Through the looking-glass, they saw darkness. All they saw was black, thick and opaque. Her eyes were a different story. What she saw was the beauty that is dark. What she saw was her imagination running wild. What she saw were the possibilities. Bright and new. And, all she felt was a comfort that was … More BLACK.

She wanted.

She sat still on the windowsill Looking down at the street below. The mother of 4 juggling the groceries, The mad man singing about getting killed on Friday, The vagabond trying to sell rattraps to whoever would look him in the eye, The giggling girls talking about boys they’ve loved before. She sat there, staring, … More She wanted.

The end.

Death is a harsh reality. Some understand death, embrace it, others fear it. It’s an inevitable stage in life, no one can escape. So all we can do is cherish the life we have remaining. Embrace those surrounding us, our loved ones and try to live without regrets. Change to become who we want to … More The end.


New desires to follow through New beginnings and dreams renew Silent understanding of the words few Spoken through only the body cue. The early morning, the glistening dew And the sweet fragrance of lavender new Reminds of the days of the summer crew When everything was sweet, and everybody true. -a-