Kolkata, peeps!

Okay,lemme tell you a story. A very short one, okay?Even though that’s not my forte. Finishing a story in short, I mean.-.-
Well,yeah. So,there’s this guy. He studied in one of the best business schools of the nation. IIM,yeah? He is from north India. He met a girl there who was from an eastern state of India. They became friends and fell in love. The girl’s parents came to meet the guy’s family. They have an arguement. Girl’s family storms off. And then the guy’s parents decide that it’s not worth it and their kid’s happiness is what’s most important. So,they meet again and sort it out. Now, the marriage is on. In less than a week the ceremony would take place in the bride-to-be’s state. The guy’s extended family is going to attend the wedding. Hope they have an awesome life ahead. THE END.
Now,does that sound familiar?Bollywood buffs?Story of a b-wood movie?2 states,yeah?
Hmmmmmmm. Exactly that. Slight little variations here and there. The guy’s my uncle. And the place the girl is from?KOLKATA!!! And I am a part of the family going for the out-of-state wedding!I am so excited.*squeals*
I have only ever attended the north Indian weddings, ofcourse. The weddings here are wonderful. Rich and with deli-freaking-cious food. Mm hmm. *sighs* But I have always wanted to attend weddings from different cultures. And I heard the Kolkata weddings have those crown thingies and the leaves covering the bride’s face and men wearing dhotis and stuff. And finally!*smirks smugly*
Now, Kolkata peeps?I want this to come off as a suprise. That’s why I am so excited. I want to experience the rituals of different cultures. I am assuming, this would be fun. *grins* But tell me seriously. Should I know something before I set foot in the foreign territory? I have visited Kolkata before, yeah. But the wedding is going to be altogether different from a touristy visit, I suppose. What’s special about weddings in your cultures,people? If you wanna,do tell me. I am so excited!*excited squealing*
The differences in cultures are so exciting!*squeals again*
And I am getting too excited and squealing too much.-.-
Don’t mind me.*waves her hand dismissively*
I am just…excited. *grins widely*



Sugar flakes!

The lonely one...

P getting excited about Mrs.S’s cookies made a helluva lot more sense now. He always took some home to the boys and his baby sister now that she had teeth. He had this life, too. But he had us. This gorgeous girl didn’t have anyone.
She hadn’t had anyone. She did now.
“We both like cereal. She won’t admit it, but sugar flakes are her favorite. They’re mine, too,but I lie and eat the cinnamon squares and leave the flakes for her. I know she likes them best.”
I was wrong. She had K. She had her brother.



A beautiful cocktail.

A blend:beautiful cocktail...

The lethal but beautiful cocktail of the swirling emotions,delicious scents and the swoonworthy softness of my blank mind floating in the innocent, fluffy clouds was enough to screw me over. I had no recollection of how I came to be here. None,whatsoever. But if I wasn’t frigging delighted to have come across this utopic blend! I had always craved such bizarre,yet satisfying concoctions. But this is the first time I have actually achieved the high I have been craving for heaven knows how long. This makes the pain bearable. It makes this shit of a life seem not so bad. It makes the idea of living without ever seeing his face again, not hearing his cracking deep voice ever,not being able to envelope him in the warmth of my arms, cross my mind without me trying to tear the brown tangled mess straight out of my skull. It makes everything around me seem surreal and everything that goes inside my head seem like a distant memory of the ugly past I want to forget. I want to forget. All of this. Everything. They say that the happy memories are all that matter. I say, bullshit!The memories, good and bad,go hand in hand. With happiness comes pain. And I am not ready to face it. Not yet. The pain’s still too raw. I am still getting used to it. But maybe it’s all just a shitload of crappy excuses. Maybe this pain would never fade away. Maybe it would always be there,making breathing difficult like a thorn in my chest. Maybe I would never be whole again. I would always be an addict,my addiction being the messed up “cocktail” I crave. Like a junkie looking for his next hit,I start moving on unsteady legs. I cannot live like this. I wanna be high on life like I always had been before. I want to let go of all my inhibitions and let loose. I wanna get away,inside my head where nothing resembling pain exists and I am a happy woman without a phantom son to bind me to reality.



Misconceptions and all that.*sly grin*

One of the readers:Oh, not following a niche like the hundreds before this one? *sarcasm overload*

Fairy tales...

Love is another misconception held by those who believe in fairy tales. Fairy tales don’t exist;neither do Knights on white horses. In my honest opinion,every book princess in history was a stupid,naïve twit.

