Philosophical Me!

Stop!It doesn’t matter.

What matters!

There comes a time when you stop caring. You stop thinking. And you’re past that fickle understanding of messed up stuff that happens all around you. You stop trying to figure out everything that’s wrong with your life and everyone else’s around yours. You stop being the bully and you stop being pushed around. You come a complete circle. And when you do? You feel so liberated that you just might fly. You realise that in the end,nothing really matters, afterall. All that ever mattered was your sanity. Sanity,which you had almost lost in trying to make everything right around you. Sanity,which you just might lose anyway if you don’t stop and search inside of you. Introspection is not hyped up. This shit is actually a necessity. And,this can put a stop to your mulling about all the universe’s problem and focus on your own self. Because you come to realise that being selfish is not that bad in the long run,maybe. You do need to be selfish, you know. For that sanity. For that conscience. For yourself. Because that’s what matters. That’s all that really mattered. That’s all that will ever matter.



39 thoughts on “Stop!It doesn’t matter.

  1. This is so true. When everything around me turns into chaos(which it does pretty often) I sometimes find myself reading or doing something relaxing and blocking out all the problems. It works for me.*shrugs*
    A really great and thought provoking post, V💜

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  2. To quote socretes…
    It greatest predicament human faces…If you want something and you don’t get it. You suffer. And even if you get it you suffer because that is not going last forever. Nothing is eternal but self. We should instead get away from illusions and strive for persuit of knowledge and persuit of happYness. Only that will take you to the realisation of SELF.

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    1. Hahahaha dude,I am no celebrity. *sheepish smile*
      But yes!This spamming is seriously getting on my nerves. I have contacted the support people. They are looking into the matter.*sighs*
      And, I don’t get all that much of traffic, to be honest.:P


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