Stop!It doesn’t matter.

What matters!

There comes a time when you stop caring. You stop thinking. And you’re past that fickle understanding of messed up stuff that happens all around you. You stop trying to figure out everything that’s wrong with your life and everyone else’s around yours. You stop being the bully and you stop being pushed around. You come a complete circle. And when you do? You feel so liberated that you just might fly. You realise that in the end,nothing really matters, afterall. All that ever mattered was your sanity. Sanity,which you had almost lost in trying to make everything right around you. Sanity,which you just might lose anyway if you don’t stop and search inside of you. Introspection is not hyped up. This shit is actually a necessity. And,this can put a stop to your mulling about all the universe’s problem and focus on your own self. Because you come to realise that being selfish is not that bad in the long run,maybe. You do need to be selfish, you know. For that sanity. For that conscience. For yourself. Because that’s what matters. That’s all that really mattered. That’s all that will ever matter.


“A”:Glimpses into 6 aspects of my life.

I am that:contradictions.

I am not the friend who discusses boy problems and latest crushes. I am that friend who you talk “deeper stuff” with;the one you come to when you need to be motivated;the one you text when you need to apologise to a friend and don’t have appropriate words.
✴I am not that sister who hugs and kisses you. I am that sister who gives you high fives when she sees you after weeks;who you discuss fast and furious 7 with,even though she hasn’t watched even a single movie from the franchise; who you show pictures of wheelies some guy from your hometown posted on FB.
✴I am not that cousin who you make small talk with about how college is treating her. I am that cousin who you watch mid-night horror movies with;who laughs at the most horrifying scenes of CONJURING when you claimed to be afraid of it for days after you first watched it and you laugh because, apparently, she wasn’t afraid because you were with her;who you, sometimes, reassure that everything’s gonna be okay,even though she’s the older one.
✴I am not that daughter who you need to be worried about lying to party. I am that daughter who would have her nose stuck in a book all day long,if no one interrupts her;who can not stay away from home for more than a couple of weeks when everybody else her age is having a ball, partying in a city away from home;who still cries every single freaking time you see her off every couple of weeks to return to college even though it’s been more than a year and she should be used to it by now;who still (sometimes) tries to hide her tears on phone when you sweetly tell her to have a goodnight’s sleep,even though she talks to you 4 times a day.
✴I am not that girl who ever has boy/bff troubles. I am that girl who doesn’t believe in love;who people are always trying to figure out;who they believe they know so well, when they haven’t even uncovered the top layer;who people claim to not get;who they say is so weird sometimes; who they claim to be bestfriends with,but she never reciprocates because, duh,she doesn’t think so;who loves her family so much she would die for them, and only them,in a heartbeat.
✴I am not a person who trusts. I am that person who people have called stuff you would laugh your asses off about if you knew her even the tiniest bit;who is, apparently, two-faced (And, well,I am maybe. I am a Gemini, afterall. They are supposed to be two-faced.*shrugs*);who doesn’t give a damn what people think and is generally laughing when she gets to know the latest gossip about her;who never really abuses out loud;who is a mumma-papa’s girl;who loves relatable quotes;who loves doodling on her wrists;who loves mystery;who runs in the opposite direction when it comes to fashion;who has “eccentric” tastes in music;who is tomboyish most of the times;who generally hates everything girlie;who loves platform pumps even though they are totally girlie;who is a walking, talking, breathing ball of contradictions;who just…is.


Happiest birthday, Mumma! ❤

And she's another year of awesome!❤❤❤

Cradling my head
In the warmth of your lap,
And murmuring sweet nothings
When I felt sad,
And the silent understanding
That dawns in your eyes
Whenever I am low
Or something isn’t right.
And the fooling around
And laughing like hell,
Like old buddies;
Old buddies,Oh yes!
And the happiness,
The glow on your face
When I come home
Or tell you about a test I aced.
The pride in your smile
And the praise in your actions;
The delicacies you make,
Giving me the greater fractions.
The unconditional love,
The friendship I don’t deserve,
The bond we share,
Your strength I crave,
Your beautiful soul;
I am a part of your whole.
Whenever you smile
I find myself grinning.
Whenever you adore me
I feel like I won an inning.
You’re the best;
Have always been
I wanna be like you
Even though that’s still unseen.
You are you!
You are special!
You are awesome!
You are…love;the best mumma ever!

P.S. I know bestest isn’t actually a word,ya!
But even that isn’t enough to describe the kind of best that is my mumma!We have that bond that most people dream about. And I am so thankful for that. It’s her birthday now.🎂
I am away,but I hope she realises the kind of bestest she is to me.*smiles*


Soul on fire.

She. This piece is dedicated to Eve from Master of the game and mistress of the game by SYDNEY SHELDON.♥

She was a silent pursuer
She was a vivid observer
She was a sly talker
She was a stealthy walker
She was a sinful delight
She was a treat for sore eyes
She was a burning desire
She was a soul on fire.

P.S.Ada,this is a Sheldon lady,as I see her. Now before you start wondering who this is about, lemme tell you.
This is….Eve!Yes!See,I couldn’t decide upon a heroine. I love them all. But the only vamp I love is Eve.So I start with her. She is art in herself. So,here.:D

This is sooooo laaaaaaaame.*chuckles*
But,anyway.*sly grin*


Portrait of happiness.

A sweet salvation. A sweet elation. A sweet sigh. A sweet cry.

The happy sounds
The tinkling bells
The tinkering of bangles
The feeling, afresh.

The sighs of satisfaction
The sights felt with closed eyes
The silences, chased away
The roaring turned to sweet meows.

The sly grin
The happy chuckle
The sheepish smile
The teeth flashed bare.

The painting comes alive
The characters breathe air
The melody reaches the ears
The portrait; a sweet affair.


