Let it go !!

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Impeccable Impressions

Trying to hold on somewhere , down the memory lane , in the past ?

Never do that. Don’t stop for something or someone who doesn’t belong to your future.

Never cry for people who left you crying.

Time – it never stops for anyone. So start valuing the time of your life.

Live your life the way you want to. Find your true happiness.

Let your soul arise and proclaim, ” I am no more subject to the fearful ruminations of my mind”.

Set yourself free from the past , and you will soar higher than you have ever dreamed…

Don’t let yourself miss this moment. 

Eat , sleep , rave , repeat !!😊 

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“Woe is we.”


The silences;
The unspoken challenges

The feeling
Gosh!I am reeling

One word
Don’t leave me at the turf

The chances,
To redeem the useless haunches

Don’t go
Woe is we;time to let go.


Philosophical Me!

View point.

View point.

There comes a time when it feels like all is lost. You feel like a shell of your self. You feel like your being has altered. You are nothing anymore. Just a breathing joke of your old self. It feels like this life you are living is nothing more than a formality. You feel suicidal at times. Others? Like  you would willingly, happily murder the cause of your pain. You become volatile. You become…dangerous. To the “society” and to your own self. You are deemed useless. You become prone to bad-mouthing. You become used to listening shit about yourself and taking it like a pro. You become used to listening. Period. You forget how to raise your voice. You forget how to be yourself. You become meek. But that is something which teaches you a lot. It teaches you to listen. It teaches you to keep your trap shut. It teaches you to observe. It teaches you to see. Actually see everything around yourself for what it really is. It teaches you to be human. And that’s what is important in the end, don’t you think?



25 things that just tick me off!


¥When it rains out of nowhere and I am out
¥Leaking bottles
¥Continuous staring
¥Fake praise
¥When I can’t find an emoji which expresses what I want to say
¥Liars I catch
¥Bad letter formation
¥Dirty nails
¥Sharing my food. Others’ Saliva! Uhh
¥Gloomy atmosphere
¥Bad pronunciations
¥And wrong spellings
¥Someone using a word with similar meaning, and yet not
¥Sweating like a pig
¥Dirty windowpanes
¥Over-sweet people
¥When I am dying to get something and I get to know that the company no longer produces that
¥Badly written books
¥Bestfriend/True friend shit
¥Disgusting food
¥And not so disgusting food
¥Ill-fitting clothes
¥Being forced to get up in the morning for…stuff.
¥Gross smelling people

This might sound weird to you.Trust me,I know. But these are the things which just rub me the wrong way. There are many more. What can I say?I get irritated very easily. But these are the ones that popped into my mind the moment I thought about the…ticks.
Anyway,what’s yours?:/



My papa,my hero.♥

He is a legend. A man worth talking about. A man who people admire. And praise. Honest-to-God praises. He is an inspiration to everyone around him. An honest man. One who is known for stuff only found in books, nowadays. He loves like nobody’s business. And protects like a papa bear. He is sweet when you expect him to. And even when you don’t. And he treats you like you’re the most important person in the moment. He is polite. He listens. Really listens. And appreciates. He doesn’t hesitate in telling you that he’s proud of you. And he’s amazingly intelligent. An adjusting person by nature,he won’t let you down if you ever go to him for help. Ever. And he understands. He has tremendous patience for most stuff. Others?Not so much. But that’s expected. He is human, afterall. And that’s another awesome thing about him. He is human. Humanly wonderful. He hearts simplicity. No flashy shit for him. And he compromises. For his family. For his people. He is someone you would want in your life. You would want to know. And spend time with. You just got to love him. Like I do. He is a father. A very good one at that. He is a father. He is my father. He is my papa. ♥



101 happiness triggers

Note:This might feel like too much. There would be things which would weird you out.And make no sense,whatsoever.To you. But,you never know. You might realise that they are your triggers,too.Anyway…

❤The feeling of being alive
❤When the nailpaint dries perfectly on the nails
❤Starting a new novel
❤When a song instantly becomes a favorite after the first listen
❤The northern lights
❤Sweet dreams
❤The feeling of being happy
❤My bed
❤Real laughter
❤When a post feels like it was written just for me
❤When an awesome idea strikes
❤Ice water
❤A perfect shot
❤Beautiful lights
❤When things click together like puzzle pieces
❤Relatable lyrics
❤Relaxing breeze
❤Winning an argument
❤When my brother and I are on the same side
❤Making wall collages
❤Real praise
❤When mumma understands stuff I don’t say
❤Pretty curtains
❤Breathtaking views
❤Colorful flowers
❤Doppelgangers:Someone who looks exactly like me lives in a parallel reality
❤Shooting stars
❤The possibility that you’re smiling right now
❤When someone says no and actually mean it
❤Like-minded people
❤Fluffy pillows
❤Wide stretching roads
❤Goals and dreams
❤Some have come true
❤Some are on their way
❤And truffles
❤Hershey’s chocolate syrup
❤Cashews and raisins
❤Good smelling deo
❤Wall art
❤And ceiling art
❤Cute switch boards
❤And cute tap handles
❤Perfect temperatured water in the shower
❤Almirah full of clothes
❤And more clothes
❤And more
❤High heels
❤Platform pumps
❤And grey
❤Family pictures
❤When mumma smiles
❤When papa laughs
❤And my brother tops a test in his coaching
❤When examinations are easy
❤Relatable emojis
❤My cellphone
❤When I update my playlist
❤And my mp3 player
❤Bare walls
❤Having discussions with myself
❤And others
❤Yellowing leaves
❤New leaves
❤No leaves
❤When my hair are tightly curled instead of the waves:My hair change.Wavy,tight curls,loose curls…naturally.
❤See-through shops
❤Cute movies
❤Discovering unusual shapes in the jumble of weird lines
❤My weirdness
❤When mumma papa are proud of me
❤When I learn something new
❤When I am healthy
❤Pimpleless face
❤Well fitting clothes
❤Writing something worth reading
❤When people let me be
❤Alone time
❤Driving on an empty street
❤Such lists



My Obsessions.

