Curiosities and shit.


My friend wanted to convey something along the lines of this^ to her friend. She asked me to help her with it(read:write something for me,please, please, pleasssseeee?!!)
So,even though I am not really a friend-y person( Excuse my creation of a new word. English must really hate me. I make such stupid additions to it without them making much sense.#_#), I wrote this. I was kinda in a good mood. So,don’t go spoiling my reputation. I am still mean and selfish.:P
Honestly,though? It seems like total bullshit to me. But,whatever.
So,anyway, my point here is, do your friends ask you to write such stuff for them just because they think you love writing,even though since it’s their clarifications and apologies, they should be the ones writing it?:/



44 thoughts on “Curiosities and shit.

    1. Okaaay. I am not really against it or anything,to be honest. But I just feel like it would be better if they write it because they are the ones who know the situation best. For instance,here,I had no definite idea what went down. So,even though I wrote it,it felt lacking because I didn’t really know what I was really trying to explain. But she did. Obviously. So,it might have felt more convincing or whatever had she written it.
      You getting what I am saying?:/

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      1. I got you even the first time. You see, even yours that you felt had no depth sounds better than their best to them. You will know because they will come back next time. Dunno if that made any sense.
        I have been in same situation as you , gave it lots of thought and came up with the above submission.


      2. It kinda did,I guess. I see where you are coming from. But, again,it all comes back to opinion, I guess.
        Thanks for commenting. I wanted people’s take on this. Thank you so much for telling me what you think about this. ✌

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  1. Well , I now assume most of the posts which you publish wrt emotions are somehow related to me , well I can’t do much about it now as my best friend has already left me 😦 😦


    1. Awwh it’s good to hear that you can relate to the stuff I write,even though it’s totally fictional from my point of view,generally. Or written for others,like in this case.
      But as I said before it’s all gonna sort itself out,dude. Give it time.:)

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      1. Yeah I know that , I believe that everything will be good at the end & one more thing , well sometimes what we believe to be fictional for us , might be real for many people , just like in our case 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would love to read more stuff from you !!


      2. That’s really good that you accept this fact that it’s all gonna be good.:)
        And yes. I have come to realise this in all the months I have been on WP. Most of the shit that’s fictional to me is other people’s reality. Which sucks big time, if I be honest. *sighs*
        I am flattered to read that. And I generally post quite regularly during most days. Like,alternate days regular. But since I have my finals coming up,I don’t have much time these days. I might post something in the next couple of days. But I will be a regular on WP again around December. Thought you should know.:)

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    1. Hahahahaha you cracked me up. Lol
      To be honest, not many people know that I write. And those who do, don’t ask me much to write because they know where I will tell them to shove it, what with me being a moody b**** and all. Also,I am kinda mean. So.:P
      But it didn’t feel all that bad to write this for one. It was okayish, can I say? :/
      It’s just that I can’t really relate to this^. I don’t go to such lengths to explain myself. If somebody gets it,well and good. If they don’t? I don’t really care. *shrugs*
      But my point here is,wouldn’t it have been better had she written it herself, what with her being well aware of the situation and all? I didn’t know shit about the situation. -.-


      1. Hahahaha you’re kidding,right? My meanness and bitchiness is funny, huh? *smirks*
        Hahahaha Okaaaay. We are gonna keep it between ourselves then,what say? Not one word to them.*Whispers*
        We do? Like,what? 😛

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  2. Its quite a challenge to do writing as an hobby but the moment overcome the laziness it becomes a biz and a natural source of income. May I advise you to charge for a fee.


    1. I never thought of it this way.I would love to earn well for writing someday. It’s something I actually like doing. But you know what the best thing would be? Getting paid well for reading books. I love to read. But alas!
      Anyway,I am shutting up now.🙊


  3. My friends always hamper me to write something for them, though I’ve always found myself failing to write anything praiseworthy when asked about a particular thing. Don’t know why?


    1. I know,right? It always feels lacking. Like, I am not able to express what was required and there’s more to be said.Atleast to me. I feel like they would come up with something better because it’s them who is in that particular situation or whatever. But they seem to think otherwise. :/

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  4. I spend so much time pre-writing stuff in my head I think I’d struggle to write something to explain someone else’s feelings.
    How can you put feelings into words if you’ve not spend a few hours obsessing over them?!


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