Beautiful Liar.

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SECRETS are lies in their own right. One can’t keep a secret without a lie. And we revere someone who can keep a secret, yet scorn those who lie. It is the same. They all meld together. We want confidantes to surround us, trustworthy and loyal. But we scream bloody murder when we find someone has been keeping secrets from us. We forget to remember the fact that they could be someone’s confidante themselves. Or maybe it’s not their secret to tell. And, maybe not ours to know either. Secrets we have with our cronies are revered. They make our bond grow stronger. Secrets they have with someone else, us being not on the in, ruin relationships of years past. We love, we fight, we cry over those secrets. But we can’t live without them. They rule us and all our actions. They control us in ways we would destroy lives to get away from the pressure of revealing them than succumb. But we won’t let go. Every now and then, the slate is clean and we have the opportunity to move forward without any of it weighing us down. But another day dawns and ding! We are back to square one, surrounded by beautiful lies and lovely secrets, ever strengthening the stench of desperation to be the one holding all the cards where the bets are high and the game has just begun.


19 thoughts on “Beautiful Liar.

  1. Let me tell you little secret, after secretly reading this post on secret I remembered song of OneRepublic “Secrets”. That took me to secret marathon of onerepublic. (bcoz my friends think onerepublic is too romantic and emotional)
    I guess secret is not secret anymore… :’p
    For me secret is what I don’t tell people close to me. I feel judged, is it weird to think that?

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    1. Hahaha well, in your defense, it’s a good song. Annnnd, it’s taking me on a marathon of my own now, thanks to you. *stares*

      No, it’s not. Perfectly normal is more like it. We are at the risk of being judged most by people close to us. It’s because they have certain expectations and parameters they hold us to because “they know us”. So, I will say it again, it’s perfectly normal.:)

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      1. Hahaha yup that’s true. Teenagers these days listen to all kinds of crap. *trying to sound mature and adult*😹
        Are those marathons ever end? For me they small getaways. :;)
        Exactly, and we have talked about this I guess. This is giving me deja-vu.
        I would prefer, nowhere land, filled with strangers. Where no one knows me and I don’t know anyone. 😅 sure I would return but there should be such place where you get to be yourself!…

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      2. Hahahah I second you.*trying to sound equally mature and adult*

        No, they don’t. They lead to more marathons until you are at a place where you have listened to every single song you ever liked from back in the day when you were a tween.

        We have, we have. Same underlying point, different words.
        Aha. That sounds like heaven. Little retreats like people go to spas or whatever. Our retreat could be Nowhere Land where we can write and say whatever without any fear of judgement.

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      3. Hahaha *so mature and adult* 🐼
        Yeah it’s infinite loop, starts with new but somehow we have to listen to the old ones too. Songs have memories attached to them so maybe it’s for nostalgia we tend to go back again and again.
        Yes it was over the email.
        Isn’t it awesome? Hahaha that is one of the reason Delhi was good to me, because it was strange. 🙈
        It’s rather ironic about loved ones, bcoz love should be without judgement.
        But nowhere land is best. 😅


      4. I am so sorry I never replied. I scrounged the spam after a long time and found this there. No idea why.

        Anyway, that’s so true. I mentioned I am watching Gossip Girl, right? So, it started some 10 years ago. Sooo, all the songs that find their way into the episodes are obviously 10ish years old if not older. You understand the ball I am having? It gives me so much happiness to listen to the music I listened to as a 10-11 year old. I jump with joy whenever a favorite of mine comes on. God.

        Right. I spent a long time there though. So, it stopped serving the purpose. I need a new city ASAP. Next year. Hm.

        Exactly. But, it is what it is.:’)

        Yaaas. Nowhere Land for the win.🎈

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      5. Never mind I know WordPress is freaky sometimes. 🙂

        Sorry for late reply from me too. Bit too busy with studies. Turns out last few steps are hardest. And longer you have to wait for exam to be over harder it is. Also it’s tricky period, all the pressure and negativity. So thought of coming back on WordPress to cheer myself up.

