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And that’s the reason you should never lose faith.Because it is faith that keeps you going,when pain surrounds you,heartache prominently envelopes you,you feel like crying and laughing at the same time,and nothing seems to go right.
Because,my friend,that’s what life is all About:Living.With faith.



41 thoughts on “Surprises,surprises!

    1. True.Faith is not something that’s easy to hold on to all the time.But that’s where the awesomeness lies, don’t you think?When life throws suprises your way,and you unexpectedly realise that you have abundance of faith.
      So, as you say, we should just wait for the suprises to come our way,and I guess we’ll find out! (:


  1. Yes that’s all so true, never lose faith with the things you love😊 Also I might post a blog on my favourite hobby and my brother, my sister and my grannie being my inspirations😊 Would that be interesting or REALLYYY boring😂😂❤️

    RealGirl2 xoxo

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