5 Ways to Get on with Life Once a TV Series Ends.

When you invest hours upon hours in a story, the characters, the relationships, and the emotions, you form an attachment to that TV series. Watching it and waiting to watch it becomes a habit you can’t seem to shake off. You think about what happened in the last episode you watched when you wake up and you wonder about what will happen next when you go to bed. You start breathing, living, and dreaming in the world of those beloved characters. You obsess and you want to get to the end. But when you do, it hits you like a sledgehammer.

Mayen. What? It’s over? No more Kate and Sawyer? No more annoying Jack? What do I do now? WHAT!?!*

It’s not easy to move on from the life you had experienced alongside your own. It was as if it’s yours, too. You were with them right there on the island, too. So, how to get out of the funk and get on with your life when it’s ended?

Here are 5 steps how.



Well, isn’t that the most obvious option? To stop obsessing over one thing, and to start obsessing over something else. As simple as that. Not exactly healthy. But, well, a person in need got to do what they got to do.



Get it out, darling. Whatever it is that comes to your head when you think of it, write it down in a separate notebook. Scrapbook. Paste pictures, and little trinkets that remind you of that favorite scene, write stuff about characters and write about your opinions on a particular twist that the new season brought about. And once you have it all poured over the pages, make a time capsule and put the notebook away for next, say, 2 years. You will reminisce and be so damn happy when you get to see it again.



It’s the new cool. People love to find people with similar interests. Write reviews of episodes, your opinions about different relationships throughout the series, how it could have turned out better, how it couldn’t have been any better, characters and their lives, the actors and their lives…blog it out of your system.



If you have the funds and the time, you can start your own range of merchandise dedicated to the series. This will engage your creative sides and will make the ideas swirling inside your head a beautiful reality. This will get you to stop going crazy and will be like a productive transformation of the series in your life. Not to mention, you will make money out of it.

Who doesn’t want an amazing pendant, or ring, or key chain, or mugs, or tee-shirts which reminds them of their beloved series?



Re watch the whole series again. Maybe then you will get over it and stop obsessing. When it becomes predictable and not so wonderful anymore, maybe it won’t be that great for you. Maybe you will realize that all it was meant for was 2 reruns and now it’s time to move on.

Getting over something isn’t easy. It takes time and patience. A TV series is nothing different. So, try to get over it, do stuff that might help, but if you aren’t able to move on, maybe you aren’t meant to. Not yet.

(NOTE: This isn’t only about moving on from a TV series. These steps can be followed to get over anything. If it’s a relationship –with friends, with family, whatever –maybe you got to start trying. Or, maybe not. It’s your call. Take your time. With a little improvising these steps can be used to get over anything in life. All you need is patience. And, a little faith.)

*referencing the TV series LOST.


16 things to do this summer break.

imageOh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*
Oh yes,we do.*smirks* So,listen to us.*winks*

Last year I came up with 11 ways to utilise your summer break after scrounging the Internet for several days. This year,no scrounging was needed. I had so much stuff in my head that I wanted to do during these almost 2 months that I could write and write about it. Here are the 16 things that I want to do this summer. This might help(not) you come up with ways to spend the summer break or we could just find some common things we want to do. So,here.

#1-Learn to play an instrument or brush up your existing instrument-playing skills.
I really want to learn to play a guitar. And I used to know how to play a synthesiser. Then studies happened and I lost touch. I dunno anymore but I plan on remedying that. Now. Like, summer break now. You get on with the instrument of your choice, too, yeah?

#2-Food and art.
How can food not figure in my summer plans. I love food. And I plan on loving food that I cook(in place of just gagging or dry heaving when it comes to my culinary skills). So,yeah. Cooking and eating it is. Go join some classes or just experiment.:D

#3-Get creative with wall art.
I love wall art. I made a wall collage for my upper sitting last year and whoever comes to my place loves it. I plan on indulging in elaborate Wall art projects this summer, too. I plan on making beautiful 3-D snowflakes to hang from the gray wall in my room. Yeah,snowflakes and summer? But who cares. I know it will look good and that’s it. Also, a paper curtain for one of the arches is in order. And those elaborate frames. And so many more. So,I am shutting up now. It’s better that I show you when I am done with them. You go get your creative side out from the closet and get started. Let me know of any unique wall art ideas,too.

