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Truth or lies?

imageAnd that chapter is the one everybody is dying to read,don’t ya think?
And that chapter is the one everybody is dying to read,don't ya think?

Truth and lies.

I won’t moralise about what I’ve learned but I can tell you this: in my experience, telling the truth can land you in just as much shit—err, crap, as lying. More sometimes. Sure, a lie can trap you; it can crush you immediately or slowly weigh you down until you suffocate. But telling the truth won’t necessarily set you free; it can cost you everything you love the most. And it can force you to face yourself, as painful as that may be.

So, Truth or Lies?

50 thoughts on “Truth or lies?

  1. To keep a lie alive, we will have tell more lies. And they pile up and the truth eventually comes out.
    In this case the truth will be more painful, because of the lies that had taken precedence.
    Truth however as painful, will be less burdensome on the person who is telling it. They don’t have to worry about it weighing them down, however soul crushing the truth would be.

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    1. Touché.

      What’s baffling though is that the list of pros and cons is way too long, and complicated.

      Desperate situations call for desperate measures. That temporary relief seems necessary in those moments. But those measures aren’t what they seem on the surface sometimes. And, this leads to further complications.

      I am digging a deeper pit here, aren’t I?

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      1. It’s complicated, sure.
        It will eat us on the inside, the truth and lie, both equally.
        But I believe, the lie will haunt us for the rest of the life. Truth, however might burn that bridge, but it won’t be as haunting as the lie, in my opinion.
        Yes, you are, quite a big one.

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      2. Right. Nothing seems right even though truth should obviously be the right choice. But, well, what seems like the easier choice isn’t always the right one. And, the right one can take a toll but still leave some of you intact in the end.

        Great. I will stop digging then. I am not much of a nature enthusiast when it involves physical activities like digging pits.

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      3. There is no definitive answer to this. There is just too much complication to it. We could never settle for an answer, the right answer because there isn’t one.
        You kind of do it with your mind. Telekenesis, it is called.

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      4. True. This is pointless. I have no idea why I had posted this in the first place anyway. So, no examples or analogies to follow up.

        Wow. First, grounds for paranormal activity 20 and now mental super powers galore? Aha. My life is turning into a regular horror teen drama.


    1. I have no fucking idea. I am still trying to figure it out. A couple of my recent posts are missing actually. Not to mention, this wasn’t supposed to be published now. I published this months ago. It suddenly reappeared on May 16th now? God this is starting again. Those posts aren’t even in the drafts or anything either. Sigh guess I gotta wait for them to come back home.

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      1. *eyeroll* I got that part.

        Maybe I am the crazy who forgot she deleted the posts in the thick of the night half way asleep.*shakes her head in contemplation*

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      2. Probably because you don’t know me enough, AK.:”’)
        I am an insensitive asshole who hurts without even realising it. And, the best part? I don’t take responsibility for any of it.

        But, even I recognize through the fog of self-obsession, this, right here, is a joke.:’)

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      3. I know you enough to know that much.
        Maybe the people around you don’t know enough.

        Yes, that part I know. But you are also the person who knows that. So, if you didn’t know about that it would be a problem.

        You are just too hard on yourself. Why is that?


      4. Kind words. As always.:)

        Hahah I agree. It would have been a huge problem.
        I can’t go blaming myself for all the paranormal activity that’s going on these days afterall.:’)

        You really think I am too hard on myself? Trust me, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I am seldom even semi-hard on myself. Blame game sans self-blame is my favorite one to play afterall.

        Sorry for turning this all serious and morose. We were supposed to joke around about the disappearance of my posts by some ungodly actions and that should have been that.
        I am not much for heart to hearts as you very well know.:’)

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      5. Well, I try.
        Exactly. Paranormal or otherwise! You could if you really know it’s your fault. But blaming is not the answer either, one needs to make it right! If in case you are ever in such a situation.
        Like I said, you are still being hard on yourself. Why do you think you are always at blame?
        That’s alright! This hasn’t turned serious at all. I would have asked to look into this issue, but then you would have to share your cred. which I think you won’t.
        Yeah, I know! I seldom wonder whether it is a persona you portray or is it really how it is.


      6. Those are words of the wise. And, the truth, too. Blaming is never the answer, is it?

        The question you should be asking is, why did I never think I was to blame in the past? I am not trying to get reassuring words out of you, I promise. I am just not known to take responsibility for my actions. I am questioning that now. A little bit.
        Wow. I am full of self-reflective insights these days, aren’t I?

        You are right about that, no offense.:)
        But thank you so much. You will probably be my go-to person here if I decide I need help with technical stuff related to WordPress, you hotshot SWE, you.
        But let’s hope WordPress gets its act together before push comes to pull.*narrowed-eyed stare*

        Hell if I know. I can’t figure myself out sometimes, I am so confusing.
        Though if I am being honest, I do have heart to hearts. It’s just a very select group of people I tend to have it with. And, I mean very, very select. Like, family select?
        Though I tend to talk a lot most of the times. So, that gives the idea that I am a very open person.
        Sigh see? Kind of all over the place, yeah?


      7. It never is!

        Self reflective is a good thing, is it not? I might not know what you had gone through or are, but as long as you know where you stand, that’s more than enough. And also make sure that your feet are on the right side.

