“A”:Glimpses into 6 aspects of my life.

I am that:contradictions.

I am not the friend who discusses boy problems and latest crushes. I am that friend who you talk “deeper stuff” with;the one you come to when you need to be motivated;the one you text when you need to apologise to a friend and don’t have appropriate words.
✴I am not that sister who hugs and kisses you. I am that sister who gives you high fives when she sees you after weeks;who you discuss fast and furious 7 with,even though she hasn’t watched even a single movie from the franchise; who you show pictures of wheelies some guy from your hometown posted on FB.
✴I am not that cousin who you make small talk with about how college is treating her. I am that cousin who you watch mid-night horror movies with;who laughs at the most horrifying scenes of CONJURING when you claimed to be afraid of it for days after you first watched it and you laugh because, apparently, she wasn’t afraid because you were with her;who you, sometimes, reassure that everything’s gonna be okay,even though she’s the older one.
✴I am not that daughter who you need to be worried about lying to party. I am that daughter who would have her nose stuck in a book all day long,if no one interrupts her;who can not stay away from home for more than a couple of weeks when everybody else her age is having a ball, partying in a city away from home;who still cries every single freaking time you see her off every couple of weeks to return to college even though it’s been more than a year and she should be used to it by now;who still (sometimes) tries to hide her tears on phone when you sweetly tell her to have a goodnight’s sleep,even though she talks to you 4 times a day.
✴I am not that girl who ever has boy/bff troubles. I am that girl who doesn’t believe in love;who people are always trying to figure out;who they believe they know so well, when they haven’t even uncovered the top layer;who people claim to not get;who they say is so weird sometimes; who they claim to be bestfriends with,but she never reciprocates because, duh,she doesn’t think so;who loves her family so much she would die for them, and only them,in a heartbeat.
✴I am not a person who trusts. I am that person who people have called stuff you would laugh your asses off about if you knew her even the tiniest bit;who is, apparently, two-faced (And, well,I am maybe. I am a Gemini, afterall. They are supposed to be two-faced.*shrugs*);who doesn’t give a damn what people think and is generally laughing when she gets to know the latest gossip about her;who never really abuses out loud;who is a mumma-papa’s girl;who loves relatable quotes;who loves doodling on her wrists;who loves mystery;who runs in the opposite direction when it comes to fashion;who has “eccentric” tastes in music;who is tomboyish most of the times;who generally hates everything girlie;who loves platform pumps even though they are totally girlie;who is a walking, talking, breathing ball of contradictions;who just…is.



34 thoughts on ““A”:Glimpses into 6 aspects of my life.

  1. 1. I think I lost your number. What was it again ?

    2. Fast and furious. It started amazing, but now it’s just a money making machine. Ok, don’t come with a rakhi now.

    4. By books you mean textbooks, right?

    5. Ouch. I thought I .. I was… (too heart broken to complete the sentence).

    6. Harvey Dent, is that you? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    It is a complete “About me” post. Nicely written.


    1. hahahahahaha
      You know,this is the 2nd comment ever in the last 6-7 months that I am saying this in response to,but I love it. I mean,I love it that people comment on my posts.(that’s such a cliché :/) But it’s one of those comments which I love. There was this other comment about rains and realities and stuff. And now,here’s this.:P
      Anyway,no one has my name on WP,let alone number. So…:P Lol
      I don’t know the 4th thing about Fast and furious (First being,it’s about cars. Second: there’s Rock in there,somewhere. Third:Paul Walker’s brother acted in the last part because of his unexpected demise.)
      It’s just that,he loves it. So,he starts telling me stuff I have no idea about and I ooh and ahh at appropriate places. So,that.:P
      I meant novels,actually.*snorts* What I was trying to say there was I am a novel person. Not a party one. I hate parties,to be honest. But yeah. It could be taken in the textbook kinda way. That would do,too. It’s just that I study for marks, and Read because I love to.*winks*
      And,you’ll have to work on the healing process. Now that it’s out in the open, you know how I feel about it,don’t you?I am not taking my words back just to make you feel better.(Yes, I am mean and selfish,too)*pats the head mockingly*
      And , after this post-like long comment, hopefully you won’t run off. 😛
      Trust me. There’s a possibility. 😛
      Aaannnnd, thank you so much for the sweet words. :*
      I just wanted to write that as you see it. It’s an ABOUT ME post. Hence,the title.:)

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      1. I’m glad you like it. 😊
        And what is that about cliche ? You are a celeb. People do comment and you do reply. Well, I don’t even get half (any) of what you get. That’s cliche.

        Name takes a secondary place. Like I said I lost your number. Earlier it was stored as ” Wandering Violet Blogger Friend “. So you see, all you need to do is fill in the empty space beside that name of yours.