#4-Learn a new language.
I learnt Spanish. I didn’t practice. I am starting to forget. Yess. You forget if you don’t keep in touch with a new language for 2 months. So, learn a new language and practice, practice, practice. Use duolingo. It’s awesome. Trust me on that. Vale?:P

#5-Read,dance,sing…whatever catches your fancy.
Do stuff you love doing but the semester didn’t allow you to. Get through those TBR lists or dance or sing or do some aerobics…anything you want. Just do.

#6-Write, write, write.
Ofcourse. This last semester got in way of my writing regularly and then the exams happened. I used to write regularly. But I was MIA so much these last 4-5 months. So,I am remedying that. I am gonna make up for my missed writing during this summer. You should, too. It’s a great outlet and it’s just your own. Don’t publish it anywhere if you don’t wanna. Just write for yourself.

I have no skills when it comes to pictures(clicking or getting clicked, whatsoever:/), but I plan on developing some. I dunno what I will do,but Internet will throw up some ways I am sure.

#8-Meet up with old friends from your hometown.
My friends started planning the moment my exams got over(mine ended last). And seeing as my birthday is in 3 days,they have been making plans for my birthday treat all by themselves. Let’s see how well those numerous plans fare out.*smirks*

#9-And spend time with your cousins.
Yess. Do that. Get them to come to your place or go visit them. Just see them. I know I wanna without any exam or test deadlines handing over our heads. Once they are free from their entrances,we are having a blast.

Go volunteer with some NGO. I don’t plan to devote the whole summer this year like last year to volunteer work, but I plan to do some bit of volunteering. How or where I dunno. But let’s see.

Talk to your Maa-papa. Talk to your siblings. Talk to people you are close to. Talk to people you aren’t. Be in touch. Socialise. Just talk. I do that a lot. So,no biggie.:P

#12-Try to read up a bit about the semester to come or go through those topics from the previous ones that might help during the next.
I am not a fan of this but it is needed. I plan on atleast getting a look at the syllabus so I am not caught unawares this semester. It sucks,I am telling you.*makes a face*

Definitely sleep. You will crave it once the next semester/school year starts. So catch those zzzs now.

#14-Help around the house a bit.
Helping your mother out a bit can be so satisfying. Not that my mother allows me to help out, seeing as I create more of a mess than I do help. But anyway, try.:P

#15-Take time with your body.
Oh god. Yes. The dark circles, eyebags and hair loss these exams left me with? Gotta do something. Sleep will help, for one. And internet will help,I am sure. Exercise too if you think you gotta lose some kilos. Now is the time.

#16-Relax. Just chill. Take your time.
Catch up on all those movies and TV shows you have been missing out on,explore new artists and genres, binge watch YouTube videos…do what makes you happy. Lying down with my laptop and phone sure does make me happy.:P

So, what do you plan on doing this summer break? 😀


Just in case you were curious about last year’s post:
11 ways to “utilise” the summer break.


The Idea of Perfection.

Source: Pinterest

1. When you stare at him from under your lashes, only to find him staring at you from across the room.
2. When he intertwines your left hand with his right one.
3. When he zones in to your eyes and gazes all intensely like he could jump inside and live there forever.
4. When he kisses your shoulder gently in the passing.
5. When he writes you poems about how it’s supposed to be your forever kind of love.
6. When he jokes around with you because he doesn’t feel like he has to be careful not to step on your toes all the time.
7. When you can be honest with each other about everything without the fear of judgement because you have seen all the ugly parts of him and he has seen all the broken parts of you.

Source: Pinterest

What Love Wears.

Source: Pinterest

1. His arms around your waist, holding tight.
2. The scent of giddy expectations all over your body.
3. The promises of being by your side, sometimes forever, sometimes for just a moment.
4. The feeling of being whole the morning after.
5. The little pecks all over your being.
6. The smile that never leaves your face.
7. The need to shout from the top of a high rise about how wonderful he is.
8. The discovery of feelings you never thought you would have.
9. The stars in your eyes when you think of him.
10. The comfort in the silence as you lay in each other’s arms.
11. The need to write poems about his crooked smile and his deep, beautiful eyes.

P.S. This one came back after being MIA for 4 days. So.