Cheryl Cole ♥

Okay,lemme tell you something about, well,me. I sometimes get kinda obsessed with…stuff. Yeah, well, it’s not that big of a deal. Is it?Maybe. :/
Like, for instance, I was thinking about updating my playlist. God knows,it had been a while. I used to be obsessed with new music, but I had stopped listening to music some time ago. I dunno why, I just did. So I Googled a few songs I had been meaning to download and the next thing I knew, I was exploiting the WiFi like nobody’s business. I put Cheryl Cole’s name in the search box (You should know, I love Cheryl Cole♥ ) and started downloading the songs without even looking at the names. See,that’s the thing. People first listen to songs and get the ones they like. I, on the other hand, download loads of random songs and then decide which ones I actually would like to listen to. So,I downloaded more than 25 songs at a go, some by artists I hadn’t even heard the name of before. And,lemme tell you, I was pleasantly suprised. Almost all the songs turned out to be awesome. They don’t necessarily have to be new. They just have to be new to my ears. And the thing is, I am generally pleasantly suprised by THE various options. I am obsessed with options. Yeah,that’s it.

I don’t even know why I started writing this. -.-
In place of making matters worse by continuing this babbling , I think I should do something productive (Even if a little bit). So,for those of you who love music, try these tracks, if you haven’t heard them already. Trust me,there are chances that these songs have been playing on the radio for a year now. Or more. I am clueless nowadays. So here are a few:

Parachute by Cheryl Cole
Talking body by Tove Lo
High off my love by Paris Hilton
Relax,say it right by Nelly Furtado
One last time by Ariana Grande (This one’s an oldie. Even I have heard it before.:P)
Promise this by Cheryl Cole
Weak heart by Zara Larsson (she’s sooo cute)
Mirrors by Bruno Mars & Lil Wayne
Regrets by Jay-Z
Everybody talks by Neon trees
Rooftop by Zara Larsson
Stand up by Cheryl Cole (What did I tell you?OBSESSED)
Heaven by Cheryl Cole
Touch my body by Mariah Carey (Oldieeee)
Only human by Cheryl Cole
Firestone by Kygo feat. Conrad

If you hate these^,don’t kill me. I like these. You don’t. As simple as that.:|
I have got a slightly…Eccentric taste in music. I like hardcore rock sometimes. And other times?I might be found listening to TaySwift. So,that.



Swirling irises.

Umm,lemme warn you. This story is kinda weird. I mean,I have never read a story with such a weird theme,ever. But…I dunno where this came from. Seriously. Okay,read it if you want to. And tell me what you make of it. I don’t generally ask you what you make of the stuff I write,but this “story” calls for it,you see. I NEED you people to tell me what you think about this.

Swirling colors.

White light. White sound. White surroundings. White everything. Not even a splash of color. Except the eyes:Golden, silver, turquoise, emerald, topaz, onyx, obsidian…you name it. It was disconcerting to say the least. I couldn’t make sense of it all. What was this place? What was I doing here? In this…unusual place? Am I deaming? I must be. Such places only exist in fantasyland. I couldn’t recall anything from my past. Nothing. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was the swirling irises in stark white. I wasn’t alone, no. There where so many people around. So many, I couldn’t even begin to count. But they all looked like shell of a person. Not moving. Not breathing. Looking through me,instead of at me. I realised suddenly that I was wearing those bland robes like everybody else and I was… WHAAA? I was stuck to the ground just like them. And my limbs were slowly freezing like them, too. Nooooo. I started thrashing. I used all of my strength to get my feet to move. I don’t know for how long I struggled. It could be seconds, minutes, hours…I don’t know. Suddenly I realised that I wasn’t the only one moving. Every single, umm,person was trying to disengage their bodies. And their eyes! They were looking at me as if they wanted to devour me. Like I was some treat they hated but couldn’t stop themselves from getting to and, well,eating. Like they hated the thought of me being the only one who wanted to get away because they couldn’t, but still wouldn’t mind having me as a meal. Oh God! I won’t be a meal to these abominations. I increased my effort to get free many-fold. I had to get away. AT ANY COST. Suddenly I felt the invisible bonds giving away. I tried harder and I was free finally. I looked up and realised that they were, too. Noooooooo. They were converging on me real fast. Shit! I tried to run. They caught me. I felt faint. Nothing made sense. I, the sensible one, couldn’t save myself. The last thing I saw before succumbing to darkness was the swirling irises.



12 Things I miss…

Those pretty nights...

❄Waking up whenever I wanted to and then running outside to play with my buddies.
❄Not caring what I looked like.
❄Eating whatever I felt like without caring if I would get a pimple on my forehead.
❄When there wasn’t anything called a rumor.
❄Getting dirt all over me and then running home to take a long shower.
❄When swearing was a taboo.
❄When the only confusion I had was whether to color the flowers in my painting red or blue.
❄When I didn’t require YouTube for entertainment.
❄When the only reason I cried was because I had fallen down the last step.
❄When crossing the road without holding onto my mumma’s hand was THE nightmare.
❄When the only music I heard was on Disney.
❄When I didn’t have to write such stuff down because I lived it everyday.