Did you say Bookaholic?!

So, M (Muskan) nominated me for the Confessions of a bookaholic tag. Thank you so much, M.:*


Go check hers out. You will be AMAZED. She’s fabulous. 😀
I think she created this tag herself. Didn’t you?*grins*
So,here goes.
Who is/are your favorite author(s)?
SYDNEY SHELDON!♥ Without a doubt,ya.
Book adaptations to movies or tv series?
To be honest,I don’t generally like adaptations after I have read the book.If it’s a series,I will have to wait. And I hate waiting. If it’s a movie, they won’t really cover the important stuff which book obviously offers. So…I dunno. I am conflicted.
A hyped series that you just couldn’t get yourself to love?
The vampire diaries. It just didn’t click with me,I guess. I read it till the 3rd book. Then Elena died. And it was crap after that. So,I stopped there.:/
♥ A book or series that you regret not reading?
What I regret not reading TILL late is HP. You see,I never liked Daniel Radcliffe. And so, automatically,I never liked HP. Even without reading it. I just assumed it was crappy after I watched a scene from 4th installment where a deformed man without a nose was about ready to kill a kid.(I didn’t know till late who the deformed man was.) So,I never read it. Then,a friend of mine literally forced me to read the first book. In 11th standard. And I was hooked.(Don’t you dare laugh.*glares*)So,I regret not reading it earlier because of my dislike for DR. I still don’t like him,by the way.-.-
A character you wish was real?
Can not decide,for the life of me. Finlay, Jared, Stark, Ry…so many are there,I can not even list them. And any of the leading ladies of Sheldon’s books.♥
Why don’t all the characters come alive?*whines*
Ebooks or real books?
Ebooks. They were there when real books weren’t. So,I am thankful. *grins*
A book/series you regret reading?
50 shades of Grey trilogy. Hands down. -.-
A classic you love?
None. Bookaholics generally love atleast a couple of classics, but I never have. And maybe,I never will.:/
An all time favorite?
Can we not?
A book everyone should read?
Everything by Sheldon. Lol I am obsessed with him. *sheepish smile*

M also nominated me for Brotherhood of the world blogger award. Thanks, again,girl. :*

Awards overload.

You are given the responsibility to bring global peace, how will you do that?
How about bribing everybody with delicacies like truffles and dark Chocolates? Mm-hmm
Did blogging improve your life in any way?
Well, in a way. I started writing more often,for one. And that’s good,right? Earlier, I wrote poems. Sometimes. Now I write stories and quotes and accounts,too.:)
You can do anything you want for 3 hours, what would you do?
Raid the best bookstore of the world. And steal all the awesomest books from there,obviously. *winks*
Reading or writing, given you’ll be paid for reading?
An idea of a perfect life?
Getting paid to read books of my choice. How awesome would that be?😍
You can travel back in time, what year you would choose and why?
I dunno. Whenever they decided we needed to be educated. And smack them with the thick ,fat books we are now forced to study from.
Just kidding.:P
Space, Solitude, Silence. Choose one and why?
Is there life elsewhere in universe?
Hopefully,yes!They shouldn’t look like aliens , though.*snorts*
You have to plan a surprise for your best friend, but you are broke. What will you plan?
Don’t believe in Bestfriends.:/
One of your friends, with whom you were not in contact for many years, meets you somewhere and starts cursing you. How will you tackle the situation?
Ignore the jerk. I am good at that. Then,tell them to shove their cursing you-know-where. And finally ,walk away like I never knew them after telling them what I actually thought of them.
Or maybe not bother at all.#_#

Note:Since months have passed since M nominated me for these,I am not gonna nominate anybody. I hate copying and pasting links,anway. So,whoever’s interested, go ahead. Just gimme the link when you are done. I would love to read yours. *grins*

Note 2:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/


24 thoughts on “Did you say Bookaholic?!

