Rules to Appreciate a Sexist Joke


When a funny sexist joke is told, laugh.

Ha. Obviously. Laugh out loud.

Laugh so much

Tears stream down your brown cheeks

Making tracks in the thin, uneven terrain

Of your self-worth

So it solidifies the fact

That you should have no self-worth.

What’s the sense

In the useless sense of self-worth

Some women strut around with anyway?


Always, and I mean,

ALWAYS Compliment the joke.

And, the one who told the joke.

Surreptitiously slipping

“Women belong in the kitchen”

In a totally unrelated conversation

Takes such clever thinking on a person’s part.

Don’t ever open your mouth

To say a bad word about the beautiful joke.

You don’t want to seem sensitive and intolerant,

Do you? DO YOU?


Leave your brain cells in a closet.

Without a key.

“Jokes are meant to be taken in a funny way!”


Don’t try to tell the joke teller

They’re being a sexist asshole.

They WILL question your sensibilities

Because apparently, you didn’t put your brain to see

If it was “worthwhile” doing anything.

And, they WILL reprimand you by asking,

“Wasn’t it simpler just to laugh”.


Appreciate without question.

Applaud without hesitation.

Laugh without brain function.

And, never ever question them

About how their brain could come up with

Something so pathetically insensitive.

Don’t remind them

They are highly educated people

With the huge responsibility of

Educating the others about equality,

If you aren’t ready to hear the retort

“The highest result of education is tolerance

And you should develop some”.

Don’t tell them you aren’t educated enough

To laugh at the sexist chauvinistic fucking joke.

And, don’t you dare tell them

That every fucking joke,

Any sexist joke,

Is not fucking funny.


I’d call you home.


The moment I saw you nearing,
I felt a strange calm settle over me.
My heart slowed the pumping.
My mind backtracked on the whirring.
The dark corners of my guilt-soaked soul
Took a deep breath and let go some.
You were my personal brand of redemption.
All the screaming, all the crying-
It took a backseat in my head.
I knew the second I saw you nearing,
You will be my salvation.
You felt like home.
You are home.



मुकम्मल (Complete)

Mukkamal 2
Collecting all the pieces of my heart, softly, he completed me.
उनसे मुलाकात हुई।
पल दो पल की बात हुई।
लगे वो कुछ अपने से।
लगे कुछ जाने पहचाने से।
छू लिया उन्होंने दिल को।
हमारी रूह में झाँक लिया।
मिले वहाँ कुछ टुकड़े बिखरे हुए।
नरमी से समेटकर,
मुकम्मल कर दिया।।
I met him.
we talked for a second or two.
He felt like he was mine.
He felt familiar.
He touched my heart.
He looked into my soul.
There lay some scattered pieces.
Collecting all the pieces of my heart, softly,
He completed me.

14 things I learnt over the past year:1st Blogversary!

This has nothing to do with the post. I just love this picture. So...relatable.*smirks*

It’s been a year since WANDERINGVIOLET came into existence. And this past year has taught me so much stuff. So damn much. Some I learnt from WP and you all. Some I learnt from the world around. That sounds like such a cliché. But whatever. So, I thought I would share 14 things I learnt over the last year.

Haters gonna hate,ya. So tell them to buzz off.
Gossip would make rounds,even if you do nothing. And I mean, nothing at all. So, let them be. That’s probably the most entertainment they see in their lives,anyway.
Trying so hard to lose weight that you stop eating stuff altogether? That’s not gonna help you lose even a single pound.(Not from personal experience, let me mention. I can’t let go of my food.:P)
Wanting to smack a group of people all at once? That’s like the dream superpower these days.
Taking your parents out for dinner instead of the other way round? That’s awesome, I tell you.
Study,baby,study. College isn’t fun. It is a freaking nightmare. *visibly shudders*
You want something real bad? You gotta earn it, I am telling you. Otherwise you aren’t worth shit. Even in your own eyes.:/
They want you to fail. They all do. Ignore them. At all costs. They are all lying. Bloody liars they all are.
❤You gotta learn to adjust. Don’t be a stubborn ass. If you wanna survive in this big bad world, adjust.(I am still learning the alphabet. God knows, I gotta learn.-.-)
Be SELFISH. Don’t be an egoistic jerk. Learn to be selfish. It will do you good,trust me.
You really gotta fall before rising. Even the sun does that. Who do you think you are,huh? That fall just might prove to be all the motivation your life had been missing.
READ. READ. READ. Good stuff, I mean. You gotta, dude. You gotta.
❤Annd,don’t you dare mess up your schedule. If you disturb it,you are doomed. And it will be a pain in your butt,trying to get it back on track. Take it from someone who’s taking vitamin capsules just because her schedule’s messed up. And that’s not even the worst part.😶

Sooo, anyway. You all are lovely. Thank you so much for everything. Sticking to something for a whole year is a big deal for me,seeing as I lose interest quite easily. But WP,and you all, are awesome, all 1900 something of you.💚💋



I am lost

A wandering violet...drifting on the wind;lost!
A wandering violet…drifting on the wind;lost!

Yes.I am lost.The lost one in the group.Well,not literally,but I hope you get my drift when I am through with this.So yeah,as I said,I am lost.

The thing is,I have never really said those words to another living soul.Like, ever.So you see how difficult this is for me to say it on such a huge platform?How about the whole world?Okay,I don’t really have anyone who’s going to read it as I am writing it as of now,and that isn’t even the reason I am writing this post.The real reason behind this huge step is my need for introspection.I know what you are going to think when you read this.Maybe something along the lines of,why is she writing a blog if all she needs is an introspective into her own life?

Actually,not twenty four hours ago,a roomie of mine suggested I write a blog,if for no other reason than for the sake of writing.So it got me thinking that maybe that’s the platform to get it all out.To get all this…all these lost feelings out in the open.Well,you see,as I wrote before,I have never said any of these to anyone else in all the years of my existence.And what better way to get it all out then to write it down?

I am not doing this for the obvious reasons people do.I am a wanderer who is lost,sort of,and who is trying real hard to find her way.Trust me,I have no complaints about the life I have been handed(yes,handed) due to actions of my past.I am enrolled in a very good college,studying a subject that always fascinated me,having a bunch of friends and living with good enough roomies.What I am actually lacking is… FOCUS.No people,don’t go there. my mental health is perfectly fine.What I am trying to say is,I don’t exactly know what I want to do with my life.That’s where writing comes in.Yes,I love to read.And write(not).So,when my roomie so generously suggested that I write a blog,I jumped on that idea.Because,maybe writing will help.Not that I am not normal or anything(I am so not ;-)), but it makes me feel like maybe it would help me find what’s actually lost,because I feel my life is lacking something.Don’t know what,but something.I am a wandering violet.
Violet is a small flower which has numerous species and gets lost among them.(Yeah,that’s where my blog gets its name from :-)).Not many people know about it.At the expense of sounding haughty,I feel this blog’s title is so very well justified.I am like a violet flower…there are so many similar to me out there,that I naturally feel lost.And I am wandering,trying to find my own self,my individuality.

Let me warn you,I don’t have a “niche” per say.I mean it’s not like I am trying to promote something or anything.I just want to…write.So my blog is going to be about everyday-random-stuff.Anything and everything.So one day you may find a post about a totally awesome novel(Did I mention I love to read?! :-D), and the other day, a poetry with overflowing emotions.You never know…it might be interesting(or boring as hell!). But bear with me.Because it’s a journey of a lost wanderer’s hopeful self discovery.

I hope that you people help me with it,because that’s what this is all about:Helping.Because even if self-help is important,it’s not always enough.