#SL · Poetry

Soul on fire.

She. This piece is dedicated to Eve from Master of the game and mistress of the game by SYDNEY SHELDON.♥

She was a silent pursuer
She was a vivid observer
She was a sly talker
She was a stealthy walker
She was a sinful delight
She was a treat for sore eyes
She was a burning desire
She was a soul on fire.

P.S.Ada,this is a Sheldon lady,as I see her. Now before you start wondering who this is about, lemme tell you.
This is….Eve!Yes!See,I couldn’t decide upon a heroine. I love them all. But the only vamp I love is Eve.So I start with her. She is art in herself. So,here.:D

This is sooooo laaaaaaaame.*chuckles*
But,anyway.*sly grin*



20 thoughts on “Soul on fire.

      1. Well,Ada,a fellow blogger, wanted me to do some pieces about the characters from Sydney Sheldon novels,seeing he is my favorite author and my inspiration is fictional characters and their lives.
        Sooo, I decided to finally go ahead with it. I wrote a piece about a negative character which I actually love from MASTER OF THE GAME and MISTRESS OF THE GAME because I couldn’t decide between all the protagonists, as I love them all.
        Sooo,that. 😛
        Pheww!Some explanation huh?
        And the piece is what I deduded of Eve after reading the two books. She’s that way. She’s a beauty from outside. But a total witch inside. She’s temptation. But a clever girl who knows how to use her body to get stuff done. You getting it?:/
        Anyway,that’s that. 😛

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      2. Whaaaaaa?
        Bhanu?Are you okay?:/
        Am I not explaining it well?*confused, bewildered twist of lips*
        I am sorry if I am not making sense.:/

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      3. I don’t read “Suspense”
        I don’t know SS nor Eve.
        But I get your flow, it is a good start
        I had suggested someone to write about Tom Riddle as a hero. It’s nice you are trying something new, it will help you grow diversely. I am just excited to see what more you bring in.
        Keep Up.

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      4. Okaay. I apologised because I realise that when it comes to books, I talk like a maniac. So, there were high chances that I actually wasn’t making any sense. *sheepish smile*
        Especially when it comes to Sheldon and his books.:D
        And Yesss!I hope it’s a nice new experiment. 🙂
        By the way,if the Tom Riddle piece is up,do give me the link,will you?I would love to read that,too.:D

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  1. Eeeeep!! This is PERFECT Vi!!! I feel so happy that you remembered my request and actually wrote about a Sidney Sheldon character!!! 💜 💜 💜 💜
    You’re amazing.
    This is amazing. Loved the line “soul on fire”. It touched something deep inside me.

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