      1. That’s not a big suspense, I am a regular reader of your blog. That’s a usual thought, in my view anyone of your readers would say that… And don’t wrong me,, that’s completely positive…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thankyoysomuch for all the sweet words, V💜
    You seemed obsessed with Sheldon as I am with Colleen*smirks*
    I keep recommending her books to every freaking person on this planet xD
    I don’t read contemporary much, but when I do it’s mostly Colleen’s. She’s just simply awesome. I’ve started rambling again, please ignore all the fangirling above.*embarrassed smile*
    I haven’t read the HP yet. But I’m planning on reading it after my mid terms. Also in 11th, a pleasant coincidence*winks*
    And I have a feeling that I’m gonna love it.
    I totally agree with raiding a bookstore! Let’s do it together, shall we? *evil smile*
    Loved all your answers:*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahaha I absolutely am. Keep no doubts,ya!So many people ask me to recommend books because they know how obsessed I am with reading. And I am always like,READ SHELDON. And they then stare at me like I am speaking gibberish because they generally don’t have any idea who Sheldon is. And I am like,dude,you are gonna die ’cause I am shooting lazers at you from my eyes for even asking who Sheldon is. I tend to ignore the fact that he’s my favorite author,not everybody else’s. *sheepish smile*
      And I don’t generally read love and romances because I don’t believe in it,but I love Abbi Glines in that category. I think I have read every book of hers till date. *grins*
      And the booklove strikes again!See?I started rambling about books just like you did. Sometimes I feel as if I have books flowing in my blood streams instead of blood. Lol that was soooo lame.:P
      And HI-5 for the HP thingie!*chuckles*
      Aaaand,the bookstore!I would so take you in as my partner in crime for raiding a freaking bookstore!*flashes teeth*
      Thank you soooooooo much.♥ :*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, now Sheldon is included in my TBR as you seem to love him so much*winks*
        But please don’t shoot lazers at me coz I have a long TBR xD See? I too can never get books outta my head*shakes head*
        And please read a Colleen Hoover! I once remember you telling me that you’ve read beautiful disaster( I think it was you or I’m going crazy :p)
        Well, if you loved beautiful disaster then you’ll absolutely love Colleen!
        And that books flowing thing was not at all lame, I can totally relate to it*grins*
        And, and HI-5 back for HP xD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahahahaha
        That would earn you major brownie points in my good books if you read Sheldon. You do not want to be on my baaaaad side.*evil laugh*
        I am gonna try because you are recommending. And I am gonna start with slammed. Cool?*grins*
        I have read beautiful disaster and I did love it.:D
        You’re perfectly all right,M. Don’t fret.:P

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We are sooooooooooooo similar Vi. I am with you on all the answers about the books. All the freaking answers. (I didn’t read the other award, I’m proceeding to the other posts I missed while I was away, lol. Bye)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahha I know we are. That’s why I like you,Ada!:*
      Annnd,our reading habits do match.*Nods*
      By the way,for that other award,too half my answers are related to books only.*Chuckles*
      Sure do.🙈
      I didn’t post much,though. I was in a similar frame of mind like yours,remember?:)


      1. Yeah, I realised that after commenting and searching for other posts!! So I read the other award instead! And of course, I relate to everything! I’m not even surprised anymore. 😝

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahahahaha yeah.🙈🙈
        I know, right? We do think similarly. Annnd, we have soooo many similarities:We are 19,economic undergraduates,Sheldon fans,love books,love music,(I don’t sing well. You do.)But we both sing,I dance only for myself or it’s more like hopping:same same:P,we are both in 2nd year,we both like each other lol,you didn’t believe in bestfriends at some point of time and I don’t now either and this list can go on and on and on and on. So,I am stopping now. 😛


      3. Hahahaaha. Yes. BUT. I’m a year older than you! I turned 20 this August! So I’m in the third year. I guess when I’d commented on your post, at THAT point of time I was 19. Now I’m not. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You are?!*wide eyes*
        Oh my! When’s your birthday?You didn’t mention it on WP,did you?
        Sooooo,you have finally entered the big,bad 20s huh?:P
        You’re my senior!Teach me econometrics and macro!🙏
        Yeah! Hahahahaha
        I need serious help.🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hahahahaha yeah,yeah.:P
        Dude,you know if that was possible, I would be there in a heartbeat. I would be. But,alas!
        Oh but if I ever have doubts, I can email you,right?:D
        Or if I can muster the courage, we can like talk or something? Lol


      6. Hahahaha yeah, maybe!! It shouldn’t be really awkward but. I have a feeling it will be. Because I’ve never ever talked to a stranger – friend before!! 😛


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