Futuristic me?*smirks*


Sooooo,I have been nominated for the future challenge by Abhijit and Sowmya.
Thanks a bunch, you both. :*
Check their blogs out,you all. “Fascinating” stuff,you will find.*chuckles*
I have no freaking idea what’s expected of me here,even though I have come across more than a couple of such posts in the last couple of days. So,I am just gonna try,you know. I remember a couple of categories, though. I will include those and hope for the best, yeah? *sheepish smile*
So,here goes nothing.

Job. *sighs* Well, I still haven’t figured out what I wanna do after graduation. I can go with MBA or I might try Masters in Economics. And till I don’t figure that out,I can not even begin to guess where I might wanna work. Totally different fields open up after either of the options. But what I do know is,I wanna work somewhere/with something interesting, and I wanna work at a place which pays well. I am not beating my head against the walls that is economic honors for nothing. *smirks*


Travel. I have always loved to travel. I have been to most places in India,as I have mentioned a couple of times before. I wanna revisit a couple of these,and the remaining ones,too. And I know I will in the next few years. Have I mentioned I have the best parents in the whole damn world,hands down? They are already planning a trip to Goa, one of the revisit locations, as the first time I visited was when I was, like,4. -.-
So,this is gonna be true. No doubt. I will get to fulfill my travel goals,and then some.*grins*


Settling down and kids? *Snorts* Sooo,I think most of you know I don’t believe in love. And I am one of those people who claim they aren’t going to marry ever. So,obviously, there’s no point in discussing this. But my mumma begs to differ. She says people who claim they aren’t going to marry, end up announcing their marriage in the most unexpected ways and times. Soooo,the gist of this^ is,I have no freaking idea about what would happen in my life under the “settling down” category. And I won’t even try to guess. Because I strongly believe in my opinion, and my mumma’s always right. So,you see the conflict?


Behavioral issues. I have temper issues. And I am,supposedly,arrogant. And ego problems. And not a very adjusting person by nature. And bitchy at times. And control freak. And…stuff. So, people say, you will change as you grow up. Who else has heard it before? *Snorts* And I say,I kinda love me the way I am. I don’t wanna lose these “bad behavioral problems”. They make me who I am. They define me,in a way. Does that make sense? :/
Anyway, let’s see what happens. Hopefully Wanderingviolet will still be active when these “predictions” turn out to be true or false and I will tell you all about it.*winks*


Writing and all that. This is random. Like, totally random. But maybe, just maybe, I will be an actual writer in my future. After I improve my writing skills drastically.-.-
Even though reading has always been my “LOVE”,I just might be writing something epic all the years later,and you people will be like,”We knew her before she was famous, you know. She wrote non-sensical,lame stuff on a blog all those years ago. Now see,where she has got to. She’s going places,ya!”
Just a totally random, out-of-the-blue thought. I don’t intend to be a writer, as per say. But I just couldn’t think of another category. So,that.*wiggles her tongue at the screen*


Sooooo,my certainly uncertain future predictions. Let’s see, what future has in hold for Wanderingviolet a.k.a “A”.*winks*

Rules are,there are no such rules. Just that, link the blogger who nominated you. It says,thank the blogger,too. I say,ignore this one. Totally upto you. Wanna thank me still?Go ahead. *grins* And stating 5 future predictions about the catastrophe that’s going to be your life in the next few decades,nominate a couple of bloggers, or more for the same. The categories can be anything. You can take the categories I used,or something entirely different. Totally your call.
If you have already done this, ignore, ignore, ignore!*smirks*

Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/


19 thoughts on “Futuristic me?*smirks*

      1. Haha nice idea but, I rarely read books, if you write one small line about your blog in a 100 pages article about you… How would I notice… So ping me on WordPress when you get there….what say? Will you even remember me? 👻👻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahhahahaahahahah okaaay. I will inform you. If Wanderingviolet would still exist,or through an email.:D
        And I will remember you all. Atleast people I am regularly in touch with here. And you are one of those,obviously. *grins*
        And you post fascinating stuff,anyway.*chuckles*