I have not written this,mind you. I actually found this in the book I have been reading lately. I know,many of you disagree. Oh who am I kidding?*eyeroll* Most of you do, yeah?You all believe love is some magical feeling and Knights in shining armors do magically come when you need them. I am not saying you’re wrong , no.
I strongly believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and all that. And that’s the reason, maybe,that I posted this^. Not to prove a point or anything else messed up like that. But for the simple reason that I kinda believe this, too. And even though many of you might wanna strangle me or wanna shake some sense into my “stupid” brain for posting this shit, I would, very kindly,like to remind you that I am not saying this is true for all,but it damn sure is true in my world.
Maybe I would disagree about this after a few years, as some have very sweetly tried to tell me,I strongly believe it won’t.
So,don’t hate me for this. And if you want to,go ahead. I have never really cared what people thought about things that shoot out of my mouth, or_err,my keypad for that matter.*shrugs* And won’t I be contradicting my point of ‘right to opinion’ if I start now?*shrugs again*

And believe me. I have no idea why I felt the need to post this. Really. This is not aimed at anybody and I don’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings here. Believe me,I tend to do that without being meaning to. A LOT. *Whispers* But let me tell you a secret. I am whacked up in the brain. Don’t tell anybody,though.*smiles a conspiratorial smile*

But we already know that,A!*whines a reader,or a thousand more*
You might have mentioned it a couple of times. And your actions gave you away,you know,in case you didn’t notice.-.-

Oh you do?*wide eyes* Doesn’t matter.*flicking the hand in a dismissive wave*You people know. That’s what matters. Just clearing the air.

P.S. Many of you want that dislike button that WordPress so kindly lacks to magically appear beside my post, don’t you? Don’t you?*sly grin*



Carefree rains,come again.

Rains rains, come again.

With rains come memories! Beautiful ones.
Like coming back from school and going to the terrace directly when it started raining on the way back but I couldn’t enjoy because I was on the freaking school bus. Singing those stupid rain songs while “bathing” in the heavenly showers. Getting a severe cold and having my parents go out of their way to take care of me. Even jumping in the puddles sometimes. It sounds sickly and gross now. Not then. It was awesome back then.
I remember it all now when I am coming back from college and it starts raining. No one’s waiting for me when I am soaked to the skin in the unexpected rains. No one tells me I might get an infection if I jump in those dirty puddles. Maybe that’s why I have stopped. Nor do I get the urges to go upstairs to the PG terrace and sing my off-key heart out while dancing and getting soaked.
Nor the pelting raindrops assaulting my face give me that comfort now that they always have. I always loved those lazer sharp rain bullets hitting me on my back. Painfully relaxing. And the sweet customized rain-only scent. It was heavenly.
How I craved it. Now it’s all just environmental biology;nature. No more emotional attachments anymore.
I remember once it had “snowed over”. Let me tell you why it was special. In north India, it doesn’t snow. Like ever. The terrain’s just not that way. We get rains and ungodly winds,but never snow. So,that day the moment my brother and I got down from the school bus, we noticed something different. Something white. Surely it couldn’t be…!We ran to our house and the white stuff was everywhere. Like everywhere. We started jumping. It had snowed! Mumma told us it wasn’t snow,exactly. It was just the hardened water drops. Very harsh to touch, nowhere near smooth like the cottony slice of heaven we had always imagined snow to be. But you know what?We didn’t care. We had Maggie on the terrace. It had snowed at our house and it was awesome.
I visited numerous places over the years,seen plenty of mountains covered in snow,and had those same Maggie noodles surrounded by the fluffy, honest-to-God snow. But it just never compared.*shrugs*
Littlest of things hold so much significance in our lives. We make memories. We enjoy. And then, we grow up. Those things aren’t all that important now. Not that awesome. But the memories!*sighs* Some make us laugh. Some make us cry. Some make me bawl my eyes out like a baby. Some make me giggle. (I don’t giggle generally.*glares*)
And some just bring a HONEST-TO-GOD smile to my face. Like all these. And those makeshift swimming pools we used to make when we blocked the terrace drain when it rained heavily and splashed around till mumma came upstairs. It was a terrifying nightmare after that.*visibly shudders*
What I wouldn’t give to go back for one more such carefree rainy day.*wistful sigh*


Philosophical Me!


Empowering self.

I fall.
I rise.
I laugh.
I cry.
I make mistakes.
I accept them.
I live.
I learn.
I hate.
I like.
I have been hurt but I am alive.
I am human.
I am not perfect but I am thankful.
I am appreciative.
I am not always happy but I still smile.