The Road Less Taken.

As he saw his


Galloping away,

Far in the distance,

Far away,

He stared at the trees,

And the creek gray,

Bidding him farewell,

And journey safe,

He wondered if

He would ever come

Back to this time


He was leaving his

Life behind, and was

Walking a path

Rarely trodden.

He was taking the

Road less taken.



Never again.

There’s something

Like a broken glass

Inside of my chest

Which hurts when

I move a certain way.

It’s a thousand

Little pieces with

Edges jagged

And ends sharp.

They have embedded

Themselves in the

Weak, red muscle

As if as a revenge,

And they remind me

Not to trust the

Dumb mass ever again.

Never again.



Lies, lies, lies.

And, after I fell down

The 4 steps to the

Landing, and they

Asked me if I was

In one piece, I

Had to lie.

I couldn’t tell them

I hadn’t been whole

In a long while.

That’s not what they

Had asked.

That’s not what they

Had wanted to know.



Big Reveals and Narcissistic assholes.

And when the

Horn of insults

Honked in her

Earbud choked

Ears, and the rays of


Seeped past the

Expensive rose-tinted

Glasses, she could see

Him for what he was:

A narcissistic asshole

Wrapped in the gold

Trimmed wrapping

Paper; pretty, but

Useless once

The gift is opened

And the present is