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahh, you have the love repellent*one sided smile*
    But does it also mean that you don’t read contemporaries? Coz I would love if you read any Colleen Hoover (preferably slammed, as it is my all time favorite)
    Well, I dunno that I believe in love or not. Because TBH, I haven’t seen it in real life other than my parents(but they don’t count, or do they?)
    Anyway, I haven’t experienced so I don’t wanna comment on it. 🙈
    Thanks for the nomination, V💜 (or should I say A? *smirks*)
    And, and don’t forget me after you get famous*winks*
    I already know that I’ll love anything you’ll write, book or not:*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahahahaha I dunno what it is,but I don’t believe in that stupid emotion. All it ever does in books is mess people’s life up and it sounds so fictional all the time,its laughable. Aaaand,I sometimes do read contemporaries. But they should have some elements, like suspense and secrets, other than love,too. Otherwise?No freaking way.
      I am gonna try slammed,but just because you say,okay?:D
      All I ever see of “love” are the fickle relationships all around me. And they don’t even resemble anything close to what it’s like in books. So,naturally,I deduce that all that is there in books is totally fictional,afterall.*sighs*
      I believe in, when I see it,I will believe it. So,not happening anytime soon.*smirks*

      And you’re very welcome! 😀
      I know you’re uncertain about your future. So,I believe this is gonna be like an exercise for you to help you with what you believe future has in hold for you.:)
      I won’t. We have talked so much in the last couple of days. I will remember you as my book buddy,what say?*chuckles*
      I will even send you free copies of the stuff I write.*laughs a full belly laugh*
      And thank you so much for the sweet words, M!:*
      P.S. Call me anything. V comes from Violet obviously. And A…well A is the first letter of my name. So,your call.*winks*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can totally understand why about thinking of love as something fictional. I sometimes do too. Totally gonna agree on the fickle relationships of today’s world. What they have is not even close to what we read in books.
        I really hope you like slammed. It has some really powerful poetry pieces too. Slammed was what inspired me to write. I guess that’s why it’s so close to my heart. But no pressure, okay? I know how it is when you read one of you’re friends favorite books. *knowing smile*
        I would absolutely love to be your book buddy:*
        And I’m gonna call you V coz voilet is how I know you (if that makes any sense xD)


      2. Wow you’re 16,right?(’cause my brother is and he is an 11th grader*grumbles under her breath*)
        You talk like an adult,girl. 😀
        And Yesss!I will try slammed. I never left books mid-way a few years ago. But now,if I lose interest,I lose interest. Earlier I felt like,I should know the whole story. Now?Not so much. Sooo,gist of ^ is,if I don’t like it,I am not gonna continue. As simple as that. But I will definitely get back to you after I read it,no matter what the result is, okay?:D
        And it makes perfect sense. Atleast, to me. You are right,you know. You don’t know who A is. But you do know Violet. Quite well,actually. So,V is coool with me,BB!*sly grin*
        P.S. You are gonna be M and BB alternatively. BB is book buddy, in case you were wondering. *WINKS*

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha, I get that a lot. Being a little mature for my age. I guess that came from reading all the books I read. And believe me, I do read a Shit load of books xD I’m guessing you do to*winks*
        Well, I can only wait till you read slammed. It’s totally fine if you don’t like it 🙂
        BB is awesome*grins*

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I know,right?Books make you grow up early,and in a good way.*grins*
        And I do read a shiiiiit ton of books,too. They make you aware in ways anything else can’t. You get to experience stuff through the characters that would be helluva lot more painful had it been us facing it in our lives. They are eye opening, to say the least. You learn to distinguish between what’s real and what’s total BS. You grow up before it’s too late.
        And I have started again. Ignore all this and you can so sleep anytime. When it comes to books and advantages of reading,there’s no stopping me.*sheepish grin*
        I am glad you like it,M. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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