Philosophical Me!

Night is beautiful.

Those shadows define us. They are us.

The silence of the night elicits so many thoughts in our minds. We are curiously seeking answers to so many mysteries of the world. And we believe that we actually have the key to unlock it all. We lay in our beds with the quilt pulled upto our heads and in the cover of that darkness, we let go and just let our minds wander to all those what-could-have-beens. We put the earplugs in and with the music playing loud in the background of our mind,we drown it all with the volume of our fantasies taking speed. We silently try to live in that dreamworld while losing touch with the reality for those few precious hours;the hours which sustain us for a lifetime which is otherwise filled with regrets. Night-time is the time when we dream, we live, we wander, we laugh, we cry, we fantasize, and we are carefree;free from all the stupid details which don’t let us live. Night is filled with shadows;shadows of our lives gone by, and shadows of the times to come. Night is a beautiful being. And with it come beautiful happenings. Night is beautiful.


45 thoughts on “Night is beautiful.

      1. I am with my mumma and amma, discussing the differences between Delhi and Bombay,seeing as amma has lived in both the cities. Also,mumma was just telling us how one of my cousin’s wife,who was previously in Bombay before getting married and current based in Bangalore, wants to shift back to Bombay as she doesn’t really like Bangalore much. Information enough?😏


      2. 😒
        No,thank you. Again.😑
        Does anybody get high from having a big bowl of kadhi chawal? And for your information, I just ate it now. So, it couldn’t have taken affect from more than a couple of minutes ago.😑


      3. You are welcome. You definitely need it.

        That’s why I asked about what you had.

        So you mixed something in it. Great. And it’s affect is super fast. Even more awesome. You seem to know the time a person gets high. Lol, ofcourse you know. Who are we kidding, right ?


  1. Till date, I would say darkness was my fear. By reading this, I felt that I don’t need to fear it anymore. Indeed night can always be my friend who can take me to my imaginary land. Thanks a lot! That was a lovely piece 😄

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    1. Really? As a nyctophile, I would say, night is the most beautiful time of the whole rotation. Not sunset,not sunrise,nothing.
      Annnd,thank you so much for your lovely words.💋 I am glad you think this would help you to look at night in a different light.:)

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  2. I love this post!! I love the nighttime! I don’t know why everyone always associates the daytime as the most cheerful time of day… To me the best part of the day is when it’s dark and peaceful and everyone is at home with their families

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