14 things I learnt over the past year:1st Blogversary!

This has nothing to do with the post. I just love this picture. So...relatable.*smirks*

It’s been a year since WANDERINGVIOLET came into existence. And this past year has taught me so much stuff. So damn much. Some I learnt from WP and you all. Some I learnt from the world around. That sounds like such a cliché. But whatever. So, I thought I would share 14 things I learnt over the last year.

Haters gonna hate,ya. So tell them to buzz off.
Gossip would make rounds,even if you do nothing. And I mean, nothing at all. So, let them be. That’s probably the most entertainment they see in their lives,anyway.
Trying so hard to lose weight that you stop eating stuff altogether? That’s not gonna help you lose even a single pound.(Not from personal experience, let me mention. I can’t let go of my food.:P)
Wanting to smack a group of people all at once? That’s like the dream superpower these days.
Taking your parents out for dinner instead of the other way round? That’s awesome, I tell you.
Study,baby,study. College isn’t fun. It is a freaking nightmare. *visibly shudders*
You want something real bad? You gotta earn it, I am telling you. Otherwise you aren’t worth shit. Even in your own eyes.:/
They want you to fail. They all do. Ignore them. At all costs. They are all lying. Bloody liars they all are.
❤You gotta learn to adjust. Don’t be a stubborn ass. If you wanna survive in this big bad world, adjust.(I am still learning the alphabet. God knows, I gotta learn.-.-)
Be SELFISH. Don’t be an egoistic jerk. Learn to be selfish. It will do you good,trust me.
You really gotta fall before rising. Even the sun does that. Who do you think you are,huh? That fall just might prove to be all the motivation your life had been missing.
READ. READ. READ. Good stuff, I mean. You gotta, dude. You gotta.
❤Annd,don’t you dare mess up your schedule. If you disturb it,you are doomed. And it will be a pain in your butt,trying to get it back on track. Take it from someone who’s taking vitamin capsules just because her schedule’s messed up. And that’s not even the worst part.😶

Sooo, anyway. You all are lovely. Thank you so much for everything. Sticking to something for a whole year is a big deal for me,seeing as I lose interest quite easily. But WP,and you all, are awesome, all 1900 something of you.💚💋



9 things that make Diwali DIWALI!Yayayay!♥

DIWALI. The most beautiful festival ever. Seriously. Those who don’t know what it is,this is to let you know. It’s the biggest and the brightest festival in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. You will fall in love with its beauty if you ever get to experience it, believe me.

Here are 9 things that Diwali is all about:

🔅Pretty Lights!
It’s not called the festival of lights for nothing. Everything is beautiful when it’s Diwali. Every single shop is lit up with colorful lights. And every house,too. Annnd, there are the Oil lamps. Best freaking thing ever. So damn pretty.

Such gorgeous electric hanging lamps are lit up and hung all around. This one's hung from the balcony of the lower landing in my house. Gorgeous, isn't it?💚

🎁 Loads of Gifts.
People exchange gifts: Decorative stuff, pretty bowls filled with nuts and packed tight, gift hampers,and my personal favorite is collection of assorted Chocolates.😍
Loads of varieties of stuff, actually.:D

Heap loads of Gifts that are gifted every year.:D

🍭Food. Yummy!
Delicious food all around. Sweets are love. And Diwali is all about having sweets,feeding other people sweets, exchanging sweets,and having more sweets. Mm-hmm.😻

🙏Praying to the almighty.
Ofcourse the reason for celebration is the almighty. It’s them because of who everything else happens as it happens on Diwali. So,we thank them for everything and pray.:D

Yesssss! Loads of these. So so many,that it kills all the mosquitoes around and it just might kill a few of us,too, if we don’t reduce the amount of Firecrackers we burst. But yeah. It’s fun. I celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali now,though. 😶

Something like that. 😶

🎀Ethnic rendezvous.
People dress up. Pretty clothes and prettier jewelry. And everybody look so great,as if they all are royalty. 😻

Even people like me,who have never even tried make up and stuff in all their lives,wear stuff like this^ : Since I love anklets and am usually wearing a couple of those,I add another one on occasions like Diwali. And the bangles! I wear such stuff,too.😶 Aaaand,such pretty pretty earrings,too. I have very sensitive ear piercings,prone to infections. So,I don't usually wear earrings in general. But on occasions like these? Everything is forgotten ;consequences be damned. And, ofcourse, totally traditional clothes. People find it hard to believe it's me on such days.:P

