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A taste of Kolkata!

A looooonnnng pending post. I had promised I would take you through Kolkata with me. Apologies!
A handful of stuff I found in Kolkata which was fascinating/wonderful/awesome/or just plain out weird. I wanted to do a picture book thingie,but I guess this doubles as that,too.

The famous yellow ambassador taxi. I even rode in it this time.♥

Nice ride,eh?:P

✴The rosogollas,ofcourse.😍

They made me go wowowowow. 😍

I had so many of these ,you won’t believe. They are highly perishable ,so I had to curb my craving in Kolkata only. I think I might have gained a couple of kilos or ten.:/

✴The painted on buses.

Weiiiiird.But adorable.

No freaking idea what is written,though.-.-

✴The weirdly colorful buildings. They are so damn cute. I clicked so many pictures of these!

They sure love them some colors.:P
And this.:D
Aaaand this.♥

✴The beautiful sites. Where the hell were these during my first visit?! -.-

I especially loved this site.


Just loveeeeee these.
✴The coconut trees.


✴The howrah bridge ,ofcourse .

Loved this view. Ganges bank with a view of the famous bridge.:D

✴The weird take on North Indian food. I personally despised that. It didn’t look like it. It didn’t taste like it. It didn’t feel like it. But it is, what it is.

The daal was sweet. Hated that,to be honest.-.- But that's how it's supposed to be there,I guess.:/

✴The roadside “market”. People had these makeshift shops on the roadside. I dunno why,but I especially liked this sight.

The vegetable man. The potatoes looked different, too.They had yellowish skin. North Indian potatoes are more along brown-y. 😛

✴The cute little food shop/stall. The jalebis don’t look so good, though. The dull orange ones are more my thing. This yellow doesn’t compel me. At all.


✴The dakshineshwari temple. So damn famous. And pretty too.


✴And the pigeons there.


✴And yes!This is not about Kolkata, as such, but I liked the idea of newspapers in 3 languages. I only ever read English and Hindi ones. So,those ones along with bangla just made me go wow. Weird ,huh?*sheepish smile*




101 happiness triggers

Note:This might feel like too much. There would be things which would weird you out.And make no sense,whatsoever.To you. But,you never know. You might realise that they are your triggers,too.Anyway…

❤The feeling of being alive
❤When the nailpaint dries perfectly on the nails
❤Starting a new novel
❤When a song instantly becomes a favorite after the first listen
❤The northern lights
❤Sweet dreams
❤The feeling of being happy
❤My bed
❤Real laughter
❤When a post feels like it was written just for me
❤When an awesome idea strikes
❤Ice water
❤A perfect shot
❤Beautiful lights
❤When things click together like puzzle pieces
❤Relatable lyrics
❤Relaxing breeze
❤Winning an argument
❤When my brother and I are on the same side
❤Making wall collages
❤Real praise
❤When mumma understands stuff I don’t say
❤Pretty curtains
❤Breathtaking views
❤Colorful flowers
❤Doppelgangers:Someone who looks exactly like me lives in a parallel reality
❤Shooting stars
❤The possibility that you’re smiling right now
❤When someone says no and actually mean it
❤Like-minded people
❤Fluffy pillows
❤Wide stretching roads
❤Goals and dreams
❤Some have come true
❤Some are on their way
❤And truffles
❤Hershey’s chocolate syrup
❤Cashews and raisins
❤Good smelling deo
❤Wall art
❤And ceiling art
❤Cute switch boards
❤And cute tap handles
❤Perfect temperatured water in the shower
❤Almirah full of clothes
❤And more clothes
❤And more
❤High heels
❤Platform pumps
❤And grey
❤Family pictures
❤When mumma smiles
❤When papa laughs
❤And my brother tops a test in his coaching
❤When examinations are easy
❤Relatable emojis
❤My cellphone
❤When I update my playlist
❤And my mp3 player
❤Bare walls
❤Having discussions with myself
❤And others
❤Yellowing leaves
❤New leaves
❤No leaves
❤When my hair are tightly curled instead of the waves:My hair change.Wavy,tight curls,loose curls…naturally.
❤See-through shops
❤Cute movies
❤Discovering unusual shapes in the jumble of weird lines
❤My weirdness
❤When mumma papa are proud of me
❤When I learn something new
❤When I am healthy
❤Pimpleless face
❤Well fitting clothes
❤Writing something worth reading
❤When people let me be
❤Alone time
❤Driving on an empty street
❤Such lists



I wanna live.

Living is for the valiant.