        Fourth : It’s about stealing something or the other while on the road.
        fifth : no one gets a scratch even after falling from the car / jumping / fighting.
        sixth : It’s a team work oriented movie.

        It’s more textbooks then. I was right. So, what are we looking at Scientist ? Doctor ? Billionaire
        Phew, I was so glad that you liked my comment, I almost planned to throw a party. Well, you turned out be more of a if I insist – ‘bring textbooks to party ‘ kinda person. 😛 #justSaying

        Wait, I was still mending my broken heart. You broke it again. But I’ll continue with my ‘get-to-know-you-better’ research.
        Mean and selfish – Just my type.
        *High Five* No? Please don’t leave me hanging now.

        I don’t run away from challenges. Mostly because I walk away, running is so stressful, you know. But. No. Didn’t walk / run away. The seat looks comfortable. I’m going be here for a while.

        Ah, don’t mention it. 😊
        Yeah. I figured finally. 😛

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      2. Hahahahaha no,I am not. People aren’t even liking what I write nowadays much. I don’t care much about likes,but that kinda signifies that my writing sucks.:/
        Annnd,that’s clever,you!*chuckles*
        I like the 4th and the 5th and the 6th thing,by the way. Maybe I should watch the movies,afterall. *winks*
        Annnd,no. It’s not textbooks,dude. It’s novels all the way. I don’t study until and unless I have got a test at my heels now. In school,I used to study a lot. Now?College ruined my study habits.:P
        But novels are still going strong. Lol
        Soooo,you are looking at a 2nd year economics undergraduate. 😛
        Hahahaha and I just might do that.*sly grin*
        Oh my!Apologies. Didn’t mean to make you go into all those sordid memories from the past. *wide eyes*
        Well,well,well. We have a masochist here. *SNORTS* “Mean and selfish-just my type”. Seriously? You cracked me up. Hahahaha
        HI-5! You kidding,right?! I love high fives.*squeals excitedly*
        Annnnnd, since you’re in the getting-to-know-me phase,you must have figured out by now how much I use asterisked expressions and how much I laugh,yeah?*quirks a brow*

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      3. You are and you know it. 😒
        If people are not liking, it means that either they don’t understand or are just plain jealous. Either way , it means that you are good at writing.
        I’ll just pretend I didn’t read the ‘my writing sucks’ part. Never repeat it again, because it doesn’t.

        – Hey, thanks. You see, I’m still waiting. 10 digits please !

        – No ohh’s and aah’s ! *pats myself* Did a good job. 😆

        – That’s what textbookoholics say. 😒. If I’m not wrong, there is sine eco. book in your left hand.
        Old habits die hard. So, then and now – Textbooks all the way. 😂
        I meant 5 years down the line. Rich for sure, because you know better about money. 😝

        – These are new. Not past. Your 5th point did the damage. 😝
        And stop with the wide eyes. They look cute though.

        – You got that right. So, bring it on. 😁
        Haha. #MissionAccomplished 👍
        ✋ *high five* Phew, I’m glad.
        You just broke my coffee cup with the squeal. 😝

        – Yeah. Loud and clear. And that’s contagious, I must say. 😁
        And hey, I do pretty good quirking the brow thing, classical Bharathanatiyam, if I may say.

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      4. Awwwh that’s kinda sweet.:*
        (Awwh-ing is not my thing in real life. This shouldn’t get out,got it?-.-)
        It so does nowadays. Because I actually don’t feel like writing much. Haven’t in the last few weeks.*sighs*
        Hahahah and you will keep on waiting.*in a sing-song voice*
        Oh gawd!We just met and I just might strangle you for this. Okaay. Let’s just say,economic honors textbooks and I don’t get along all that well.*huffs* It’s Sheldon I can’t get enough of.😍
        Hahahahhahaha none outta those three for sure.*snorts*
        Oh my!Am I proud of my accomplishment.(Mean and selfish,remember? :P)
        Hahahahhaha as I just read,you are an addict. You must have loads of coffee mugs, yeah?So,no worries! *winks*
        I can only quirk one of my brows. And that too only feels quirked to me. So…I am not really confident in my eyebrow-quirking abilities.*sighs*

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      5. Got it ma’am. 👍

        Well, I had to try, right ? 😝

        I was right, wasn’t I ? 😂😝 So you say. So you say *while turning the page of the eco book *. 😝

        You sure about that ?

        Haha. Yeah. I do. How can I forget ?

        Yeah. That I’m. And yeah got a few. So you are safe for now. But I’m not sure how long will the remaining last. 😝

        Oh. It’s not that difficult really. Just a lil bit of work.

