Oceanic Contradictions


The moonlight dancing on the waves so black,
The bottomless ocean calling forth,
The passionate bouts of the watery being
Creating the fierce, white foam.
I stand on the edge with my feet naked,
The sparkling sand kissing them tenderly.
The mysterious power of the sea revealed
Strip by strip, a sight heavenly.
The silvery net on the fiery surface;
Filigree, like a slight smile playing on the lips
Of the being so powerful and hard to fathom,
Like a painting of the rare beauty, getting instant hits.
I stand at the edge and look at the sprawling reality,
A beautiful palace of royale chiselled,
And think back to all the times I stopped myself
From diving into the vast abyssal.
The realization of today hits me hard as I gaze out to the ocean.
The reality is passionate, and sprawling wide;
The possibilities numerous,
And no places to hide.
I sigh as I turn to go back,
Giving the oceanic contradiction a last glance
I can’t help but wonder
If my time has ended, or it’s my last chance.



I am a mystery?

As simple as that.*shrugs*

What makes you think you wanna know all of me? What makes you think you can handle it? What ever gave you the idea that I am a mystery waiting to unfold? And why would you think that I am waiting for someone to unravel me? Why the freaking hell would you think that even if I am, you are gonna be the one doing the unraveling? And why would you get this idea in your head that I can be broken in? Why the hell, I ask? Why does it seem so important to you, this discovering? And how would you even know that I have more to me than what meets the eye? What makes you believe you are capable of anything when it comes to me? Why? Why? WHY!?!





Eventually, you will find a real place that feels like home.Your whole world will open up in ways you kept believing were possible.And you will be so happy you held on long enough to make it there.        So,let’s do this thing.Let’s own what makes us unique. Let’s refuse to allow haters to stop us from moving forward. Let’s turn our dreams into reality.        Starting now.