I am planning ahead.

I am gonna go off WP for a little more than a month. For the most PART,atleast. And the reason is what every teenager(or almost adult) has. The dreaded exams. Yes,I have my semesters coming. And they are fast approaching. Annnd, I dunno a single freaking thing from my course. *hides her face* I dunno what I am gonna do.
It’s mocking me like,

Yes. Exactly. -.-

I used to be intelligent some years back. It actually feels like a lifetime ago. Yes,so as I was saying, I used to be intelligent. Back in school. I used to top the school, teachers loved me, children envied me, parents adored me,mine and others’.( Mine still do.🙈) So, all in all, I was intelligent.
Now? Let’s not even start. It’s only been a few months more than a year. Yes,that’s all the time that has passed and I have turned into those stupid people who don’t want to study and so,they don’t. *sobs* College has made me dumb. Or maybe it’s just economic honors.*rolls her eyes*
It has made me a totally ,totally stupid person.

Can you believe that?!! I love books,afterall.*whimpers*

Sooo,I have decided I need to focus my attention on this stupid course and try to forget WP in the mean time. I know I will pop in now and then, but I am gonna be MIA for the most part.
I am gonna miss your work and awesome writings, and I am gonna post way less frequently than I do now.
I just hope you all will be here when I return. I have seen people lose their readers by the dozens when they go off WP even for very short spans of time. So,hopefully, I will still have all 1750 something of you here. Even the thought of losing any of you makes me be like,

Even worse.

I will try to post a few times during this time. And when I come back I will have a month off. So,I will catch up on your writings then.
Anyway, all the pending awards and tags? Apologies. I will try to do those when I return for good. 🙈
Annnnd,that’s it. I thought of informing this time before disappearing. That’s not fair to you.
Annd,no matter what,I adore you people. *blows a Kiss*
See ya! Whenever.(Hopefully soon)
I AM still gonna be present sometimes during the next week or so.
Have a blast,enjoy life, have fun on WP, AND don’t forget me.🙈💋



84 thoughts on “I am planning ahead.

  1. Lol… Your situation is coming shortly to me… Hey let me give you an idea, reblog your own age old posts so that people who didn’t read you previous posts will get a chance to do so… And mean while you don’t need to worry about loosing readers…
    And hey my best wishes for your exams… Show Economics what you are capable of 😜😜
    Miss you, bye…

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    1. Hey,that’s a great idea,actually. I will definitely think about it.:D
      Thank you so much for your wishes. 🙂
      I hope it doesn’t show me…stuff.🙈
      I am gonna miss you all,too. That’s why I will pop in now and then. I just won’t post much.🙊

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    1. Hahahaha I don’t have any notes, either.🙈
      Need some ASAP. And I have vacations,too. I am home,what with mid-semester breaks and all. But I need some distance. Too much thought goes into it. So.🙈
      I will miss ya’ll too. :*
      I will pop in now and then.:D


  2. You are still intelligent. Don’t tell me you have abandoned that position and given it to me… which sounds good I think.

    Anyhow, is this how you say you are breaking up and need some time to think ? That is just hurtful.

    And all the best for the exams. I am pretty sure you were reading Eco in one hand while writing this post with the other. Such a textbookaholic you are. Don’t you deny it.
    Let’s see whether you will remember us ( I mean me) when you return from your hibernation.
    Stay in touch, mail whenever possible. 😛 Lol. Was reading the other comments so I guess is a formality to say : I am going to miss you. I mean Rock the exams, like you always do. 🙂

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    1. I don’t have it anymore. *sobs*
      Yes,you could say that. My relationship with WP was bordering on obsessive. So. 😶
      Nah. But thanks,anyway.:)
      I will,dude. *rolls her eyes*
      You’re such a DQ.🐀
      And we can email still. But don’t tryna challenge me,ya!😌
      I don’t now. I just hope I pass.*wide eyes*
      It’s terrifying. *shudders*


      1. Good joke. Almost believed you. Almost. 😒

        Worpress and me : 💔. So cruel you are. 😢

        *close that Eco book while reading this comment* Offo. Take a break, Miss Textbookaholic. 😂

        Pukka? Lock kar diya jaye ?
        Oye, whats with your 🐀 obsession ? 😒 DQ, you are my guru. What I’m is because of your teaching and blessing only.

        Great. Do mail then. Wait, what challenge ? 😯

        You are going to pass with flying colours, ok ? 😒
        And you’re supposed to say “Miss you too”. 😒

        PS : All the best again. 😤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😏
        Yes. You didn’t. 😒😢
        You will. 😒 Stop wailing, ok. 👍
        💔 😰 😢 😭 😭. Thek hai, dhekli aapki dosti. 😒

        PS : You’re welcome. 😌


      3. 😏
        Lol. Don’t tell me what to do – to – Ok, will do that. 😂😂 You already lost whatever challenge you think you’re doing.
        You’ll. 😒
        😆😂😂😂 k.