*sighs* What did I say? Beautiful festival. The flower garlands,the confetti, the Oil lamps, the electric lamps, the Rangolis( the various designs people make using colored powder. It’s a lot of work. And precision is needed. Since that’s not my forte and I am lazy as hell, I use stencils,if that. 🙈) But it’s all gorgeous.💚

This was a flower design I made with flower petals and surrounded it with oil lamps. This is just a teeny tiny part of it,though.😄

Annnnnd,ofcourse it’s all fun. So, that. I guess, all of the above sounds fun. So,I don’t need to elaborate, do I?:D
Stuff like exhibitions and all are there before Diwali even rolls around. And then there are Diwali mela(fest) held all around. My college’s Diwali mela is especially famous.😌
The amusement rides and deli-freaking-cious food.❤

Ofcourse. It just fills you with happiness, and joy, and you laugh and smile like crazy throughout. It’s a very happy happy kinda festival with a very happy story behind it as to why it’s celebrated. So,it’s all awesome, and it lights up our lives,both figuratively and literally, like anything.

Awesome day, it always is.:D
Happy Diwali,you all! Have some sweets from my side this Diwali, why don’t you?



“A”:Glimpses into 6 aspects of my life.

I am that:contradictions.

I am not the friend who discusses boy problems and latest crushes. I am that friend who you talk “deeper stuff” with;the one you come to when you need to be motivated;the one you text when you need to apologise to a friend and don’t have appropriate words.
✴I am not that sister who hugs and kisses you. I am that sister who gives you high fives when she sees you after weeks;who you discuss fast and furious 7 with,even though she hasn’t watched even a single movie from the franchise; who you show pictures of wheelies some guy from your hometown posted on FB.
✴I am not that cousin who you make small talk with about how college is treating her. I am that cousin who you watch mid-night horror movies with;who laughs at the most horrifying scenes of CONJURING when you claimed to be afraid of it for days after you first watched it and you laugh because, apparently, she wasn’t afraid because you were with her;who you, sometimes, reassure that everything’s gonna be okay,even though she’s the older one.
✴I am not that daughter who you need to be worried about lying to party. I am that daughter who would have her nose stuck in a book all day long,if no one interrupts her;who can not stay away from home for more than a couple of weeks when everybody else her age is having a ball, partying in a city away from home;who still cries every single freaking time you see her off every couple of weeks to return to college even though it’s been more than a year and she should be used to it by now;who still (sometimes) tries to hide her tears on phone when you sweetly tell her to have a goodnight’s sleep,even though she talks to you 4 times a day.
✴I am not that girl who ever has boy/bff troubles. I am that girl who doesn’t believe in love;who people are always trying to figure out;who they believe they know so well, when they haven’t even uncovered the top layer;who people claim to not get;who they say is so weird sometimes; who they claim to be bestfriends with,but she never reciprocates because, duh,she doesn’t think so;who loves her family so much she would die for them, and only them,in a heartbeat.
✴I am not a person who trusts. I am that person who people have called stuff you would laugh your asses off about if you knew her even the tiniest bit;who is, apparently, two-faced (And, well,I am maybe. I am a Gemini, afterall. They are supposed to be two-faced.*shrugs*);who doesn’t give a damn what people think and is generally laughing when she gets to know the latest gossip about her;who never really abuses out loud;who is a mumma-papa’s girl;who loves relatable quotes;who loves doodling on her wrists;who loves mystery;who runs in the opposite direction when it comes to fashion;who has “eccentric” tastes in music;who is tomboyish most of the times;who generally hates everything girlie;who loves platform pumps even though they are totally girlie;who is a walking, talking, breathing ball of contradictions;who just…is.



Love?Or HATE?


I have been nominated by the http:// for the love/hate tag. Thank you so much, guys,for the nomination. :*
Go check theirs out. They even talk about free samples. *winks*
Here,I am supposed to mention 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.