Random Facts,huh?


Well,I have been nominated for the CREATIVE BLOGGERS AWARD by http:// and the DRAGON LOYALTY AWARD by http:// and the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by
Thank you so much, guys,for the nominations. :*
You people rock!:D
Now,since all these awards require me to state 7 random facts about me,this is gonna be a compiled post. I am laaaaazy,in case you didn’t already know. 😛
I love those songs, the lyrics of which I can relate to. And there aren’t many, trust me, since I don’t believe in the basic emotion most songs are written about. :/
I love eating sweets. Any and every single one would do. Seriously. ♥
I am kinda fat. I mean,as I have mentioned before, I have a huge butt and thunder thighs. But every single person I have been meeting lately has been telling me I have lost weight. Like a lot. So much so that it’s noticeable at the first glance. I don’t really believe that,to be honest. I mean, I don’t feel any different. And I get this a lot that I am NOT fat. I am curvy. But I feel fat.*whines* I dunno. Anyway…-.-
People tell me I would look great in a saree. For those of you who don’t know what a saree is,it’s an Indian clothing for women. It is something which can cover your body up really well,or can be the sexiest piece of clothing. It depends on the way it’s draped. TMI?*sheepish smile* But that’s how they describe what a saree is. Anyway, I have no idea why they say that. They just do.*rolls her eyes*
I live away from home. I mean,for college. But I generally run back home every other weekend. I cannot live for long without seeing my parents in flesh. A total mumma-papa’s girl,as Ada once mentioned. *grins*
I love clothes! Like,really love. I have a very extensive summer wardrobe. I don’t generally repeat clothes during a semester. On the other hand, I only love to wear a couple of PJs regularly. This irritates my mumma to no end. And the thing is,I still love shopping for clothes. Weird,I know. But that’s my middle name, remember? 😛
I love wearing tees. They are sooo comfy. *sighs*

And, since I have combined three award posts, I will give an 8th fact.
I hate cottage cheese. Like,seriously. -.-

So,no nominations again. Whoever wants to, go ahead. 😀
Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/

Aaaaannnd, with this end the pending award posts. 8!Can you freaking believe that?! That’s just height of laziness,don’t you think? Anyway,I am done with the pending award posts now. So…peace!*sighs*

Futuristic me?*smirks*


Sooooo,I have been nominated for the future challenge by Abhijit and Sowmya.
Thanks a bunch, you both. :*
Check their blogs out,you all. “Fascinating” stuff,you will find.*chuckles*
I have no freaking idea what’s expected of me here,even though I have come across more than a couple of such posts in the last couple of days. So,I am just gonna try,you know. I remember a couple of categories, though. I will include those and hope for the best, yeah? *sheepish smile*
So,here goes nothing.

Job. *sighs* Well, I still haven’t figured out what I wanna do after graduation. I can go with MBA or I might try Masters in Economics. And till I don’t figure that out,I can not even begin to guess where I might wanna work. Totally different fields open up after either of the options. But what I do know is,I wanna work somewhere/with something interesting, and I wanna work at a place which pays well. I am not beating my head against the walls that is economic honors for nothing. *smirks*


Travel. I have always loved to travel. I have been to most places in India,as I have mentioned a couple of times before. I wanna revisit a couple of these,and the remaining ones,too. And I know I will in the next few years. Have I mentioned I have the best parents in the whole damn world,hands down? They are already planning a trip to Goa, one of the revisit locations, as the first time I visited was when I was, like,4. -.-
So,this is gonna be true. No doubt. I will get to fulfill my travel goals,and then some.*grins*


Settling down and kids? *Snorts* Sooo,I think most of you know I don’t believe in love. And I am one of those people who claim they aren’t going to marry ever. So,obviously, there’s no point in discussing this. But my mumma begs to differ. She says people who claim they aren’t going to marry, end up announcing their marriage in the most unexpected ways and times. Soooo,the gist of this^ is,I have no freaking idea about what would happen in my life under the “settling down” category. And I won’t even try to guess. Because I strongly believe in my opinion, and my mumma’s always right. So,you see the conflict?


Behavioral issues. I have temper issues. And I am,supposedly,arrogant. And ego problems. And not a very adjusting person by nature. And bitchy at times. And control freak. And…stuff. So, people say, you will change as you grow up. Who else has heard it before? *Snorts* And I say,I kinda love me the way I am. I don’t wanna lose these “bad behavioral problems”. They make me who I am. They define me,in a way. Does that make sense? :/
Anyway, let’s see what happens. Hopefully Wanderingviolet will still be active when these “predictions” turn out to be true or false and I will tell you all about it.*winks*


Writing and all that. This is random. Like, totally random. But maybe, just maybe, I will be an actual writer in my future. After I improve my writing skills drastically.-.-
Even though reading has always been my “LOVE”,I just might be writing something epic all the years later,and you people will be like,”We knew her before she was famous, you know. She wrote non-sensical,lame stuff on a blog all those years ago. Now see,where she has got to. She’s going places,ya!”
Just a totally random, out-of-the-blue thought. I don’t intend to be a writer, as per say. But I just couldn’t think of another category. So,that.*wiggles her tongue at the screen*


Sooooo,my certainly uncertain future predictions. Let’s see, what future has in hold for Wanderingviolet a.k.a “A”.*winks*

Rules are,there are no such rules. Just that, link the blogger who nominated you. It says,thank the blogger,too. I say,ignore this one. Totally upto you. Wanna thank me still?Go ahead. *grins* And stating 5 future predictions about the catastrophe that’s going to be your life in the next few decades,nominate a couple of bloggers, or more for the same. The categories can be anything. You can take the categories I used,or something entirely different. Totally your call.
If you have already done this, ignore, ignore, ignore!*smirks*

Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/