14 things I learnt over the past year:1st Blogversary!

This has nothing to do with the post. I just love this picture. So...relatable.*smirks*

It’s been a year since WANDERINGVIOLET came into existence. And this past year has taught me so much stuff. So damn much. Some I learnt from WP and you all. Some I learnt from the world around. That sounds like such a cliché. But whatever. So, I thought I would share 14 things I learnt over the last year.

Haters gonna hate,ya. So tell them to buzz off.
Gossip would make rounds,even if you do nothing. And I mean, nothing at all. So, let them be. That’s probably the most entertainment they see in their lives,anyway.
Trying so hard to lose weight that you stop eating stuff altogether? That’s not gonna help you lose even a single pound.(Not from personal experience, let me mention. I can’t let go of my food.:P)
Wanting to smack a group of people all at once? That’s like the dream superpower these days.
Taking your parents out for dinner instead of the other way round? That’s awesome, I tell you.
Study,baby,study. College isn’t fun. It is a freaking nightmare. *visibly shudders*
You want something real bad? You gotta earn it, I am telling you. Otherwise you aren’t worth shit. Even in your own eyes.:/
They want you to fail. They all do. Ignore them. At all costs. They are all lying. Bloody liars they all are.
❤You gotta learn to adjust. Don’t be a stubborn ass. If you wanna survive in this big bad world, adjust.(I am still learning the alphabet. God knows, I gotta learn.-.-)
Be SELFISH. Don’t be an egoistic jerk. Learn to be selfish. It will do you good,trust me.
You really gotta fall before rising. Even the sun does that. Who do you think you are,huh? That fall just might prove to be all the motivation your life had been missing.
READ. READ. READ. Good stuff, I mean. You gotta, dude. You gotta.
❤Annd,don’t you dare mess up your schedule. If you disturb it,you are doomed. And it will be a pain in your butt,trying to get it back on track. Take it from someone who’s taking vitamin capsules just because her schedule’s messed up. And that’s not even the worst part.😶

Sooo, anyway. You all are lovely. Thank you so much for everything. Sticking to something for a whole year is a big deal for me,seeing as I lose interest quite easily. But WP,and you all, are awesome, all 1900 something of you.💚💋


104 thoughts on “14 things I learnt over the past year:1st Blogversary!

      1. I know,right? Nobody values the nice and the selfless these days,anyway. Also there’s the matter of getting stuff done that pops up with selfish bearings. So yeah. Selfish is okay. Selfish is cool. *shrugs with a not-a-care expression*

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  1. I agree, this world is filled with so much cruelty. For which you’ll have to adjust. Find ways out. Become selfish and all that. Like, its just not easy. We’ll have to learn to live.
    Anyway, congratulations on completing an year..😀👍

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  2. This happened and I wasn’t informed? Too bad of you Miss. I thought you were my friend!
    I mean Happy Super Belated Blog-Anniversary! Hope you celebrate more of these.

    So, just 14 ! And I was looking for my name to be mentioned. Thank you. -_-

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    1. Was I supposed to report? You have been MIA. Not the other way round.✋
      Otherwise you would have known on the day this was published. 😌
      Thank you so much, by the way!:D
      I hope so,too. I really do.😶
      And why would you do that?!


      1. I know! That’s why there something called electronic mail! You have completely stopped that. -_-

        Lol. I am guess you still have issues with WP, so it would appear on the feed two weeks later. 😛

        You are welcome. You are thanking a lot. Everything ok? 😛

        Why would you not? Why ?


      2. You could have emailed,too.😶
        It’s a two-way street, AK.😏
        Yessss! Definitely messed up still.*sighs*
        I am sweet like that. When someone compliments me, or something of mine, I tend to thank them,you know.😏
        Um because!

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      3. I didn’t have a phone for 2 months. So, theres’ the reason for not being online or reading or posting anything here. 😦

        Two way street? Since when did you start following rules? In India, there’s no such thing as one way or a two way street. 😛

        Such a cute person you are. Soooo cuuuutttteeee. -_-

        Whats’ ‘!’ this supposed to mean?


      4. Okkkaaaayyy.
        Lol, you sound cute. Rule follower. Give me a moment to pick myself up from laughing like crazy.

        Oh duh duh duh!


      5. Yeah? Well, I’m really good at ignoring. And, naturally, acknowledging and ignoring don’t go hand in hand. And since I am perfectly happy with the way I currently am, ignoring it’s gonna be.
        And don’t queen of rats me. I will block you.-.-


      6. If you were so good at ignoring you would have ignored explaining about how much you ignore. Or the fact of rats also you could have ignored.
        Looks like, you are confused.


      7. Tch tch. Teeny tiny teen ka aakhri teeny saal.
        Uske baad bade hojaoge. Atleast try.
        Oh Haan, your goal to reach 120 kgs before 20 mat bhulna.


      8. Yup.😑
        Will not. Don’t wanna be.*stomps her feet*
        No,thank you. I am good with how many kgs I pack. Don’t wanna be double. But you just might wanna look into that.😌


      9. You will be. No escaping from that.

        With increasing age, you are increasing your weight also. Good good.

        You know what. I can’t. Bring it on. Everything you crave to eat and can’t eat, I’ll eat it. 😀


      10. Ugh deafness takes a new face in you.😠
        Puhleez! I have been losing weight, instead. Dunno why. But I am.😶
        I know! I remember! You can’t put on weight to save your life. I have a friend like that. I am so jealous!!
        But I can’t give up my food. I love food. So,no. Even if I grow up to be the size of a house, I am not stopping eating something just because I might put on weight.😏


      11. Deafness? You do know what it means, right?

        Oh good for you. So all fit everywhere.
        I wasn’t asking you to give up on food.
        Eat. Pray. Textbook.


      12. Oh no. Just flunging these words around.*eyeroll* Idiota.
        Nope. Still not. Same issues still.😶 But I am cool with it,anyway.
        I am just trying to bring this in perspective for you how much I love my food and how there’s nothing I “can’t” eat,atleast because of weight concerns.😏
        Eat. Pray. Novels.


      13. Because! 😒
        Yup. 2 and only. But they should not be named,got it? You were told in total trust.

        Yes,sir. I used to pray by going into the temple at my place back in the day. Here, in pg, I just do the praying in my head.
        Eat. Pray. Laugh.


      14. You’re not right about what?:/
        And yes. 2 and only.
        Whatever ,do you mean?😶
        What does “playah” mean now? Or is it a new word,just existing in your vocabulary? 😏
        Eat. Pray. Dance.😌


      15. Yeah. I know about your love for going home.
        Yeah. I can. Your homeis way too near to be that excited about. You can anytime. It’s not like you are going to have a 50 hour long journey. -_-


      16. Well,then, knowing about it,this shouldn’t suprise you, yeah? And I am always ALWAYS excited about going home, whatever be the circumstances. I love them all too much. Even my home. *shrugs*
        I do go frequently. But still.
        Do you have a 50 hour journey? Are you jealous? Is that where it’s coming from?😏


      17. Yes. I know about your excitement and the distance as well.
        Wait, B-Shrug? :’)
        Whereever I have to go, it takes me 2 hours tops+/- one hour. So, no, Not jealous.


      18. *flighty eyes*
        Yeah,well, it is what it is. It’s not about me. I believe I can nonchalantly shrug when it’s about me. I can’t do that when it concerns somebody else. :/
        You aren’t excited. Ever.
        I am. All the time.
        It’s an individual response. So.


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