Embracing her Demons.

And as she ran

Far far away

With her demons giving

Chase relentlessly,

She realised she

Couldn’t run from


They lived inside her.

She turned around

And threw her arms wide.

She was ready to accept

Herself as

She was.


Philosophical Me!

Fight for yourself.


Note: I read this story not one day ago where tough love proved to be a miraculous remedy to accepting shit and sulking and what not. So, I thought I would try. No offense intended. Just want you all to buck up and…live. Don’t think of killing me if the crude language hurts your eyes(not that shit’s a new word in my vocab. But anyway. Fair warning.). Just thinking of the greater good.*insert winning smile*

You might have accepted your fate. You might have accepted it as your reality, however bitter. You might have not noticed the options you have. You might have embraced the fact that that’s the best it would ever get. But I haven’t. I refuse to. I won’t. Because I know once you stop being a submissive shit and accept the fact that you can fight your way through the ordeal that your life has become, it’s all gonna be rainbows and sunshine. Okay, maybe not that,but yeah. Your life would take a turn for the better. You will realise that there’s something worth living for out there instead of just breathing. You will realise that you can have a great future ahead instead of just being a little shit who’s wasting the precious oxygen and nothing more. You will realise that you are worth a lot more than you could have ever imagined. And you will realise that, even though it isn’t effortless, life just might be beautiful. All you have to do is open your eyes to the possibilities:of fighting, and of living.