I hate manspreading and I can not lie.

imageMy take on feminism today.
My take on feminism today.

During an email conversation^, I had been asked about feminism. And on the occasion of the International Women’s day just gone by, I felt like I needed to put my point across. 3 points, actually.

*I really don’t see how asking men to get up from the “reserved” seats for women on a metro is gonna establish the equality, let alone your “supremacy”. They worked as hard as you did during the day. They attended those same, boring, continuous lectures as you did. They have similar stamina as you do. They are humans just as you are.

*And how is not shaving your legs, or arms, or underarms, for that matter, working in your favor in this matter? I mean, if you like hair, that’s perfectly cool. But if not,remember you do the shaving for personal hygiene. You do it to feel your silky-smooth skin under your fingertips in the shower (Admit it. That’s where you notice the hair with the most disgusted look on your face.). You do it to feel good about yourself. They aren’t as hygiene concerned. That doesn’t mean you gotta stoop to their level of unhygienic to prove you are equals. Or superior,if majority’s idea is to go by.
Animals aren’t shaving their hairy legs(Excuse me, men). Are you dying to prove how you are equals? And before you argue how animals aren’t discriminating against you, how do you know they aren’t, with disgust in their big,beady eyes and loathing on their ever-chewing huge faces?

*And I can not, for the life of me, understand how counteracting manspreading with something equally horrendous is gonna establish you as rational equals. Manspreading, in my opinion, should be declared a punishable offense(I have a personal vendetta against manspreading, yes.-.-). It’s irritating, really. If your balls can’t fit in the space allotted for one individual, pay for two. I mean, what the hell,dude? You can’t just go around spreading your legs when you find women doing it really offensive to your sensibilities.
But that doesn’t mean,ladies, that you gotta go around trying to introduce some “equally” ridiculous female-irritating-mechanisms just to spite them. Stop them. Tell them they are wrong. Tell them they gotta stop. Don’t get more annoying than they are. It’s not a race to see who can be more annoying,for god’s sake!!

Yes, these are the ones that personally annoy me (especially manspreading, in case you missed that^😶). I find this shit irritating. *shrugs* You are obviously entitled to your opinion. But don’t try to justify any of this shit,please. Stop being little insecure girls, trying to prove how getting your pigtails pulled is cute. It’s annoying,admit it. Learn to be a woman. Be a woman. A rational woman who KNOWS how she’s equal to the other half,and not trying to prove why she is.


33 thoughts on “I hate manspreading and I can not lie.

    1. You know, when men spread their legs so much while sitting down on the seat of a public transport and stuff, that they take up more than 1 half of the seat,leaving the one sitting beside them hanging from the edge,literally,almost making them fall? That’s manspreading. And I absolutely hate it. Their reasoning is that their balls “squish” when they close their legs,their words not mine. So, I am trying to tell them how they should pay for 2 seats so that they can spread their legs all they want.-.-
      Don’t you just despise that?!:/

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      1. Hahaha now cockroaches are something which don’t terrify me, even though most of the female population is,infact, afraid of them.:P
        I am,however, afraid of *whispers* lizards. And rats. That’s it. 2 creatures. But 2 more than acceptable, nonetheless. -.-

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  1. I totally believe in the idea of equality & believe me , when I will say this , but as I live in a developing nation like India , the conditions are much worse when it comes to important factors like gender equality & In reality , manspreading is quite offensive & I really feel bad , when men behave shamelessly . This is not acceptable at any cost

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    1. And believe me when I say this, but since I live in the same developing country of India as you do, the condition never was any better. It has deteriorated even worse. And it’s, if not more, as much women’s fault as men today, if the current condition is anything to go by. :/
      And ofcourse. Manspreading might lead me to neuter someone if they don’t stop this shit.-.-

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  2. I really don’t have much opinion about feminism but I do agree with the points you stated^^
    Especially the first one.
    But I do get really irritated when girls USE feminism as an excuse to get what they want.
    I mean come on people! You can’t be feminist whenever it suits you. If you wanna be treated like equals then do it at your cost NOT convenience.

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  3. I agree with you! It’s so irritating! Some men don’t even budge inspite of our discomfort. You know this gets worse, if you’re travelling by plane and seats are fully occupied. You have no clue how bad it gets and the airlines that take you abroad from India serves alcohol and after it’s consumption the condition gets worse. *ughhhh,sob sob* 😦
    So when you say you hate it, I completely understand that.
    One more thing that’s more upsetting is when girls are on the pedestrian path and *men* coming from the opposite direction will never budge from their place as they will always take it for granted that we girls are gonna move aside even if we are trying so hard to literally stop ourselves from falling by walking on the edge like the acrobats in the circus. I hate that. Why should we move everytime and if we don’t(I’ve tried that) they will push you, touch you in all the wrong places and go. *cringes* Isn’t that annoying!??

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    1. Exactly. I feel like smacking them so hard all their teeth fall out of their mouth. Okay, maybe that’s too violent an image,but yeah.-.-
      Oh yes. That’s something I despise too. Why do we need to always budge?:/ I don’t see the rationale behind this, honestly.-.-

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      1. Ofcourse we do! I have fought against people pushing their seats back onto us in plane without realizing that we are not amoebas to mould ourselves around their seat and bear their weight! 😡😡

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