      4. 😒

        Will do…that?*wide eyes* When did that happen? No,I didn’t say anything of such sort. You’re ruining my reputation by falsely claiming that I backed down. You’re jealous. Yes,that’s it. 😏


      5. 😏
        When you agreed to not reply, after I said don’t reply. You agreed to do what I told you to. So, you don’t have a reputation anymore. Worry not. 😂😂 Oooooh, yeah. I am very jealous. Wait, of what ? 😂😂😂
        Yeas. 😒😒


      6. 😒
        You said,we’ll see. Soooo, you expected me to. Clearly. I didn’t. 😏
        You’re soooo not well informed,when you clearly think otherwise. 😌
        Of my AWESOMENESS!!!! Duh.😏


      7. 😏
        Say what you must to protect your reputation, but you did exactly what I told you to. 😏
        I’m sorry. What awesomeness? Really, you are good with humour. 😂😂
        Yes. 😒😒


      8. 😒
        So it would seem. And had it been any other course,I would agree, too. But it’s economic honors we are dealing with. I know the mechanics now.*sobs*
        It’s not a pain in the butt for nothing. *full sob fest*


      9. 😏
        Miss Lala, miss Lala. This is your new name. Let it sink in. I mean let it sink in that I found your name after all. You are no Miss A or anything. You’re Miss Lala. 😂😂😂
        Yes. 😒
        You did. You will. You will continue to. 😂😂


      10. 😏
        Miss Lala. Miss Lala. So funny you’re. 😂😂
        Yes. 😒
        3 stars? What word she’s that even make ? 😒
        But you already did. And you will. No doubt in that. 😂😂


      11. 😏
        You know that you are Lala. Yes. Now I know too. 😂😂
        Lol, lame ? Says who ? The expert of lameness ?
        Yes. 😒
        It doesn’t make sense. You aren’t bold enough to say it. Leave it alone, kid. When you grow up you can say it rather than hiding behind stars. 😏
        No use denying it over and over again, you already did. And you will do it again. 😏😏


      12. 😒
        I actually like LALALA. It’s a song by Auburn. Dayum good. 😍 lol
        Waaaaay to go off-track.*chuckles*
        No. Says someone who is NOT AT ALL lame to someone who’s the KING of laaaaaame.😏
        Eeeeeep. 🙈


      13. 😏😏😏😏
        So Miss Lalala it is.
        Come on the track please. You have been doing that a lot lately. What happened ? 😐
        Lol. Keep bragging. 😂😂
        I’ll wait till you grow up properly and not be afraid of saying stuff. 😂
        Denial. Why so stress ? It’s not going to make it right ? You already did it. 😂😂


      14. 😒😒😒😒😌
        I am going crazy,that’s what.*sighs*
        Hah I Don’t brag. I am mature enough. You are not. Apparently.😏
        🙊🙊 I guess ,I always will be.🙊🙊
        I don’t do denial. 😶🐀
        Because I Am stressed.*shrugs*


      15. 😏😏😏😏😒😏
        Miss Lalalu.
        Umm, aren’t you already ? 🙊
        Haha. Lol. Dream on. Dreaaaaaam on.
        I guess you will be. 😒
        😂😂 You just denied doing denial. 😂😂
        Well, sleep then. And continue with your studies. Believe me my intention is to get on your nerves. 😂😝 So, be careful.


      16. 😒😒😒😒😌
        Yes. Let me correct. I am going crazier.😶
        Yup. Definitely .🙊
        I am trying to do exactly THAT. But economics isn’t easy to get along with. It’s boring,it’s irritating ,it’s a pain in the butt,it’s annoying,it’s stupid AND what not.🐀
        I am always careful. It’s ingrained in me now.😶


      17. These emojis’ are repetitive.

        Who is making you go crazier ? Naam kya hai uska? 😛

        Lol. OK.


        Say “You love Economics” 5 times. 😛
        Lol, good for you. Hope it stays that way. 😛


      18. Yours are,too. 😶
        ECONOMIC HONORS. How many freaking times? You’re so ignorant!!👊
        No. I cannot lie to myself. Not about this. I won’t ever be able to make eye contact with myself again. Maybe a couple of years back,I would have said that, and more. Now? Not even if I freaking die.-.-
        Hope away.😌


      19. Lol.
        Why are you taking my name so many times? You okay ? 😛

        No, don’t know what you mean! “What do you mean?” By Justin Beiber !
        Away it goes. LOL. 😛


      20. Taking somebody’s name before saying what you’re about to makes it more effective. The person tends to pay more attention. Or something. It’s something about the human psychology or whatever. :/ So.

        Well, then, you are gonna die without this answer then. 😌

        Puh-leeeez! *outrageous chuckle*
        The truth can not be farther from this.*shakes her head*
        I am easy to piss off.*shrugs*


      21. Psychology class ? I didn’t sign up for that. 😒
        And you still haven’t answered. 😒

        Haha. May be. May be not.

        Lulz. 😂
        Easy to piss off ? Who isn’t ? Lulz. 😂😂😂


      22. Well,who did?*wide innocent eyes*
        Arre,what’s the question?! *EXASPERATED HUFF*
        I thought you were asking why I was taking your name so many times.:/
        So,I answered that.😶
        Yes. No maybe. Because it’s not coming from me anytime soon.😌 And JB ,apparently ,doesn’t have it.😏
        Lulz .:|
        I can count a few. But I lose temper more easily,I guess.😶


      23. No one did. So why was the lecture on psychology.
        Nevermind the question.

        Not coming from you anytime soon. So there is someone. Got you. 😂😂
        Lulz. I was asking whether he was your crush or what?

        Lulz. You can count now ? Lulz. Since when ? 😂😂


      24. *sighs*
        No reason.-.-

        Nooooo! Assuming is a bad thing. Why do you do it so much huh?😒
        I got it. And I replied that that couldn’t be farther from the truth,didn’t I?*dirty look*

        Yeah. I am growing up fast,aren’t I? 😶


  3. Oh god! You almost scared me. I read the first line and I’m like, ‘WHAT!’. I’m glad it’s just because of exams and you’ll be back. I thought I would lose a wp friend of mine. Exams are really really dreadful. I can understand. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahhahahahaha didn’t mean to scare you. Apologies. 🙈
      I will be here still. Just not as much during the next few weeks.:)
      I know,right? They’re awful.*sniffles*
      But I will be back after they are over. I miss WP and ya’ll already.😶

      Liked by 1 person

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