        So true you said that. But in my case I never listened to English songs that much. Reason for quitting on Hindi songs was I wanted to get away from nostalgia. And I’m too happy with whatever I listen now 😊😁

        Yeah I’m also going back to Delhi again. This time it won’t be that strange I guess. ✨💫 let’s see what is ahead…

        Annnndddd how you been? *gives high five* 😊

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      6. Mine definitely is.*makes a face*

        Oh I never got around to asking. What are you studying? Which exams?
        Also, good step. WordPress definitely helps when you need to get away for a little bit.

        Right. You were in a bad place back when Delhi first happened. You got over the hurt though. You are strong.:)
        Songs have a quality. They embed themselves in our being with the memories so profoundly, we can’t let go of one without the other. With every lyric comes memories flooding in. Either stop the music or become used to the onslaught of memories.

        Whoa. You must really like Delhi.*smirks*

        I am greaaaat. A little busy with stuff. Sorting some things out. But, wonderful otherwise.:)

        All the best for the exams, by the wayyy.🌼
        Make us proud.

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      7. I guess we talked about it too. I’m preparing for civil services. 🙈
        Last few days to go.
        Yaass WordPress is awesome there, helps you when in need.
        Yes exactly, that is the reason I started on clean New playlist. And music does help. It has been big part of my life, definitely made everything easy.
        Same can happen with food too. It is memories associated with it makes think that was best dish ever. 😅
        I don’t know, we Pune people have theory though. If one wants to loose weight he should go to Delhi. Sick weather takes care of everything else. 😹
        It would be different this time, not so strange now.
        Good to know. And my season is around about to start. I’ll be great then by first rain.
        Thank you for kind words. It really helps after exhaustive day. 🌺✨
        Have great day. 💮

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      8. Now that you mention it, I do remember tidbits of a conversation. But I was under the impression that you were preparing for masters entrances. But, civils? Wow. Way to go.

        Music does that.:)
        I never thought of food as something I would invest so many emotions in. But, seeing as it’s such a huge part of everybody’s lives, I guess it hold true, what you say.

        Whoa. I actually gained weight when Delhi happened. Or I guess I lost it for the initial 3 years of college, actually maintaining a constant for a couple of years, what with my aversion to pg food and lack of maa ke haath ka khaana, and started gaining in last year. Probably because of weird time tables and dependability on junk food. Hm. It’s baffling really.

        Hahaha yaaas, your devoted love for rains.


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      9. Yes I am. But masters is more of a back up.

        Food does it to me. Like Maggie or Rasna, reminds me of childhood. Though there is no rasna now, or is there?

        I lost lot of weight. Mostly it’s drastic change in food. So when I moved back to Pune, I used to binge on lot of junk so I gained a lot.
        So yes I’m happy I’m going to Delhi. Something good will come out it. 😂

        Yup though love for rain is too clichè and mainstream. 🐼
        Love for summer, that is different. 😜

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      10. Got it.

        It does. I have a weird tradition. Or I did, I guess. For every birthday breakfast Maggie was the way to go for me. For last 20 years, I guess. Never missed a single birthday Maggie breakfast. Even when I was in the remote hills of Sikkim one of those birthdays, I found Maggie at a little corner stall. Sooo, it’s nostalgic, I guess. This last birthday was the first time I didn’t have Maggie for breakfast. I am not sure how I feel about that. It was my decision afterall. Sigh

        Annnnnd, rasna exists, bruh. Maa found a box a couple of weeks ago in a cupboard. So, there is rasna. Long live rasna.

        Hahahahahah looking forward for something to gain from the Delhi stay huh? Way to go.

        Oooo love for summer. I question my love for summer every time I have to walk out the doors this year. But, well, the heart wants what it wants.:’)
        Annnd, love for rain may be a bit of a cliché, but it has a certain charm. So, it’s cool.:))

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      11. That sounds so awesome, so why did you decide to stop it?
        No I have searched a lot for Rasna. I didn’t find it.
        It’s not yet confirmed yet. So maybe or may not be. But yes looking forward to Delhi 2.0
        I think there is no explanation for something we love. You are right, heart wants what it wants.
        Annd rain can associated with free time after exams. When you have all the time in the world to procrastinate and binge on everything. Rainy season is lazy. With lot of downsides I guess.
        But I love summer midnights with cool breeze and cool place to sit and stare at the night sky. I have tried finding Milky way galaxy millions of times but never saw one. I guess only DSLR has that kind of vision. 😕
        So summer night’s are cool, only bcoz it’s not sweaty 🐽

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      12. First things first, apologies for such a late reply. I was vacationing in the remote hills of Leh. Hardly any network connectivity there. So.

