Through the looking-glass, they saw darkness.
All they saw was black, thick and opaque.
Her eyes were a different story.
What she saw was the beauty that is dark.
What she saw was her imagination running wild.
What she saw were the possibilities. Bright and new.
And, all she felt was a comfort that was bone deep.
She felt the ring of familiarity.
She knew the darkness.
It embraced her from the inside out.
It was a part of her.
It was her.



A 21 years old bond:Your anniversary.❤

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”1922″ caption=”A seed was sown 21 years ago. It's a tree now;a representation of the strength of the bond we all share. ❤”]image[/caption]

Another year has been added to this beautiful bond. It’s been 21 years since you tied the knot on 31st December, 1994. It was that fateful day and then it’s today. 21 years you nurtured this bond. And it’s as beautiful as they come. More so. And 19 years I have been a part of this. It’s a beautiful feeling;this feeling of belongingness. And I wanted to tell you how much;how much this means to me;how much you mean to me. So, I did what I have always been doing. I tried to write a poem.🙈
Hopefully, it will give you an inkling of the love I feel for you both. Hopefully, it will be enough. No,the love can’t be contained in a few words placed dramatically. But I hope it will be enough to make you feel that sense of belongingness I feel with you both,with me.❤

The silence of last night
Got me thinking
Why you are so special.
You love us selflessly
Even when we don’t deserve it.
You are always there for us
Even when we turn towards idiocy.
You have our backs
Even when we are wrong
You hold on fast
Even when there’s nothing to grasp on.
You are our pillar
When we need something to lean on.
You are the rock
When we need something to hold on.
You have the patience from heaven
Listening to us babble about non-sensical things.
You have the best dealing mechanisms
For when we ruin everything.
You have the sweet attitude
When we are faced with failures in our ventures.
You give us numerous reassurances
When we feel like breaking down.
You make the most of every situation.
You never lose hope in any creation.
You don’t let go
Even when you are down.
You don’t leave our side
Even when we are not around.
You show us your sensitive sides
When you are vulnerable.
You let us be the weak ones
Even when it’s not acceptable.
You let us be ourselves.
That’s a feat in itself.
Your love is exceptional
Your care is unbelievable
Your understanding is commendable
And your happiness in our victory,immeasurable.
We love you like no other.
We will treasure you forever.
You will always be the jewels
Who make our lives worth living.

Happiest anniversaryyyy, mumma papa. We love you.❤❤❤


Emotions · Poetry


This is something I wrote at two in the morning a few months back.I wasn’t actually mourning for some recent loss,but the overflowing feelings I felt at that time poured onto the paper,and before I knew,it turned out to be two stanzas of turmoil,pain,tears and finally,hope!

After the endless night...sun rises,home I reach!
After the endless night…sun rises,home I reach!

At 8’o clock,
When home,I reach
My double personality,
Falls down in a heap.
I’m no longer trying to hide,
The pain that’s constantly there in my eyes.
My soul is bared for all to see.
During the day,
My lips smile while my heart weeps.

Now my soul’s shroud flies away,
I cry cry cry,
Throughout the night,
The darkness melts away.
Slowly the night passes,
And when dawn breaks,
I have nothing left to hide.
My naked-raw soul has mourned enough!



The Start!


A bleached canvas awaits,
Alongside a color palette
Under a fluorescent light,
To get the picture right.
The mountain tops covered in snow,
Highlighted by sun’s halo;
Dripping like hot lava,
All over.

The curtains are parted
Inviting me to get started.
I walk towards the screen,
Mesmerised by the dream
I seem to be in;
not breathing.

I pick up the paintbrush And with a stroke of a bold yellow,
The canvas no longer blank,
I start to paint…

Toodles! ~A♥~