Well Well Well.I have been nominated for the Leibster Award by https://photographygeek123.wordpress.com/
Thank you so much for the nomination!
For those of you who are unaware or confused about what the hell it is, it is a kind of a get-to-know-your-fellow-blogger-better thingie.Here,around 10 bloggers are nominated by another blogger to answer 10 random questions and then nominate upto 10 new bloggers to do the same with a different set of questions.
This is actually kinda exciting.

Well,this is the set of questions I was asked to answer.So here they are.

▪What is your all time favorite hobby?
Napping.No kidding!I love to sleep.It is,without a doubt,my favorite past time. lol

▪Where would you like to go most in the world?
Oblivion,if it actually exists.Otherwise,I would make do with Ohio.(One of my favorite book series is set in Ohio,Texas)
Compromises,Compromises. *Sighs*

▪Is there anything you would really like to do?
Oh yes.I would really love to go back in time some way, and put a bullet through the head of the person who invented education.Yeah,you read it right!

▪Who would you like to see most of all?
Marilyn Monroe.It’s sad she’s six feet under.I would really love to ask her about her obsession with shoes.(I can be accused of same,but that’s out of context) lol

▪What is your all time favorite food?
Umm…that’s really hard to decide.So I am going to go with a vague answer.Anything sweet would do.What can I say,I have a sweet tooth.;)
So desserts are my absolute favorite.:D

▪If you had superpowers,which one would it be?
To stop time.That way I would have more time for_wait for it_yeah?_NAPPING! hahahahahaha

▪Where would you wish to live:e.g. By the sea?
An ocean facing cottage,with glass walls,private beach aaannnnd a huge freaking garden!
(The most important thing?The whole top floor would be a loft with several platforms.French doors and glass windows, ofcourse!😍)

▪Is there something you really want to save up for?
Well,my parents are generous people if what I want is actually something I need.So I don’t want much shit.But…shoes are something I could save up for!:P

▪What do you find funny?
When people don’t get my sarcasm.At first,it irritates me and then I just feel like laughing,because I cannot understand if they are actually that thick in the head or if they are plain out trying to pretend so that they can save face.Seriously!I mean who could be so dumb that they couldn’t understand sarcasm huh?Who?!

▪Who is the most important person to you?
Well,this I can answer sincerely.There are 4 most important people in my life.They are my lifelines;my rock.
My Ma.
My Papa.
My mausi(my ma’s sister).
My ma’s bestie.
These people are awesome.AWESOME.I am so damn lucky to have them in my life.No one’s luckier,I can bet. 😀

Now that I have answered the questions,I now need to propose a different set of questions for upto 10 different bloggers.
I nominate:-

https://thebibliophilediaries.wordpress.com/ https://anamikaagnihotri.wordpress.com/

Your questions are:-
⚫Why do you think the hands of the clock move clockwise and not the other way round?
⚫What do you people think about farting, burping in public?Do you think people should find some secluded place to release or do you think that since these are normal bodily functions ,people should just let go?:/
⚫Do you seriously think we need to be educated?I mean,wouldn’t it be better if everybody was illiterate?Equality and all that.😶
⚫Why do you think I nominated you?
⚫Which floor would you like to live on :the groundfloor ,or first,or whatever?Why is that?
⚫Does it bother you that people around you are better looking,smarter,more sarcastic(lol)?
⚫Do you actually even like blogging?
⚫Which one is better:school life or college life?Why?
⚫Who tops your hitlist and why?(if it bothers you to reveal the actual name,tell the reason and give a fake name,or Whatevs .)
⚫Umm…try to draw a pensketch of me based on my posts?Since I am quite apprehensive in giving details about myself and have never uploaded a picture of myself,I would really love to know what you people think I am like, based on the state of my mind.(my posts;my words;my blog lol)
(I dunno how to frame that as a question.So that.)

I know,I know.You must be thinking ‘What a psycho.What weird questions.Must be loopy.’
Well,I like to use a slightly different term:Eccentric. Haha
Since these are supposed to be my questions,I couldn’t bring myself to use another’s words.I like to think that I am unique.Not in the “special person” kind of way,but in a totally-out-of-her-mind kinda way.Every such award post I have come across,they were so serious.Good,but serious.I wanted a bit of humor.

So,you can answer the above given questions,any which way.Give me the answer that comes first to your mind ,when you read the question.I belive this would be fun.;)

Now.Some important things.You people have to make a post with your answers in which you have to compulsorily give the name and link of the blogger who nominated you. COMPULSORILY.
Then you need to nominate upto 10 bloggers for the Leibster Award.
As for your questions?Ask any 10, random questions.Whatever,whichever.

Hope you people enjoy.I did.:D



28 thoughts on “AWARDS,AWARDS! #LEIBSTER

    1. Haha sure! But let me tell you,the questions are weirder than any I have come across!So,you might stumble a bit when you decide to answer!Not in a confused type of way,but in a weirded-is-she-out-of-her-mind kinda way.:P

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  1. Congratulationnnsss 😄😄

    You’re heading up to success real fast 😀

    Anyways. I have already been nominated. And I have already writen a blog about it. But thank you so much for nomination. It still made me excited 😀 :p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am kind of glad I didn’t get nominated because to answer all of those questions would’ve taken me ages if I wanted to answer them properly😂



      1. Thank you very Much, my blog isn’t turning out as bad as I thought it would thanks to your help😊😊❤️

        RealGirl2 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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