A 21 years old bond:Your anniversary.❤

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Another year has been added to this beautiful bond. It’s been 21 years since you tied the knot on 31st December, 1994. It was that fateful day and then it’s today. 21 years you nurtured this bond. And it’s as beautiful as they come. More so. And 19 years I have been a part of this. It’s a beautiful feeling;this feeling of belongingness. And I wanted to tell you how much;how much this means to me;how much you mean to me. So, I did what I have always been doing. I tried to write a poem.🙈
Hopefully, it will give you an inkling of the love I feel for you both. Hopefully, it will be enough. No,the love can’t be contained in a few words placed dramatically. But I hope it will be enough to make you feel that sense of belongingness I feel with you both,with me.❤

The silence of last night
Got me thinking
Why you are so special.
You love us selflessly
Even when we don’t deserve it.
You are always there for us
Even when we turn towards idiocy.
You have our backs
Even when we are wrong
You hold on fast
Even when there’s nothing to grasp on.
You are our pillar
When we need something to lean on.
You are the rock
When we need something to hold on.
You have the patience from heaven
Listening to us babble about non-sensical things.
You have the best dealing mechanisms
For when we ruin everything.
You have the sweet attitude
When we are faced with failures in our ventures.
You give us numerous reassurances
When we feel like breaking down.
You make the most of every situation.
You never lose hope in any creation.
You don’t let go
Even when you are down.
You don’t leave our side
Even when we are not around.
You show us your sensitive sides
When you are vulnerable.
You let us be the weak ones
Even when it’s not acceptable.
You let us be ourselves.
That’s a feat in itself.
Your love is exceptional
Your care is unbelievable
Your understanding is commendable
And your happiness in our victory,immeasurable.
We love you like no other.
We will treasure you forever.
You will always be the jewels
Who make our lives worth living.

Happiest anniversaryyyy, mumma papa. We love you.❤❤❤



Grotesqueness of possibilities.

She is like an angel:beautifully rare.

Terrifying possibilities surround me
Making me feel like there’s nothing left,
Nothing left to salvage.
I feel like everything has ended
Nothing more left. Nothing more.
But then comes she;
The light of my dark Black existence,
She comes to save me
From the ghosts of my chaotic webbed mind:
Webs of hatred, blackness, negativity
And that foreboding sense of doom.
It all resides inside me;
A company of demons of mistakes past,
And endlessly terrifying possibilities that plague the canvas of my future.
An ugly black tar-coated canvas blotched with dark spots of hopelessness.
A canvas that was supposed to be a picturesque sight,
With only sprinkling of golden dust of opportunities,
Bright saffron days,
Calm blue thoughts,
Vibrant green spread of soft moist grassy path to walk on,
Dauntless violet adventures,
And a sheer coating of mildew of glistening places I was supposed to go.
It’s a grotesque sight, the tar coated canvas
It makes me wanna retch,
The possibilities, the probabilities, the state
Of my doomed future.
It makes me wanna retch.
But she comes. Every single time she comes
And she saves me,
From falling head first into the abyss of swirling black tar;
Retch-illicting ugly black tar.
She saves me from the darkness.
She brightens the black room with no light,
And she makes me wanna open my eyes
To the possibilities.
Happy possibilities.
Optimistic possibilities.
She has always been my savior.
She is a savior.
Of broken people.
Of silent sufferers.
Of people with easily switched retch trigger.
Of everybody around.
The bright light; a wild yellow light.

P.S. It can be anybody. It can be anyone. It’s my mother for me,my savior.❤



Broken her.

She's broken inside;dead.


                    Tear filled eyes of hers
                            shining bright
               like twinkling stars in the sky.

P.S. Can this qualify as haiku? Honestly, I dunno much about the poetry form. All I know is that it’s a three line poem involving some element of nature, and it kind of conveys a story. Albeit a short one. Please don’t kill me for this. 🙈
Annnd, do tell me what would make it a haiku, if it’s not right now? Seeing as so many people write awesome haiku here, help me out!! I wanna learn. *insert a winning smile*



A quote from instagram!?!

Source: I dunno where this came from exactly. All I know is it was on instagram somewhere. Apologies.🙈

I found this on instagram. That’s peculiar in itself, seeing as I don’t use instagram. Like, don’t-even-have-an-account-yet-sharing-pictures-from-instagram peculiar.
Anyway,it’s very important that we realise this^. That’s the only way to lead a happy life. Otherwise? No chance. It wouldn’t be a life well spent. It wouldn’t be a life lived. It would just be that:a life spent. On nothing. For nothing. Nothing.



I still don’t miss you yet.

