Love?Or HATE?


I have been nominated by the http:// for the love/hate tag. Thank you so much, guys,for the nomination. :*
Go check theirs out. They even talk about free samples. *winks*
Here,I am supposed to mention 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.

So…love. Hmm
🍫Chocolates. Obviously. I don’t think I need to mention why the chocolate emoticon is the marker for the stuff I love.
🍫A good deo. I hate it when people smell bad.:/
🍫Pimpleless face. Again,no explanation is needed,I hope.
🍫When a favorite film of mine comes on the TV unexpectedly.
🍫Cute advertisements. The dairy milk ad with the 5 friends?Fab!*grins*
🍫Yummy food.🍕🍔🍝
🍫Ice water.:D
🍫Deep conversations!*_*
🍫Pretty clothes and high-heeled platform pumps. Call me shallow.*shrugs*
🍫Such lists.

🐀I hate rodents. Like hell.*sudders*
🐀AND LIZARDS!*visibly shudders again*
🐀Gross talks.
🐀And cheap swearing. Especially in hindi. I wanna shut those people up by smacking them on their mouths.-.-
🐀Asterisked expressions gone wrong. Such stuff just pisses me off. I am weird like that.:|
🐀Dirty feet. Vvv irritating. Mine or anybody else’s .
🐀Repeating clothes without washing. Hate hate hate that.-.-
🐀Unlit streets.
🐀And potholes.:/
🐀The fake I love yous flying all around. Every person uses this phrase while talking to every other person:be it friends, “lovers”, ooooor frenemies. Hate that like hell. -.-

Well,whoever wants to,go ahead. It’s awesome! you get to mention 10 things you love/hate. What’s not to like huh?:P

Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/



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