Random Facts,huh?


Well,I have been nominated for the CREATIVE BLOGGERS AWARD by http:// and the DRAGON LOYALTY AWARD by http:// and the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by
Thank you so much, guys,for the nominations. :*
You people rock!:D
Now,since all these awards require me to state 7 random facts about me,this is gonna be a compiled post. I am laaaaazy,in case you didn’t already know. 😛
I love those songs, the lyrics of which I can relate to. And there aren’t many, trust me, since I don’t believe in the basic emotion most songs are written about. :/
I love eating sweets. Any and every single one would do. Seriously. ♥
I am kinda fat. I mean,as I have mentioned before, I have a huge butt and thunder thighs. But every single person I have been meeting lately has been telling me I have lost weight. Like a lot. So much so that it’s noticeable at the first glance. I don’t really believe that,to be honest. I mean, I don’t feel any different. And I get this a lot that I am NOT fat. I am curvy. But I feel fat.*whines* I dunno. Anyway…-.-
People tell me I would look great in a saree. For those of you who don’t know what a saree is,it’s an Indian clothing for women. It is something which can cover your body up really well,or can be the sexiest piece of clothing. It depends on the way it’s draped. TMI?*sheepish smile* But that’s how they describe what a saree is. Anyway, I have no idea why they say that. They just do.*rolls her eyes*
I live away from home. I mean,for college. But I generally run back home every other weekend. I cannot live for long without seeing my parents in flesh. A total mumma-papa’s girl,as Ada once mentioned. *grins*
I love clothes! Like,really love. I have a very extensive summer wardrobe. I don’t generally repeat clothes during a semester. On the other hand, I only love to wear a couple of PJs regularly. This irritates my mumma to no end. And the thing is,I still love shopping for clothes. Weird,I know. But that’s my middle name, remember? 😛
I love wearing tees. They are sooo comfy. *sighs*

And, since I have combined three award posts, I will give an 8th fact.
I hate cottage cheese. Like,seriously. -.-

So,no nominations again. Whoever wants to, go ahead. 😀
Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/

Aaaaannnd, with this end the pending award posts. 8!Can you freaking believe that?! That’s just height of laziness,don’t you think? Anyway,I am done with the pending award posts now. So…peace!*sighs*

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