perfection is all you see,
but don’t be fooled by the looks of me.

Trust me baby,
there are faults and flaws beneath,
nobody is perfect –
not even me.

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This is so relatable!

My Thoughts

Don’t look inside my head
For it’s a dark place
There’s no happy tunes
Just a pale face

Don’t try to understand
All these feelings inside
There’s only confusion
Without a bright light

Don’t treat me like a baby
I’m fighting to get stronger
There’s a lot to do
But it won’t take much longer

Don’t say I won’t make it
Believe me I’ll survive
There’s still so much floating around in my mind
Just look around and take a dive

Don’t be surprised
When I’m at the top
There’s a lot you won’t understand
I’ll make your jaw drop.

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