I wanna go on a road trip someday. Alone or with someone I love. I wanna get away. Go around. Explore places.Sleep in the car. Stop at unknown places. Stop a lot just to admire the view. Visit museums and try out coffee shops. Try variety of beverages. I wanna eat the unhealthiest of things. Listen to all my favorite albums while driving:THE OLD, THE NEW,SOMETHING OUT OF THE BLUE. Have a polaroid camera. Take beautiful pictures of the sunset. And sunrise. Take pictures of myself. Take more pictures than I can count.And edit. And post. Run through a forest. Unknown lands. Climb the hills. Scale the oceans. Chase fog. Chase the sun. Spend hours on a field making flower crowns. And clicking more pictures. Feel the wind in my hair. Dance with abandon. Sing without a thought. Buy souvenirs. Meet people. Take time to observe. I wanna fly. I wanna burn. I wanna melt. I wanna make memories. I wanna feel alive. I wanna live.Period.



#Diaries:Now I was free.


May 18,2015
12:05 p.m.
The bell rang, and I felt like running away from that damn place like it was on fire.It was, maybe.I wanted to get away.I wanted to just…go. Away,away from that room that had featured in my nightmares for the last fortnight.It wasn’t a necessity anymore:To stay there.I didn’t want to spend a single freaking second more than I absolutely needed to,there.It was decided.I was going home.After the nightmarish fortnight I had spent there,I wanted back.The only place that had ever felt like home was just a few hours away. Felt?It was. So I started running.And ran,and ran, and ran till I reached the place where all my belongings were.I ran to that cupboard,to that bed,to those people and frantically started throwing stuff into a duffle.Then another one.I was packed in less than a quarter of an hour.I was all set to go to the place I so desired.I bid goodbye to them all and ran down the stairs.I took a damn auto, and then the metro.And finally the bus which would lead me to my destination.Only after I had settled down in my seat did I think about anything.I had just wanted an out.I just wanted to return.
Now,sitting in the sticky vinyl seat,with odor of stale sweat,and leering faces, did I take a deep breath.The damn exams were finally over.Now I was free.

Kinda anti-climatic?:P
Thought it was fictional,or something life-altering?
Well,sorry to disappoint you,but this was my life-altering moment.Well,that’s an exaggeration, obviously.*eyeroll at the dramatic personality that is me*
It’s just that,I love my place.And my people.I wanted to return to them.So,I was exhilarated.
God, I am so weird sometimes.:P
But I love my weird,I guess.*shrugs*
That’s why I go on,and on with the weirdness that is my life.


Photography! 📷



Highway to…heaven!❤
This place is just so awesome that I can’t stop myself from posting the pictures of the beautiful views that I came across there.
This highway does lead to heaven.
Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh…God!


I personally don’t like hill stations much.I get sick almost everytime the car is moving at an alleviated angle.I puke like nobody’s business.(not a pretty picture,I agree.:/)
So,the puking spree doesn’t allow me to enjoy the scenic beauty much.


Sea shores are more my thing.I have always loved the ocean,ever since I was a 4 year old, and visited Goa(the state with the most beautiful beaches in India).There was that trip,and I was hooked.After that,out of the various plans of family trips to exotic places all around the country,beaches excited me the most.Be it Kanyakumari,Chennai, Hyderabad,Orissa,West Bengal,Daman and Diu,Gujarat,or any other beaches I have visited over the years…The beauty!(overlooking the fact, that even the thought of hill travel makes me wanna puke -.-)
Was getting off the track for a bit there.So,as I was saying,hills haven’t appealed to me much.Now be it Kashmir,Munnar,Mount Abu,Ooty,Darjeeling-well, okay,maybe not Darjeeling-when everybody was squealing due to the exhilaration of climbing the hills,I was trying to keep my breakfast down.THE WORST PART OF MY VACATIONS. -.-
Okay,okay,going off track again.So,this time I didn’t puke.Not even once.I didn’t even get those uncontrollable urges.(I am so thankful:P).So yeah,I actually enjoyed this trip to the hills.And it gave me the opportunity to actually appreciate the beauty the hill stations possess:the green,green hills,beautiful blue sky,curving roads,cluster of trees.It was surreal,to say the least.It was breathtaking.

Green hills.

So,here I am,exhilarated beyond belief, having visited a hill station without puking a single time,and posting pictures like crazy, accompanied by bad,on-the-spot poetry to,maybe, go with them.What genius!*eyeroll*

But whateves. Since I loved those places and views,I just felt that,maybe you people would, too.:D




Sacred spaces!


So,I visited this place called Ponta Sahib in the state of Himachal Pradesh,India.It’s a gurdwara sat atop a hill,overlooking river Yamuna.Also,there’s this temple of lord Krishna at the river bank.When we finally got down to the river bank,dusk had fallen.The sky had that pretty pink color blending in with the grayish blue.Hills provided that gorgeous background,with the lighted diyas floating away with the slowly flowing waters of Yamuna.The serenity of the place, along with the breathtaking sites!Beautiful!My cousins and I,sat there for a few minutes and just saw the sky change colors.It was mesmerising.