New desires to follow through
New beginnings and dreams renew
Silent understanding of the words few
Spoken through only the body cue.
The early morning, the glistening dew
And the sweet fragrance of lavender new
Reminds of the days of the summer crew
When everything was sweet, and everybody true.


Philosophical Me!

What is life?

imageIt’s not about following. It’s about discovering. It’s about creation. It’s about you. It’s you.
It's not about following. It's about discovering. It's about creation. It's about you. It's you.

Life is not about setting high goals and trying to out-perform everybody else out there. Life is not about trying to please everybody. Life is not about silently suffering when it becomes too damn much. Life is not about getting everything. Life is not about following others. Life is not that at all. Life is too short for all that.
Life is about out-doing your own expectations. Life is about trying to be a better person in your own eyes. Life is about taking a stand. Life is about giving everything you have. Life is about making out-of-the-world choices. Life is about being happy. Life is about trying not to have regrets. Life is about dancing in the rain. Life is about singing in the shower. Life is about admiring yourself in the mirror. Life is about smiling at strangers. Life is about crying when it becomes too much to handle. Life is about being humane. Life is about being you. Life is you.



No place like HOME.❤


Home is where the love is. Even when you get on their nerves,they love you. When you irritate them like anything, they love you. So,yeah. Home.💚
Home is where family is. Even when you feel all alone,they are there for you. Even when you push everyone away, they are there for you. So,yeah. Home.💚
Home is where the heart is. Even when you live thousands of miles away, your heart lies with your roots. Even when you think you can go far away, your heart pulls you back to exactly where it wants to be. So,yeah. Home.💚



Black of power.

In the swirling dark...

The deafening silence coated her body like a second skin even when there were noises all around. White noise, they say. It was all white noise. The red haze that had fallen over her sapphire eyes was impossible to look through. She couldn’t see anything but red. Common sense had long ago left her brain_a brain people say, one has in a million_and she couldn’t think beyond her thirst for revenge. Revenge that had come to haunt her from her past of deceitful lies and hurtful words. She was now a burgeoning, overflowing cauldron of the need to get even, to hurt, to make them cry, to kill. She could feel immense power inside of her. She could feel it was ready to strike. She could feel it feeding her need to cause destruction. And she realised that the power fed off it. It was a vicious cycle. She  hesitated for a fraction of a second. But then, she started moving again,blocking all the thoughts away. But even as she attacked her target and extracted her revenge, she couldn’t let go of that single thought that had escaped the prison in her mind; the prison keeping her thoughts and conscience away.
The power inside of her was all black.


Philosophical Me!

Things will change.

Memorise that, and you will never fail.

Change will come. Don’t doubt that, not even for a second. The screams that you have been hearing every single freaking night since those dreadful years will cease. The breaking of glass won’t make you flinch anymore. The ringing in your ears due to the sounds of gunshots fired that night won’t affect you anymore. You won’t feel the need to duck when somebody would put their arm around your shoulders some day. And a day will come when you won’t cringe whenever you hear that sweet nickname you have come to hate. You will stop getting the urge to hurl when somebody would so much as extend their hand for you to shake. Touching somebody and the thought of somebody touching you won’t make your stomach drop one of these days. And you will be able to hold a conversation, all on your own, without going into a panic attack everytime you will be in the limelight. You won’t feel like fleeing everytime you will become the focus, but will be there to clarify and get your point across. Yes, one of these days,you will be able to put your point forth instead of wishing to be swallowed up by earth whenever you will hear people talking shit about your life that they have no idea about. You will be strong one day. You will be okay again. You will change. Things will change. Change will come.

Note:It’s for everybody around who’s ever been a recipient of abuse,physical or mental, at some point in their lives. You all will be okay. Just hold on. Things will change. For the better. For best.



Definitely, maybe.


I know what I want.
I know all I desire.
I know where I am going.
I know where I am coming from.
I know what I stand for.
I know where I stand.
I don’t listen to what I don’t want to.
And I don’t do things that I don’t want to do.
I know.
I do.


Philosophical Me!

Night is beautiful.

Those shadows define us. They are us.

The silence of the night elicits so many thoughts in our minds. We are curiously seeking answers to so many mysteries of the world. And we believe that we actually have the key to unlock it all. We lay in our beds with the quilt pulled upto our heads and in the cover of that darkness, we let go and just let our minds wander to all those what-could-have-beens. We put the earplugs in and with the music playing loud in the background of our mind,we drown it all with the volume of our fantasies taking speed. We silently try to live in that dreamworld while losing touch with the reality for those few precious hours;the hours which sustain us for a lifetime which is otherwise filled with regrets. Night-time is the time when we dream, we live, we wander, we laugh, we cry, we fantasize, and we are carefree;free from all the stupid details which don’t let us live. Night is filled with shadows;shadows of our lives gone by, and shadows of the times to come. Night is a beautiful being. And with it come beautiful happenings. Night is beautiful.



