Let it go !!

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Impeccable Impressions

Trying to hold on somewhere , down the memory lane , in the past ?

Never do that. Don’t stop for something or someone who doesn’t belong to your future.

Never cry for people who left you crying.

Time – it never stops for anyone. So start valuing the time of your life.

Live your life the way you want to. Find your true happiness.

Let your soul arise and proclaim, ” I am no more subject to the fearful ruminations of my mind”.

Set yourself free from the past , and you will soar higher than you have ever dreamed…

Don’t let yourself miss this moment. 

Eat , sleep , rave , repeat !!😊 

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Through children’s eyes.


When you look at me,
you see me through children’s eyes,
you see a world filled with laughs,
where no one cries.

When you look at me,
you hear the birds, they sing,
you smell the flowers of the gardens,
where bees don’t sting.

When you,
Oh, when you look at me,
perfection is all you see,
but don’t be fooled by the looks of me.

Trust me baby,
there are faults and flaws beneath,
nobody is perfect –
not even me.

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This is so relatable!

My Thoughts

Don’t look inside my head
For it’s a dark place
There’s no happy tunes
Just a pale face

Don’t try to understand
All these feelings inside
There’s only confusion
Without a bright light

Don’t treat me like a baby
I’m fighting to get stronger
There’s a lot to do
But it won’t take much longer

Don’t say I won’t make it
Believe me I’ll survive
There’s still so much floating around in my mind
Just look around and take a dive

Don’t be surprised
When I’m at the top
There’s a lot you won’t understand
I’ll make your jaw drop.

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Four Literary Questions

It’s all the reader asks for afterall,isn’t it?
A great story/book is what he/she thrives on.

Janet Fitch's Blog

This question was posed for me by a reader on my Goodreads page. For me, the best questions are the ones that make me think more deeply about the issues involved. This was a good one:
 “What makes a great story/book? There are so many writers out there, but only a few get any acclaim, and some of the best posthumously. It is a herd mentality that snowballs into popularity?”
The questioner is actually asking four separate questions here.
1. What makes a great story?
2. What makes a great book?
3. Why do only a few books get acclaim?
4. Is it a herd mentality that snowballs a book into popularity.
I answered them in order–but Number 2 is the one that interests me most.
1. A great story is one which satisfies the question it raises in the beginning. It can be a…

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