Life, with Love.

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They say fate smiles upon us and floods our lives with happiness when we have had our share of hurt. It takes time and patience. Lots of it. But it happens. And, we live our life believing the wise words of the, well, wise. We learn to rationalise all the messed up shit that went down because there must be a reason. Sometimes we question it, sometimes we don’t. And, we start to believe that after all is said and done, we will come out on top and have a wonderful, wonderful life. But we know what happens to the plans and expectations. They disappoint us more than they don’t. And, we are back to questioning everything that has happened. We lose the faith and we start the downward spiral to the burgeoning pit of hopelessness. We become a shell of ourselves, only sadder and depressed. That’s where love comes in. It finds us drowning in the deep end and throws the float. We hold on for our lives and it sails us through. And, when we get out of the pit, we leave behind the slabs of hopelessness tied to our feet that had been pulling us in, and throw our arms wide, welcoming a life full of excitement and opportunities. And, of course, love. Always, love.

17 thoughts on “Life, with Love.

  1. I only have good words for this kind of writing. Very inspiring and honest. You were able to express your purpose by writing something like this, you are awesome. I enjoyed reading this. I am Ragazza. Hello! I hope you could follow my blog, maybe you’ll get inspired too. 🙂

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    1. Oh my God. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Ragazza.🎈
      I am so glad you liked this.🌼
      I will definitely visit your blog soon.🎀

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      1. A couple of years, on and off. I tend to disappear for months at a go though. So, it’s like starting all over again every time. It’s been a month this time, I guess?:’)

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    1. Hahah yes. Finally. I had written so many poems at once that I couldn’t write anything for a couple of weeks. Too overwhelmed, I guess. I will try writing more such stuff.:)
      Thank you so much, by the way. 🎀

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      1. Haha you will, I am sure.

        I remember we had a discussion about this once. Poems aren’t your thing.:’)
        I will try to broaden my writing avenues again. It’s been a long time since my writing had variety.

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      2. Wow. Aren’t those the most difficult things though? Telling a joke that’s funny without explanation and writing poems that speak to your heart without being too in your face? Achieving one often leads to compromising on the other.:’)

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      3. Yes they are difficult things and two extremes yet closely related.
        I prefer stories, stories can have both the things.
        Stories are more predictable, also though writers love dark characters more than the hero, in the end everything has to be good again. Hero has to win.
        Hehehe I tend to jump off topic. 🙈
        Anyhow I struggle with poems. But not all of them. Not yours!

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      4. Touché.

        That is so true. I am generally obsessed with the anti-hero or even the villain than I am with the hero. They just have a sense of danger that makes it all so thrilling. They are unpredictable. We don’t have many preset notions about how they should be unlike the heroes. We expect the heroes to be all things nice and wonderful. Villains though? Oh they surprise us in the most beautiful of ways. Especially when they do a good deed. Nothing endears a character to me like a half decent thing by the anti-hero. I have been watching Gossip Girl these last few days (another secret shame shush). And, I have loved the anti-hero from the beginning. Much more than I ever liked the heroines.
        I would much prefer the anti-hero to come out on top as a half decent person than the hero to win. I don’t know what that says about me. *makes a face*

        God tell me about it. I am the personification of jumping off topic.

        That’s the sweetest thing you could have said to me. I am so glad you don’t struggle with mine.🌼

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      5. Same here. Heroes are too *what’s the word* “too vanilla”.
        Maybe reason being we are too imperfect in our own ways. And it’s not always easy to be all self righteous. Sometimes we have to face the hard truths, which villains explain better. Be it Joker from batman or moriarty from Sherlock.
        Writers put much more thought and efforts in anti-heroes.
        They also show us that okay to be Gray and not all white or black.
        That’s something we have in common then. Going off the topic. 😆
        I do enjoy it and its pleasure to read it. You are welcome. ✨💫


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