Philosophical Me!

Breaking the chains.

imageThis quote felt like it went perfectly with the post theme. So. I dunno the source though.
This quote felt like it went perfectly with the post theme. So. I dunno the source though.

The glacial wall had finally cracked. The hard, all-surrounding wall that had throttled the lifeair out of her was finally showing signs of letting her be. Finally, she will be able to step out and spread her wings; wings that had been tied for far too long in her opinion. She liked the mobility. And after this period of total imprisonment in her head without allowing the movement of thoughts around in there, she was craving this fresh air;she was almost desperate for it. She wanted to get out of the confines of her head and explore. Explore the possibilities. Explore herself. Just…explore.
She smiled for the first time in weeks. She was ready.

Note:It’s about letting go. It’s about moving on. It’s about living again. It’s about starting new.
Not that it’s any of that for me. For me,it’s about getting free from the confines that your mind puts around thoughts when exams are around. So, yeah.:P
But it can be anything for y’all. It can be something I mentioned above or it can be something entirely different. Just start living again if you have stopped. You will come to appreciate life even more once you do.:)



No place like HOME.❤


Home is where the love is. Even when you get on their nerves,they love you. When you irritate them like anything, they love you. So,yeah. Home.💚
Home is where family is. Even when you feel all alone,they are there for you. Even when you push everyone away, they are there for you. So,yeah. Home.💚
Home is where the heart is. Even when you live thousands of miles away, your heart lies with your roots. Even when you think you can go far away, your heart pulls you back to exactly where it wants to be. So,yeah. Home.💚