What Love Wears.

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1. His arms around your waist, holding tight.
2. The scent of giddy expectations all over your body.
3. The promises of being by your side, sometimes forever, sometimes for just a moment.
4. The feeling of being whole the morning after.
5. The little pecks all over your being.
6. The smile that never leaves your face.
7. The need to shout from the top of a high rise about how wonderful he is.
8. The discovery of feelings you never thought you would have.
9. The stars in your eyes when you think of him.
10. The comfort in the silence as you lay in each other’s arms.
11. The need to write poems about his crooked smile and his deep, beautiful eyes.

P.S. This one came back after being MIA for 4 days. So.

Philosophical Me!

Longest 8 Seconds

imageBecause regrets are nothing more than ink spots on that pristine white paper that ruins it from being of any further use.*shrugs*Because regrets are nothing more than ink spots on that pristine white paper that ruins it from being of any further use.*shrugs*Because regrets are nothing more than ink spots on that pristine white paper that ruins it from being of any further use.*shrugs*
Because regrets are nothing more than ink spots on that pristine white paper that ruins it from being of any further use.*shrugs*

After you’ve been systematically abused, your judgment erodes to the point where it’s nearly impossible to make decisions. Small decisions are as tough as big ones. Even choosing a breakfast cereal seems filled with peril. You are so scared about doing the wrong thing, being blamed and punished for it, you’d rather have someone else take the responsibility. And, the moment you give away your ability to hold that responsibility, you give away your agency. And, an individual without agency is nothing more than a slave to the past. It’s necessary, hence, to hold on to your power to make decisions and take up for it. To take up for yourself. Because that’s what every individual is about: Free will. So, take hold of that bull of the past by the horns and ride the longest 8 seconds of your life. Because once you decide to let go of the past and decide to go with the bull’s movements, you have already won. You are a winner against your own self.
And, isn’t that the most important fight?


P.S. It’s been a looooong while since I wrote something. Words had seemed to have abandoned me these past months. I haven’t written anything in almost 4 months. I couldn’t. 2 meaningful lines were A LOT to ask for. I dunno why. I just couldn’t find motivation to write, I guess. But, well, life’s been crazy. Shit happened. And, after hundreds of everyday resolutions of trying to get myself to write these months, I just decided to sit, staring at the wall till I could write again. I wanted to write something extremely positive this new year’s. But, this is all I could come up with. So, make do with this till I can get my mo-positive-jo back.
It was good, trying this writing thing again. I feel good. Really good. And, I am gonna try again. I will try to write. For myself and for everyone else around me because I become a total jerk when I don’t.
A very happy new year’s to all of you out there who haven’t unfollowed me in my absence. And to everybody else, too (I am not that much of a jerk yet, I promise.).
I hope you have a wonderful 2017.💟

P.P.S. All of your comments that are in the ‘waiting for approval’, I will reply as soon as possible. Gimme some time, yeah?
Catch ya soon.💕


It’s 100 now!

100 now!

Well Well Well
If this isn’t a Surprise.
Just two days ago I made a post about receiving 50 followers on WordPress. That was quite an achievement for me as this blogging business is a separate part of my life.No one, and I stress NO ONE, from the outer world knows about my blog.Not even a single soul.So,I was quite a bit happy when the numbers reached 50.
But this?This is freaking awesome, man!I have surpassed the “100” mark in just two days! That means more than 50 follows in 2 days!
It feels fictional to me.My feelings are all over the place right now.I never expected to gain any readers when I started blogging a couple of months ago.
And now?I cannot imagine life without you all.
You people have become, like a family to me (and let me tell you my family is fabulous, FABULOUS. So you all are, too!). Haha
All of you are amazing, people!
And I am thankful for it.
So…a big freaking THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Love xx




Eventually, you will find a real place that feels like home.Your whole world will open up in ways you kept believing were possible.And you will be so happy you held on long enough to make it there.        So,let’s do this thing.Let’s own what makes us unique. Let’s refuse to allow haters to stop us from moving forward. Let’s turn our dreams into reality.        Starting now.



Yayayayayay! 50!


50 follows!50!
That too,in a couple of months!
Well,that’s a total surprise!
I mean,as I have mentioned time and again,I started this blog because of my need for introspection.To vent out,to babble,to talk nonsense,to write anything ,everything, whatever.I have mentioned so many times that I am not writing this blog for anyone else’s pleasure,but mine.It’s not in my nature to share things and express my feelings with anyone.Trust issues,remember?

But still…you people have connected with me,my blog and have liked, and commented on my idiotic stuff.Thank you so much.Thank you so much for it all.
You all are awesome!

Love xx