Torturous days.*sighs*

Dear bane of my existence,

It’s been many days since I left you. I would like to believe I did it for good this time,but we both know I would be lying. It’s not the end,no. It’s not our end. We go way back and I am afraid it would take more than a couple of weeks of torture to sever the ties for forever. I know for a fact that I can move out on you whenever I want to. But as owl city would say, I can never leave. I am stuck with you. And your obsessive possessiveness won’t let go; won’t let me break free of the clutches that’s your grasp on my life. I am just a mere pawn now. You won’t let me leave and I have become too used to your presence to know otherwise now, I guess. I wish I didn’t. I wish it was different. I wish we were different. I wish I was free. But, alas! I can’t escape. I got to accept that bitter reality. It’s bittersweet, really. People want somewhere to belong to. I have that. I have you. I don’t want you. I don’t miss you. I haven’t missed you yet. Only when I stop to think about you, I hate everything about you. And when you stop to think about me,you hate everything about me. Why did I ever love you? Why do you love me? I am stuck with you for a year and a half more. I don’t want to be stuck with you. I don’t want to be near you. There’s so much fish in the water. Take your pick. Just…let me be. I hate you. I hate everything about you. I hate.

(A student who hates you
A student who hates your very face
A student who wants to go away from you
A student who doesn’t want to belong to you
A student who doesn’t appreciate you
A student who doesn’t love you)

In case there’s still a doubt left in your mind about who this is addressed to, it’s my college, my course, the city I live in to be “near” these^. That’s who.-.-



The night is still young, and so am I.


I have had this crazy idea in my head for a few weeks now. Yes, people would say,wild and crazy. I wanna get a pixie cut. Not a longish one,but one with short sides and longer top with a bit of bangs,maybe? My hair are too damaged to salvage at this point. So I don’t see any other way but to chop it all off. Also, I have lost so many chunks of hair during the two weeks of exams because of the overwhelming tension that my head looks like a dog’s back with missing patches of fur due to some puke-inducing disease. Yes. I am not even exaggerating( okaay, I am really. My condition is bad. Not that bad,though,I guess. 😶).
But yeah. You get my point, don’t you? I lost half my hair during these exams!! So many chunks! So many!*sobs*
Anyway, I have shoulder-length curly hair(kinda tightly curled sometimes and kinda wavy other times) and I wanna go pixie now. And I thought of running this by a few people to see their reactions.
My mumma, as always, was supportive of my decision. She agreed to go with me to the salon. Other people, though? Cardiac arrest!! Why!?! What!?! Huh!?! Don’t!! Noooo!!!! Seriously!?! You’re kidding, right!?! You’re crazy! This is India!! You want a boy cut!?! Yes. That’s exactly what I got. And ofcourse that made me furious! From when do boys have a copyright on short hair? And when a guy decides to let his hair grow,he’s so cool. Why can’t girls chop theirs off?!!! Why?!
And yes. You wouldn’t look like a girl anymore. What? Neither my body nor my face is getting altered. What the hell?
I kinda researched on the Internet and I came across various people talking about the pros and cons of getting a pixie. Some were:
❤Easy to manage hair.
❤Getting rid of the damaged stuff without looking like an utter fool.
❤It’s “in” these days.
And many many more.
🐀”You and I have a similar haircut.” <- says a guy, in case you were wondering.
🐀”Are you coming out?!” SERIOUSLY?!-.-
🐀You won’t feel or look feminine.
🐀 You won’t be able to wear you hair down. Duh.

If that doesn’t sound stupid enough, people said stuff like, “That’s okay in other countries. Here,in India? Not so much“, to me. Why the hell not? I can not understand for the life of me.
Also, I have really fine hair and the density has decreased a lot A LOT. So,my getting a pixie is not only about looks but health reasons. I wanna work on the damage and get my hair healthy again. I will grow these out again once they are fine. What’s the big deal? It’s just hair. And even if you don’t like it once you get it chopped off, just get a wig( that’s the last resort,though🙊).
Anyway, I just wanted to kinda rant and vent about my anger and frustration. So.😶
It’s not really usual with me. But anyway. *shrugs*

By the way, does any of you have a pixie? Wanna share your experience, or why I should or shouldn’t get one(except for the ones above,I mean)? Tell me! There’s still time. I don’t want regrets!*sighs*



I watch the sun go down.

A new morning is on it's way.

The sweet wind in my hair
The quiet company of one
My mind reeling with unspoken thoughts;
Brimming with the shadows of actions past
Remembering those silent warnings
And syncretic union of days gone by
And more to come.
Laughter sounding clear in my ears
Transporting me back to those joyous moments
And with it coming of the silent suffering:
The escaped tendrils fluttering in the breeze
Shake off the unwanted recalling.
The wind centres me;
Makes me want to focus on possibilities to come.
I watch the sun go down,
Beyond the horizon with the saffron hue,
The birds flying high to go back home
Leaving the shadows of struggles behind.
I watch the sun go down.
It will rise again;A new morning.