I am a mystery?

As simple as that.*shrugs*

What makes you think you wanna know all of me? What makes you think you can handle it? What ever gave you the idea that I am a mystery waiting to unfold? And why would you think that I am waiting for someone to unravel me? Why the freaking hell would you think that even if I am, you are gonna be the one doing the unraveling? And why would you get this idea in your head that I can be broken in? Why the hell, I ask? Why does it seem so important to you, this discovering? And how would you even know that I have more to me than what meets the eye? What makes you believe you are capable of anything when it comes to me? Why? Why? WHY!?!


45 thoughts on “I am a mystery?

  1. Haha What a flow 😛
    So Many Whys 😛

    Basically I have stopped pondering over Whys since long.
    I am more into How and What now a days.

    And the reply to this is –
    A lot of interference nowadays and it is very rare to find a immune person. Given to the number of observation, whoever this is addressed to is driven by statistics and might have jumped on the conclusion.

    But a great post by you. It is very vividly written. I might use your post someday to shoot to some one 😛

    Good going there 😉

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    1. Hahaha
      Whys are the root cause of most problems and misunderstandings. But it’s why that lets us know, that gives us closure, that lets us be.That’s what I think, atleast.*shrugs*
      It’s fictional. As usual. Inspired by one of the characters in one of the novels I was reading a couple of days ago.
      Thank you so much for the sweet words, Bhanu.:)
      Hahaha do that. And let me know how it goes then.:P

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      1. Matlab kuchbhi. Ms. Ghajini has written her name and address all over your body, thats why you need tk look in the mirror. -_-

        Well, duh!


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