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      6. Hahahhahahaahahahah
        Gaaaaawd! *glares while shooting lazer beams right at MS’s head*
        Engineering and doctor?Out of question, what with me being stuck with economics honors and all.
        *Whispers*I hate science.:/
        And,they won’t, for long. I squeal a lot.Virtual-squealing aside.:P
        I knowwww!But I can’t get my lazy butt off the bed,let alone try and stand in front of a mirror, practicing for hours.:/
        I am so lazy I don’t even wanna get up for dinner. Can you believe that?!!!!*wide eyes*


      7. *Shield On* Phew that was close. Wait, did you just turn another page? 😂😂

        Those were just examples. There are a lot other than that, right?

        You just decreased your pitch, voice modulation to whisper. That’s all science right there. 😝

        Need to get Iron cups, I guess. 😝

        Take a small mirror. 😝
        Lol. Dinner in bed ? Yes, I can. That’s the problem with me as well. 😐

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      8. Oh yes!I have been studying econometrics while blogging all this time. -.-
        It’s Soooooooo interesting. *sighs*
        Hahahhaha touché! 😛
        Yes,you do. Definitely. Hahahah
        That will be beneficial for you in the long run.:P
        Ahha! Food in bed is what I do every single freaking night.*smirks*
        And I just almost burned down the whole room when I decided to finally get my butt off the bed. Literally. So,I have no idea what I just wrote. My hands and legs haven’t stopped shaking for the last hour.*shudders*

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      9. Such a textbookoholic, you’re. 😝
        See, you love it also. 😁

        *bows down*

        Yup. *orders a few iron cups* 😝 I just hope these don’t break as well.

        You don’t say.

        Slow down. What’s the hurry ? You got down so fast that you started a fire. 😝
        *Fire extinguisher coming right up*

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Hahahhahahah I am coming to hate that term,ya! Textbookoholic! huh
        I am a bookaholic/noveloholic/musicoholic/blogoholic/lazioholic/badwritingoholic/foodoholic.(I know these aren’t real words. Don’t kill me.*tries to hide her face behind her shoulder length hair*)
        Buuuuuuut, not a Textbookoholic. *rolls her eyes*
        Let’s hope. Or you hope. I am gonna try my supersqueals on those.*insert evil laugh*
        Yessss!And then tried to get the fire under control(the flames were almost around the cylinder, mind you. I am not a cook. And, apparently, lack common sense,too -.-
        I don’t know who to blame,my fate or my mind,for the moment I decided to have simple oats because one of my gums hurt) by dowsing it in water. Which obviously didn’t work all that well. Stupid,A. Stupid,stupid A.*glares at her reflection in the mirror*

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      11. Haha. You hate it because you know it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.
        You aren’t any of those. You’re textbookoholic.
        No, I would never. And we, writers create words. So, don’t worry about that.

        You’re and you know it. Come on. Admit it.

        Wait. They are melting. What did you do? 😱

        Come on. Stuff happens for no apparent reason sometimes. Don’t blame yourself. And believe me you are not stupid. No. Nope.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Noooooooo. I love truth.
        *Whispers to self*Whaaaaaa?You…love truth?!:/
        Okaaaay. All these are words now,then? And you aren’t getting the urges to kill me?*moves the hair out of her face and looks at MS as if he has lost his mind*
        Noo. I would never. Never!-.-
        I squealed. Duh. Told ya!*Smirks. Yet again*
        I know!But I should have been careful. I just might have died there and then had the cylinder blown up.*visibly shudders*
        I was just a feet away when it caught fire. Why didn’t I order food like I do everyday?Why?!!!*whines*


  2. Nice
    Totally go together
    And however odd and different it might sound, if you talk to another A around you will see she is just the same. I am not harming any uniqueness here, but I have this stupid little thought that I often have, however unique we all might seem, we still have that weird similarities within us. It’s nice to know and see such an introspection !

    I am often reluctant to suggestions, do let me know if I am free to say 😀

    Though with comments coming down this post I will determine what’s it if I should say !

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    1. Hey,no such boundaries. Say whatever you want to,about me, or my writing, or my ideas, or about my weird thought process, or weird reactions or anything. That’s cool with me.✌
      And, in a way,I agree with you. We all have those “weird similarities”. And even though I like to think that I am unique(because of various things that happen in day to day life,the way my mind generally works,the way I generally react to stuff etc), I know there’s a high possibility that there are many more just like me. Oddly similar. :/
      By the way,thank you so much for the sweet words. 🙂

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    1. I know,right?Highly unusual for me, actually. I don’t like giving away information about me.:/
      But I just felt like writing something about me. (Haven’t felt like writing anything, let alone about me,in the last few weeks.)
      Soo,this.^ 🙂

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