        I know!
        Let me know if there’s anything that I could do.

        You will eventally figure it out.
        Do you share everything with the select people, or the other people you talk to?

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      8. It is. Too much of it though? Messes with your head if you aren’t ready to reminisce about could have beens and how tos.

        Sure thing.

        I hope I do. Or Loony Town isn’t far off in the future.

        Select people is basically my maa, I guess. She’s the only person I share more or less everything with. And, a couple more people I share ALMOST everything with (I will have you know I am related to them, too.) But, that’s it.
        Others get a diluted (mostly) happy go lucky version which gives the impression that I am extrovertism personified. I am obviously not. I am a recluse through and through. So.🐥

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      9. When isn’t it too much? It always is, if you think about it. No?
        We call it life! And how it fucks up the mind with those questions to which we don’t have answers to.

        Ok, great!

        It’s not even there. So, don’t you worry!

        That’s nice. Sharing is nice. Keep doing that. If you want another ear to add to it, you know where to find me.

        Don’t we all do that?

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      10. Sigh swearing off of self-reflection for days to come.

        And, how I hate not having the answers. I have to know it all.


        I hope I can continue sharing, too. It’s what helps most people sleep at the end of the day, the idea that there is someone who will listen and be there. I am lucky to have found that in the one person who won’t ever give up. So, fingers crossed, I guess.:’)
        I do. Thank you.🌼
        I will try to be the non-judgemental listener if you ever need to unload on someone sometime. I now know your life isn’t the easiest one there is.:)
        You were my replying diary for such a long time afterall.:P
        God knows I judge everything and anything. I am trying to work on that, too.
        Kaafi hi kamiyaan dhoond li hain khud mein, nahi?:”)

        We do, we do.*makes a face*

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      11. I think that is a good option.
        Don’t we all, want to know the answers to the questions that keep bothering us?
        Yup. Reassurances!
        Yes, that is what we all want to do at the end of the day, sleep, peacefully! I am glad to know that there is someone. So, yes, *Fingers crossed*.
        You are welcome. 😉
        Thanks for the offer, I will definitely keep that in mind. Oh, you have no idea yet. -_-
        Haha, that should be a job. It is the one I am good at. 😛
        We all judge. Some take it to heart, some just let it be. So, it depends on us how far are we going to take it.
        Acha he hai na. When you know what’s need to be changed you will make an effort to change that. If we are being oblivous to our traits we will never get a chance to improve on them. Right?
        Yeah. *What face is that you are making?*


      12. I agree on both accounts.

        I hope you find someone like that, too, AK. Someday.

        I am sure I don’t.
        Whenever we did talk back in the day, it was the randomest shit that was inconsequential like nobody’s business.
        We never did touch on the topics of substance, did we? Other than the times you helped me with those god awful assignments. Now THAT was a topic of substance.*grins covertly*

        Yaaas. You are, you are. You are a good listener.:)


        I guess. But that makes you sound like a wimp, when you crib about how you could have been, don’t you think?

        A weird one?🐷

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      13. I hope to find that someone someday. But I am pretty sure that there isn’t one for me. Too dark on the inside.
        You will get to know, someday soon. I am trying to put everything on the blog, all the raw ‘facts’. Not easy for me, but I hope it will be a start!
        Haha, Yeah I did something for your assignments, didn’t I? I hope it was helpful.
        And ye we didnt talk things of much substance, I guess.
        Thank you for that. 😀
        As long you are making progress, it is all good, dont you think?
        Always that huh! Saw deadpool?


      14. Well, darkness does not always equate to evil just like light does not always mean good. Or something to that effect. So.

        And, I hope getting it out will help in the end. It will hurt now. But, maybe it will bring you the much awaited peace.:)

        It waaaas. I met the deadline because of all the research you did for me. So, thank you for that. God I hated that subject. Still do.

        True. It’s the progress that’s the end game afterall.

        Yaaas. Always.:P


      15. I see. Pretty different perspective, but I get it.

        It should help, actually. But then again, we are uncertain of the future, as always. 🙂

        Oh, that’s great then.

        In a matter of speaking!

        Always. 😉
        Oh okay.


      16. *shrugs*

        Uncertainty keeps life interesting.:’)

        You a HP fan?🎀

        And, tried it with the little cousin things. Couldn’t much enjoy it with the chatter. Didn’t try again.

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      17. And, scares are motivation enough sometimes.

        You are riddikulus. I have almost lost friendships because those muggles couldn’t understand my fascination with Harry Potter. Like, siriusly?

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    1. I will have to agree with you. It’s all situational. Truths are morally right. But they aren’t always the best way to go about it, are they? So, resorting to lies becomes a necessity in times like those.


      1. Yeah plus it also depends on whats ur perspective…for some truth is d only way for some its a way but not the only one…and for some its just not the way…how u think and what the situation is ultimately decides what ur lips are gonna utter for better or for worse u can only speculate!

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      1. You know even if the truth fails to get into the light, the person who knows the truth may die quickly of guilt that will ultimately lead him nowhere but accepting the truth himself. Am I rolling away from the actual thing? I don’t even know.


    1. I am glad you like it. Thank you.🎀
      And, apologies for such late replies. I was vacationing in remote hills with no network connectivity. Gotta catch up on all your wonderful writing.🎈

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