Scars and hope.

Because there's still hope.

                           The drying scabs,
     Chipping away like the many coats of that
                         Week old nail color
     Revealing the new pink of the healing skin,
     Left after those huge wounds have healed
                    Leaving behind the scars
                    Of the many wars fought,
                                Inside out.
                   All that’s left are the scars
        To remind us about the times gone by,
                   And the new, healing skin
                           Giving us hope.



14 things I learnt over the past year:1st Blogversary!

This has nothing to do with the post. I just love this picture. So...relatable.*smirks*

It’s been a year since WANDERINGVIOLET came into existence. And this past year has taught me so much stuff. So damn much. Some I learnt from WP and you all. Some I learnt from the world around. That sounds like such a cliché. But whatever. So, I thought I would share 14 things I learnt over the last year.

Haters gonna hate,ya. So tell them to buzz off.
Gossip would make rounds,even if you do nothing. And I mean, nothing at all. So, let them be. That’s probably the most entertainment they see in their lives,anyway.
Trying so hard to lose weight that you stop eating stuff altogether? That’s not gonna help you lose even a single pound.(Not from personal experience, let me mention. I can’t let go of my food.:P)
Wanting to smack a group of people all at once? That’s like the dream superpower these days.
Taking your parents out for dinner instead of the other way round? That’s awesome, I tell you.
Study,baby,study. College isn’t fun. It is a freaking nightmare. *visibly shudders*
You want something real bad? You gotta earn it, I am telling you. Otherwise you aren’t worth shit. Even in your own eyes.:/
They want you to fail. They all do. Ignore them. At all costs. They are all lying. Bloody liars they all are.
❤You gotta learn to adjust. Don’t be a stubborn ass. If you wanna survive in this big bad world, adjust.(I am still learning the alphabet. God knows, I gotta learn.-.-)
Be SELFISH. Don’t be an egoistic jerk. Learn to be selfish. It will do you good,trust me.
You really gotta fall before rising. Even the sun does that. Who do you think you are,huh? That fall just might prove to be all the motivation your life had been missing.
READ. READ. READ. Good stuff, I mean. You gotta, dude. You gotta.
❤Annd,don’t you dare mess up your schedule. If you disturb it,you are doomed. And it will be a pain in your butt,trying to get it back on track. Take it from someone who’s taking vitamin capsules just because her schedule’s messed up. And that’s not even the worst part.😶

Sooo, anyway. You all are lovely. Thank you so much for everything. Sticking to something for a whole year is a big deal for me,seeing as I lose interest quite easily. But WP,and you all, are awesome, all 1900 something of you.💚💋



You will heal.

That fall might be the best thing that ever happens to you.

                      The healing will come
                    when you least expect it.
           There is a certain brand of strength
                    that can only be found in
                     moments of weakness.

                 NEVER BE AFRAID TO FALL.



Smiling Rue.


The purple hue of her shining eyes
As she looked at the road
Of her life gone by
Shone brighter with every second passing
Like the twinkling stars on a clear night.

The delicate feel of her little hands
As she made waves in the air,
Of her thoughts messed up,
As if dismissing away the unwanted load
With the flicking of those fingers
In the silent breeze.

The serenity of her lax face
With the untroubled expression
Of an innocent one,
Away from those sorrows
Standing at half mast
And the smile growing every second gone by.

It was a new year,
A beginning new
Away from all those troubling hues
And calming sweetness
Of reassurances few,
The reason for the smiling Rue.


Philosophical Me!

Night is beautiful.

Those shadows define us. They are us.

The silence of the night elicits so many thoughts in our minds. We are curiously seeking answers to so many mysteries of the world. And we believe that we actually have the key to unlock it all. We lay in our beds with the quilt pulled upto our heads and in the cover of that darkness, we let go and just let our minds wander to all those what-could-have-beens. We put the earplugs in and with the music playing loud in the background of our mind,we drown it all with the volume of our fantasies taking speed. We silently try to live in that dreamworld while losing touch with the reality for those few precious hours;the hours which sustain us for a lifetime which is otherwise filled with regrets. Night-time is the time when we dream, we live, we wander, we laugh, we cry, we fantasize, and we are carefree;free from all the stupid details which don’t let us live. Night is filled with shadows;shadows of our lives gone by, and shadows of the times to come. Night is a beautiful being. And with it come beautiful happenings. Night is beautiful.