9 things that make Diwali DIWALI!Yayayay!♥

DIWALI. The most beautiful festival ever. Seriously. Those who don’t know what it is,this is to let you know. It’s the biggest and the brightest festival in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. You will fall in love with its beauty if you ever get to experience it, believe me.

Here are 9 things that Diwali is all about:

🔅Pretty Lights!
It’s not called the festival of lights for nothing. Everything is beautiful when it’s Diwali. Every single shop is lit up with colorful lights. And every house,too. Annnd, there are the Oil lamps. Best freaking thing ever. So damn pretty.

Such gorgeous electric hanging lamps are lit up and hung all around. This one's hung from the balcony of the lower landing in my house. Gorgeous, isn't it?💚

🎁 Loads of Gifts.
People exchange gifts: Decorative stuff, pretty bowls filled with nuts and packed tight, gift hampers,and my personal favorite is collection of assorted Chocolates.😍
Loads of varieties of stuff, actually.:D

Heap loads of Gifts that are gifted every year.:D

🍭Food. Yummy!
Delicious food all around. Sweets are love. And Diwali is all about having sweets,feeding other people sweets, exchanging sweets,and having more sweets. Mm-hmm.😻

🙏Praying to the almighty.
Ofcourse the reason for celebration is the almighty. It’s them because of who everything else happens as it happens on Diwali. So,we thank them for everything and pray.:D

Yesssss! Loads of these. So so many,that it kills all the mosquitoes around and it just might kill a few of us,too, if we don’t reduce the amount of Firecrackers we burst. But yeah. It’s fun. I celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali now,though. 😶

Something like that. 😶

🎀Ethnic rendezvous.
People dress up. Pretty clothes and prettier jewelry. And everybody look so great,as if they all are royalty. 😻

Even people like me,who have never even tried make up and stuff in all their lives,wear stuff like this^ : Since I love anklets and am usually wearing a couple of those,I add another one on occasions like Diwali. And the bangles! I wear such stuff,too.😶 Aaaand,such pretty pretty earrings,too. I have very sensitive ear piercings,prone to infections. So,I don't usually wear earrings in general. But on occasions like these? Everything is forgotten ;consequences be damned. And, ofcourse, totally traditional clothes. People find it hard to believe it's me on such days.:P

*sighs* What did I say? Beautiful festival. The flower garlands,the confetti, the Oil lamps, the electric lamps, the Rangolis( the various designs people make using colored powder. It’s a lot of work. And precision is needed. Since that’s not my forte and I am lazy as hell, I use stencils,if that. 🙈) But it’s all gorgeous.💚

This was a flower design I made with flower petals and surrounded it with oil lamps. This is just a teeny tiny part of it,though.😄

Annnnnd,ofcourse it’s all fun. So, that. I guess, all of the above sounds fun. So,I don’t need to elaborate, do I?:D
Stuff like exhibitions and all are there before Diwali even rolls around. And then there are Diwali mela(fest) held all around. My college’s Diwali mela is especially famous.😌
The amusement rides and deli-freaking-cious food.❤

Ofcourse. It just fills you with happiness, and joy, and you laugh and smile like crazy throughout. It’s a very happy happy kinda festival with a very happy story behind it as to why it’s celebrated. So,it’s all awesome, and it lights up our lives,both figuratively and literally, like anything.

Awesome day, it always is.:D
Happy Diwali,you all! Have some sweets from my side this Diwali, why don’t you?


#SL · Poetry

Soul “sisters”

Innocence overload:Alexendra!
This piece is dedicated to Alex from Master of the game and Mistress of the game by SYDNEY SHELDON. She's a sweetheart. But naïve. Too naïve, maybe. Also,she's Eve's twin. The evil witch. Eve tries to kill her sister several times. But Alex being Alex,never realised. It's that hate. That pain. That sense of betrayal. And the beauty that they are.

An art in herself
A cry for help,within
A sweetheart living in oblivion
A shrouded being, akin
A beautiful specimen
Inside, out
Not a drop of malice
Not a doubt;no doubt.
Soul “sisters”:A joke
Unhinged bloke
Provoking fate
Unreal courses,take.



“Telling lies”.

The burning grounds...the burning beliefs.

She told me she would die for me. She told me she loved me like a sister. She told me we would be best friends forever. She told me we were girl friend Soulmates. She told me we had a special bond. She told me I understood her like no other. She told me we would get cute,little cottages side by side,facing a sea. She told me we would marry the same day,in the same temple. She told me we would have a handsome boy and a pretty girl we would someday call our own. She told me we would have a cute, little dog. She told me we would have a happy ending. She told me there’s a silver lining. She told me there was light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. She told me there was a supreme power called God. She told me there was something known as faith. She told me there was peace. She told me it’s serene. She told me there was justice. She told me there’s passion. She told me it burns. She told me there’s bliss. She told me there’s truth. She told me it’s ecstatic. She told me it’s death quiet. She told me there’s silence. Was all this a lie? Was she lying all the time? Was it all burning flames? Was all this a trap? Was all this just a means to an end? Was it all “telling lies”?Was it? Was it? Was it?