So…love. Hmm
🍫Chocolates. Obviously. I don’t think I need to mention why the chocolate emoticon is the marker for the stuff I love.
🍫A good deo. I hate it when people smell bad.:/
🍫Pimpleless face. Again,no explanation is needed,I hope.
🍫When a favorite film of mine comes on the TV unexpectedly.
🍫Cute advertisements. The dairy milk ad with the 5 friends?Fab!*grins*
🍫Yummy food.🍕🍔🍝
🍫Ice water.:D
🍫Deep conversations!*_*
🍫Pretty clothes and high-heeled platform pumps. Call me shallow.*shrugs*
🍫Such lists.

🐀I hate rodents. Like hell.*sudders*
🐀AND LIZARDS!*visibly shudders again*
🐀Gross talks.
🐀And cheap swearing. Especially in hindi. I wanna shut those people up by smacking them on their mouths.-.-
🐀Asterisked expressions gone wrong. Such stuff just pisses me off. I am weird like that.:|
🐀Dirty feet. Vvv irritating. Mine or anybody else’s .
🐀Repeating clothes without washing. Hate hate hate that.-.-
🐀Unlit streets.
🐀And potholes.:/
🐀The fake I love yous flying all around. Every person uses this phrase while talking to every other person:be it friends, “lovers”, ooooor frenemies. Hate that like hell. -.-

Well,whoever wants to,go ahead. It’s awesome! you get to mention 10 things you love/hate. What’s not to like huh?:P

Note:I am taking the like button off all the award and nomination posts I am gonna post now. I was nominated for these more than a couple of months back. I don’t think my “witty” and “interesting” responses deserve a like after I procrastinated on these for so long.:/


Lists · Photography! 📷

A taste of Kolkata!

A looooonnnng pending post. I had promised I would take you through Kolkata with me. Apologies!
A handful of stuff I found in Kolkata which was fascinating/wonderful/awesome/or just plain out weird. I wanted to do a picture book thingie,but I guess this doubles as that,too.

The famous yellow ambassador taxi. I even rode in it this time.♥

Nice ride,eh?:P

✴The rosogollas,ofcourse.😍

They made me go wowowowow. 😍

I had so many of these ,you won’t believe. They are highly perishable ,so I had to curb my craving in Kolkata only. I think I might have gained a couple of kilos or ten.:/

✴The painted on buses.

Weiiiiird.But adorable.

No freaking idea what is written,though.-.-

✴The weirdly colorful buildings. They are so damn cute. I clicked so many pictures of these!

They sure love them some colors.:P
And this.:D
Aaaand this.♥

✴The beautiful sites. Where the hell were these during my first visit?! -.-

I especially loved this site.


Just loveeeeee these.
✴The coconut trees.


✴The howrah bridge ,ofcourse .

Loved this view. Ganges bank with a view of the famous bridge.:D

✴The weird take on North Indian food. I personally despised that. It didn’t look like it. It didn’t taste like it. It didn’t feel like it. But it is, what it is.

The daal was sweet. Hated that,to be honest.-.- But that's how it's supposed to be there,I guess.:/

✴The roadside “market”. People had these makeshift shops on the roadside. I dunno why,but I especially liked this sight.

The vegetable man. The potatoes looked different, too.They had yellowish skin. North Indian potatoes are more along brown-y. 😛

✴The cute little food shop/stall. The jalebis don’t look so good, though. The dull orange ones are more my thing. This yellow doesn’t compel me. At all.


✴The dakshineshwari temple. So damn famous. And pretty too.


✴And the pigeons there.


✴And yes!This is not about Kolkata, as such, but I liked the idea of newspapers in 3 languages. I only ever read English and Hindi ones. So,those ones along with bangla just made me go wow. Weird ,huh?*sheepish smile*




Those (11) moments…


❗ That moment when you cry yourself to sleep.
❗ That moment when your head hurts with a headache from hell.
❗ That moment when you can’t decipher a single bloody thing.
❗ That moment when you feel like a dry leaf floating on the wind without a direction to head to.
❗ That moment when the only thing left for you to do is hurl.
❗ That moment when no one’s there.
❗ That moment when everyone’s here.
❗ That moment when you want to choke the life outta everything and anything.
❗ That moment when you don’t feel like yourself. At all.
❗ That moment when you aren’t alright.
❗ That moment when you are right. And still not.
❗ That freaking moment…