The pull.

Pulling hard.

The tall silhouette
Moving away
Towards the flash
Pulled compulsively
Like Icarus to Sun,
Wanting to touch
The fruit forbidden,
Supposedly sweet,
The pleasure
Without seeming to care
About consequences
The thread tied tight
Around the being
Pulling hard.

P.S. I tried something new:A single thread poem; one which is a single line without any periods.
I dunno if it worked though. It might feel like a totally conundrum-y piece of writing. 🙈
It just felt kinda lyrical,the idea I mean. So.


#SL · Poetry

Soul “sisters”

Innocence overload:Alexendra!
This piece is dedicated to Alex from Master of the game and Mistress of the game by SYDNEY SHELDON. She's a sweetheart. But naïve. Too naïve, maybe. Also,she's Eve's twin. The evil witch. Eve tries to kill her sister several times. But Alex being Alex,never realised. It's that hate. That pain. That sense of betrayal. And the beauty that they are.

An art in herself
A cry for help,within
A sweetheart living in oblivion
A shrouded being, akin
A beautiful specimen
Inside, out
Not a drop of malice
Not a doubt;no doubt.
Soul “sisters”:A joke
Unhinged bloke
Provoking fate
Unreal courses,take.



I am planning ahead.

I am gonna go off WP for a little more than a month. For the most PART,atleast. And the reason is what every teenager(or almost adult) has. The dreaded exams. Yes,I have my semesters coming. And they are fast approaching. Annnd, I dunno a single freaking thing from my course. *hides her face* I dunno what I am gonna do.
It’s mocking me like,

Yes. Exactly. -.-

I used to be intelligent some years back. It actually feels like a lifetime ago. Yes,so as I was saying, I used to be intelligent. Back in school. I used to top the school, teachers loved me, children envied me, parents adored me,mine and others’.( Mine still do.🙈) So, all in all, I was intelligent.
Now? Let’s not even start. It’s only been a few months more than a year. Yes,that’s all the time that has passed and I have turned into those stupid people who don’t want to study and so,they don’t. *sobs* College has made me dumb. Or maybe it’s just economic honors.*rolls her eyes*
It has made me a totally ,totally stupid person.

Can you believe that?!! I love books,afterall.*whimpers*

Sooo,I have decided I need to focus my attention on this stupid course and try to forget WP in the mean time. I know I will pop in now and then, but I am gonna be MIA for the most part.
I am gonna miss your work and awesome writings, and I am gonna post way less frequently than I do now.
I just hope you all will be here when I return. I have seen people lose their readers by the dozens when they go off WP even for very short spans of time. So,hopefully, I will still have all 1750 something of you here. Even the thought of losing any of you makes me be like,

Even worse.

I will try to post a few times during this time. And when I come back I will have a month off. So,I will catch up on your writings then.
Anyway, all the pending awards and tags? Apologies. I will try to do those when I return for good. 🙈
Annnnd,that’s it. I thought of informing this time before disappearing. That’s not fair to you.
Annd,no matter what,I adore you people. *blows a Kiss*
See ya! Whenever.(Hopefully soon)
I AM still gonna be present sometimes during the next week or so.
Have a blast,enjoy life, have fun on WP, AND don’t forget me.🙈💋


Philosophical Me!

Feelings and understandings.

You're damn awesome! Ignore that shit.😌

Did you ever feel like something’s missing but had no idea what it was? Did you ever feel like getting out of your skin because it was so damn suffocating in there? Did you ever feel like smacking people just because they weren’t listening to what you had to say? Did you ever feel invisible? Did you ever feel like running away,far away? Did you ever feel like being a bird on a clear,beautiful day and just fly? Did you ever feel like no one understood you but you? Did you ever feel like throwing a plate, breaking a glass and spilling stuff without any reason? Did you ever feel like screaming at the top of your lungs? Did you ever feel like setting fire to everything around you? Did you ever feel? If yes,I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. There’s so many of us here. So many!You are not the only one. And you’re awesome. You’re brave. You’re strong. You’re you. You don’t need anybody. All you need is you. Only you. Ever.


Tales of few words.

15 word stories:#2-Autumn.

Beauty to eyes,desolation to soul.

                        Those wilting leaves.
                      That dilapidated trunk.
                     Them broken branches.
                            The rotten fruit.
                     The hopeless wanderer.



Sinful happenings.

Conundrum everywhere!

            Shadows hold those secrets fast
         In the bosom of their darkest depths
   The silent warning echoes in the black night
         The pall falls hiding the sinful crests.
    The syncretic moments of memories past,
      On the screen run wild of her guilty head
              That shrewd, calculating gaze
   Sees more than with what anyone would fret.
  The psychotic urges of her blotched soul cast
     On the tranquil tracks she needs to tread
                    Beware, little wanderer!
            This is a warning you must heed.
     Perusal of that twisted wilderness will last
          For more than you are ready at best
        She’s like a snake with a forked tongue
        Poisons the minds, and skin she sheds.



“Telling lies”.

The burning grounds...the burning beliefs.

She told me she would die for me. She told me she loved me like a sister. She told me we would be best friends forever. She told me we were girl friend Soulmates. She told me we had a special bond. She told me I understood her like no other. She told me we would get cute,little cottages side by side,facing a sea. She told me we would marry the same day,in the same temple. She told me we would have a handsome boy and a pretty girl we would someday call our own. She told me we would have a cute, little dog. She told me we would have a happy ending. She told me there’s a silver lining. She told me there was light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. She told me there was a supreme power called God. She told me there was something known as faith. She told me there was peace. She told me it’s serene. She told me there was justice. She told me there’s passion. She told me it burns. She told me there’s bliss. She told me there’s truth. She told me it’s ecstatic. She told me it’s death quiet. She told me there’s silence. Was all this a lie? Was she lying all the time? Was it all burning flames? Was all this a trap? Was all this just a means to an end? Was it all “telling lies”?Was it? Was it? Was it?



It’s his birthday today!❤

He's loved. He's my papa.❤❤❤

Another birthday. Another year of wisdom added to his already burgeoning load. Another year of loving and being loved. Another year living cocooned in the safety and warmth of the knowledge that HE’S my papa. Another year  spent enveloped in care, and strength, and happiness, and, ofcourse, love. He’s the best father. But he’s the BESTEST papa in the whole damn world.❤