So,people.This is to bring to your kind notice (formal much?:P) that because of my fast approaching exams,I am gonna be MIA for sometime,most of the time, during the next few weeks.I might check in from time to time,but I am gonna be kinda busy,you know.:P
So,obviously, reduced number of posts, reduced replies,reduced likes. Reduced.Period.
Best wishes are what I need from you, along with patience, ofcourse. So,wish me luck.I really need it.Real bad.Afterall,economics is a pain in the butt.:/
I might pop in now and then,but do pray for me meanwhile, will ya?
And even though I give away “love” very rarely, this sure is the time for some loving.:P lol


P.S.:This one isn’t my click. This one’s my brother’s. 😛

Photography! 📷



Highway to…heaven!❤
This place is just so awesome that I can’t stop myself from posting the pictures of the beautiful views that I came across there.
This highway does lead to heaven.
Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh…God!


I personally don’t like hill stations much.I get sick almost everytime the car is moving at an alleviated angle.I puke like nobody’s business.(not a pretty picture,I agree.:/)
So,the puking spree doesn’t allow me to enjoy the scenic beauty much.


Sea shores are more my thing.I have always loved the ocean,ever since I was a 4 year old, and visited Goa(the state with the most beautiful beaches in India).There was that trip,and I was hooked.After that,out of the various plans of family trips to exotic places all around the country,beaches excited me the most.Be it Kanyakumari,Chennai, Hyderabad,Orissa,West Bengal,Daman and Diu,Gujarat,or any other beaches I have visited over the years…The beauty!(overlooking the fact, that even the thought of hill travel makes me wanna puke -.-)
Was getting off the track for a bit there.So,as I was saying,hills haven’t appealed to me much.Now be it Kashmir,Munnar,Mount Abu,Ooty,Darjeeling-well, okay,maybe not Darjeeling-when everybody was squealing due to the exhilaration of climbing the hills,I was trying to keep my breakfast down.THE WORST PART OF MY VACATIONS. -.-
Okay,okay,going off track again.So,this time I didn’t puke.Not even once.I didn’t even get those uncontrollable urges.(I am so thankful:P).So yeah,I actually enjoyed this trip to the hills.And it gave me the opportunity to actually appreciate the beauty the hill stations possess:the green,green hills,beautiful blue sky,curving roads,cluster of trees.It was surreal,to say the least.It was breathtaking.

Green hills.

So,here I am,exhilarated beyond belief, having visited a hill station without puking a single time,and posting pictures like crazy, accompanied by bad,on-the-spot poetry to,maybe, go with them.What genius!*eyeroll*

But whateves. Since I loved those places and views,I just felt that,maybe you people would, too.:D




Sacred spaces!


So,I visited this place called Ponta Sahib in the state of Himachal Pradesh,India.It’s a gurdwara sat atop a hill,overlooking river Yamuna.Also,there’s this temple of lord Krishna at the river bank.When we finally got down to the river bank,dusk had fallen.The sky had that pretty pink color blending in with the grayish blue.Hills provided that gorgeous background,with the lighted diyas floating away with the slowly flowing waters of Yamuna.The serenity of the place, along with the breathtaking sites!Beautiful!My cousins and I,sat there for a few minutes and just saw the sky change colors.It was mesmerising.


Photography! 📷 · Poetry

That bend in the road…

That bend...

                      That bend in the road
                          curving, curving,
                       Flanked by the trees   
                          Taking the path