        See, a couple weeks back I had this brilliant idea that since I am about to be 22 now, I should try to have some semblance of being an adult and eat healthy on my birthday. So, when my birthday rolled around, like an idiot, I suggested we eat boiled stuff *barf* as breakfast.To add to it, my brother has been eating healthy for a couple months now. So, there weren’t any protests to oppose my suggestion either. Sooo, that’s what we did. Annnnd, that’s how I ended up breaking such a long-standing tradition.
        And, to add insult to injury, I have had Maggie like 4 times in last couple of weeks because, well, hills and Maggie go hand in hand. So, it’s not like I stood by the stupid idea anyway. It’s sad really. Sigh

        I still have a box. *gleeful grin*

        Greaaaat. Delhi 2.0 for the win. Weightloss is a great motivation, yeah?

        Rainy season is indeed lazy. But that’s mostly because I hate stepping out on the water ridden roads. I don’t know. Lazy kinda runs with me all year around. So.

        Ooo I saw beautiful star-filled skies this vacation. MOST BEAUTIFUL THING TO FALL ASLEEP TO WHEN YOUR BED IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRENCH DOORS THAT OPEN TO THE BALCONY WHICH LOOKS OUT TO MAJESTIC HILLS AND GREEN LAWNS. God. That’s the only thing I miss since coming back. The skies here don’t compare now.
        Sorry about getting carried away. *hides face*

        Annnd, summer nights are indeed cool. Best nights to sit and contemplate, I would say.✨

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      13. It’s okay, I understand. Leh must be beautiful place.☺ I hope to visit it sometime.
        Sounds funny, how most of our birthday and New year resolutions go in waste. Though you can always start the tradition again on next birthday. 😁
        Well boiled stuff doesn’t sound yummy 😅.
        Aaannnndddd since you are Gemini, you must have had your birthday this past month. So belated happy birthday. Have wonderful year and life and career ahead. ✨💫❄☺
        I hope I will find one 😕.
        Yeah absolutely quite excited but Delhi never disappointed me when it came to junk, and north Indian non veg. 😁 it’s sad we can’t eat junk food all the time.
        Hehehe I’m also lazy all year long but rainy season I become like bear in winters. 😂😂
        That sounds wonderful. It must be awesome given its majestic Himalayas. I have that view everyday. Only it’s western ghats and not Himalayas. My place is surrounded by protected hill from three sides. And light pollution is also pretty much less. But due to rain now no stars. Just start the day by watching rain from the window. 😊
        Summer night’s are best for that. Specially the month of May when night’s have strong breeze.
        I don’t you go in slumber now that summer is over, do write.🐼🌺

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      14. It is indeed beautiful. The differences in the terrain was what fascinated me the most. But my mother didn’t much care for it. Apparently, the barren hills don’t do much for her. There wasn’t much greenery. And, it was crazy dry. So, she reminisced about the hills of Sikkim, Munnar, Uttarakhand, and what not for the whole vacation. But it’s a wonderful place. Though so many people were sick because of the altitude issues and lack of oxygen. So, it’s not for everybody. Try visiting by road. Preferably a bike? I want to do that soooo bad after watching all the bikers zoom by. Wow. Okay got a little carried away. Moving on.

        I knowwww. I was so damn pissed at myself. I will continue the tradition next year for sure.
        Yes. This past 30th. Not good times. I don’t like birthdays. Especially mine.
        But thank you so much for your sweet wishes.

        I hope you do, too. We can be gleeful together then.*smirks*

        Why do you think I gained weight when I was there? The junk-y options made my heart grow fonder. Coming back home had become a necessity in my last 6 months of stay because all I ate was shitty, greasy stuff.

        I am a panda all year long. So, hi-5!

        Wow. That sounds beautiful. Soooo jealous. Hating on the North Indian city life so bad right now.
        We don’t have the rains yet. Nor do we have the star-filled skies. Sigh sad life.

        We had warm balmy air in May. *makes a face*

        Hahahahah haven’t written anything in weeks, bruh. It feels like the hibernation mode is already setting in.:”’)

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