Creative?:/ Blogger?:| #CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD :D

Ooh la la!I have been nominated for the CREATIVE BLOGGERS AWARD by https://anamikaagnihotri.wordpress.com/
Thanks for the nomination, Anamika!

Here I have to give five random facts about me and then nominate other bloggers to do the same.

So,umm…facts?About me?

I don’t believe in bestfriends.

The idea of a relationship has never appealed to me.And I don’t think it ever would.Atleast,not in the near future.I have seen/read about one too many failed ones which leave nothing in their wake, but misery.And others are struggling to stay afloat.Also,it isn’t time.I am too young for it.I know,the definition of young varies,but this is how it is for me.I am not ready for a relationship.Period.

I am a mystery/suspense/thriller kinda girl.But mysteries like Sherlock Holmes don’t hold my interest for long.This is because I like subtle mysteries.Not the magnifying-lens-in- hand kind.I love the ones where the mystery unfolds layer by layer itself.That’s why I heart SYDNEY SHELDON ‘s work.He’s the best.:D
And yeah.His protagonists are generally females. So,whohooo!
Just kidding!I am not sexist.:P
Also,it is just a personal opinion.No disrespect meant.

I feel like I need to explain “why”, whenever I have a different opinion.I mean,I don’t think I should do that.It’s my choice.People need to accept it as it is.I know that. But I do it anyway.-_-

One of the things that just annoys the hell outta me is,whenever I am sharing some pie or truffle or say any sort of eatables with anybody,and we start eating,the other person takes the bite out of the other corner than I did.DON’T.ASK.ME.WHY.It bugs me.Every single time.I never say it to their face,because that would be outright rude(not that I care much about being rude, but Whatevs.).So I avoid sharing food items altogether. Also,the idea of someone else’s saliva going into my mouth because of the shared food terrifies me.

   And since, you people are so awesome,a bonus fact for you.haha(I don’t think you people will take this one as a bonus:-S)

I like when people are afraid of/or intimidated by me.This gives me a sense of control.You should know,I LOVE CONTROL.I dunno what that says about me.:/
Don’t care.

So these are some facts about me.Some of you might get urges to unfollow me after reading this.You can do that, or whatever.Not because I am ignorant.But because, as I have mentioned time and again,I make no apologies for who I am.And I don’t plan to start now.

So, I have to nominate a few bloggers for the Creative Bloggers Award.

I nominate:-

You people have to give 5 random facts about yourselves and then nominate others to do the same.There was no mention of limit on number of bloggers, so nominate away,if you may!:P
Also,and this is VERY IMPORTANT, mention the name and the link of the blogger who nominated you.(For you,it’s yours truly😜)


P.S. My nominations are absolutely random.No reason for nominating one,and no reasons for not nominating someone else.Equality and democracy, you know? 😛


16 thoughts on “Creative?:/ Blogger?:| #CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD :D

    1. Thank you so much! 😀
      As for your question,well,to be honest, I don’t know.When I was younger,I did have bestfriends like every kid does.But circumstances distanced me from them.One wasn’t trustworthy,and the other one just left my school after we had the single fight of our friendship.We still talk and all,but the bond hasn’t been there for a long time.
      And then I started reading.Those number of stories, with number of friendships made me realise that what I had with those “bestfriends” of mine was so fickle.I have never come across that die-for-your-bestfriend kinda friendship.And just like people do with relationships, I don’t want to settle for anything less.
      Also,I have the most amazing mother ever.I can talk all sorts of shit with her.And I mean all freaking sorts.So I don’t think I need a bestfriend, anyway.
      And since this comment is almost an essay, as it is,I just want to add that I don’t mean that I don’t believe in bestfriendships.Other people have bestfriends they adore.I just don’t believe in one for myself.I stopped trusting people a long time ago.But that doesn’t mean that others have too.
      Hahaha you must be regretting the moment you decided to comment.:P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No!! I defiantly don’t regret saying it!! You’ve just got through to me that best friends don’t come across as easily as I thought they would, I have realised that not everybody I know is my best friend, thank you for telling me this😊

        RealGirl2 xoxoxo

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahaha
      Are they?Well,now am curious.
      Do you want me to nominate you for this one so you could tell me all about our mutual hate of relationships?Or do we have the control thing in common?Tell me,tell me,tell me. Lol
      Should I nominate you?:D


  1. Best friends are truly hard to find. Those who find one are really lucky. I am among the luckiest one because i was born with one! Yes i have a twin sister and we have been like heart and soul for four decades now. Then i found one again when i was young and i married him!! i have never felt lonely in my life!! Nearly two decades of married life and we are still best of friends!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my!You are so damn lucky, then.:D
      Not one,but two.*shakes head*
      All the best for the future.I hope you are that happy in the years to come,and if possible, even more.:*
      Bestfriendships are just not for me,I guess.:/
      But you?It sounds like the story from a novel with a very happy ending.:D


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