She is Aphrodisiac.


She was aphrodisiac. I can’t not write about her even though it’s impossible to contain her in words. She breathed like poetry come alive. She smiled like screaming colors. She danced like dew drops on a bright green leaf in the early hours of morning. She moved with the seductive gait of a pretty yet dangerous feline. Her voice was like honey melting in a glass of warm water. Her eyes were so unique-gorgeous hazel with flecks of gold intertwined. When she looked at you the world stopped,earth tilted on its axis. You wanted to lose yourself in her,in her presence. You wanted to surround yourself with the beauty that she was. You wanted her around. You wanted her. Period.
But she? She was an illusion of your imagination. She was a living, breathing paradox of the calmness of the ultimate end. She was aphrodisiac.



57 thoughts on “She is Aphrodisiac.

      1. Hahahaha I would have already had I been normal. But I don’t say that to anyone. Except for my maa, ofcourse. 😛
        So.*sheepish smile*
        And we kinda click. Even if we don’t talk all that much, we just do, I guess. So, I won’t run away from someone who’s as much a whacko as I am. 😛
        We are in this together.*insert grin*

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  1. Felt like I was narrating my story. Pitch perfect to the last word.

    1. Twitter : Wow, finally. Just a little clarification though. The age is different there and here.
    2. Facebook : Awesome. There too?
    3. Were you ever planning to reveal your identity?

    A n d,
    Long time no see.
    I take it you have completely forgotten, gotten busy into your studious life. Well, I wouldn’t blame you either. Anyhow, I don’t forget friends, like I said.

    Keep writing.
    PS : Please be gentle. I can’t even spell the title. -_-

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    1. AK!! You are back, my talking, breathing, replying diary. Where have you been!?!:P
      No,seriously. Where?
      Thank you so much for the sweet words, by the way.:*
      As for the age, I turned 20 this 30th of May. (I am so excited. Yayayay. Not.-.-). So, I just gotta change it here.
      And yes. Facebook,too. Not that it looks like I am gonna be really active there either.*makes a face*
      Annnd,no. I wasn’t. So.:/
      Long time no see,damn right. And I haven’t forgotten,my dear diary. I just got free from exams 2 weeks ago. I am still trying to breathe normally instead of hyperventilating every other second.:P
      P.S. I was being gentle. Whatever in the freaking world are you talking about?*wide,wide eyes*

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      1. I have always been here. They make a TV series called Lost based in your posts. They always get lost. You made a deal with the WordPress or something.

        Don’t. Don’t flatter me, ok? You forgot. 😭 plain and simple. 😭

        Life happened man.

        I’m always sweet and you know that. 😊

        Whoa. Happy belated birthday. And welcome to the twenties, oldie.

        So why Facebook? Is it for a crush ? 😂😂
        You’ll be active there as well. Don’t make those faces now. Adorable.

        I know right.
        You have. Don’t lie. 😭😭
        You gave the diary to the Kabadi wala. 😭😭
        You breathe freely during exams. You loooove them. You hate being free. What happened to you? Why lying so much ? 😳
        Hyperventilating for what?

        PS : Come on. Don’t pretend like you don’t know. The other night. You know you were…You forgot? 😱
        Apro aphro aphrod aphrodisiac. This one.


      2. Sigh
        Whatever. 😏
        Haha no,I didn’t. 😛

        Yeah yeah. I do agree.✌:D


        Puh-leeeez! It was a decision based on a whim. :/
        I am not really sure. But anyway.

        Haha so that’s where you were? With the kabadiwala?😹 Mayen.

        P.S. 😶 what?!
        Haha that’s not gentle?😹

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      3. 😒
        Still the same meanness. 😒

        Finally, something we both agree on. 😊

        You’re welcome. 😊 wait. No party? Nothing? Kaise dost ho ? 😒😒

        Oho Miss A is in love. Who is the guy? What is his name?

        😒 That means you really did sell it off. Didn’t expect this from you.

        PS : See, you remember don’t you? How can you forget that amazing..!
        It was harsh.


      4. Lol


        When I am not interested, there’s no party happening.😏 You can have an ice-cream though.🍦

        Ugh not even touching that with a 10-feet pole.😑



      5. Cuz birthdays don’t excite me? Or,cuz I don’t see them as a reason to celebrate? 😑
        My folks take me to a swanky dinner and that’s it. And even that they had to force me to go to.:|

        Kahin nahi. Stay in Bangalore.😏


      6. Why don’t they excite you?
        Must be a reason, right?
        I have a reason.

        Well, there you had it, the big party.
        Force you to go? How? I know no one could tell you what to do?

        Arey, batao toh. Kaha?


      7. Not really. I just don’t like the idea of growing up. And birthdays signify growth. They are a symbol of a time to come when I will have a crap load of responsibilities hanging over my head and burgeoning amounts of tensions will surround me. So, excuse me if birthdays don’t excite me.
        But yeah. I don’t have a real,honest to God reason to not like birthdays, I guess, if you were asking for that.

        What’s yours?

        Har har big party,yeah. A dinner and a cake is all I would have agreed for in name of a party anyway.:P
        And you know wrong. My parents are people who I genuinely listen to. So,yeah. If they ask, I can be “forced” to agree sometimes. I do agree,actually.

        Kahin nahiiiiii.😒


      8. Fair enough.

        But perhaps there is way of dealing with this. Don’t collaborate growing up with responsibilities. Yes, you will be having some responsibilities, but they won’t be big of a deal if you are happy to do them. Tensions? When is that you felt that there would be no tension in life? There is no certain time. As a student, we have tensions, as an adult working (anywhere) one has tensions. But the idea is to deal with these in the best way possible making these tensions feel like a breeze. It’s not that easy of a task, I agree. But that’s what life is about, isn’t it?

        I just wanted to know your opinion on that, since every other person loves and waits eagerly for the birthday.

        I have two reasons. You might not like it. One, when I was in 2nd class, I invited my classmates to my birthday. I was kind of excited because well ,gifts. Though we already had the gifts ready as return gifts. I guess, the idea of B’day excited me, for reason I didn’t know then. Anyhow, no one show up. One of my mom’s friends kid showed up. That was pretty much the crowd. Since then, I started realizing what the significance of birthday was.

        And that was what you got, right? A great meal and a cake. And not a slice of cake to your online stranger.

        So, the control is over there. Forced to agree? LOL. Like you have a choice. 😛

        Arey bolo toh kaha par hai. -_-


      9. I can’t help it. It’s been like that for a few years now. I wasn’t crazy as hell since the beginning. I kinda liked the idea of birthdays and stuff at some point. Then I kinda grew up while others were still celebrating and, I dunno, I stopped liking birthdays. People still get me gifts. I still get the million phone calls and the billion birthday messages. I still recite my non-existent birthday plans to every single one of them. I still go out for dinner and cut a cake religiously along with maa’s bestie’s family. I am just not excited about much of it. Oh yes. I wanted a particular pair of real good heels. That I did get as one of the gifts. And that was one of the few things I was excited about this birthday.:P

        And those responsibilities and tensions would be a big freaking deal cuz I would be expected to handle them as an adult. As an individual. No doubt,my pillars would be there to support me, but I will be an individual regardless and I will have to deal with it all as an adult. Alone.
        Also, worrying about, say, salaries and stuff, and being tensed cuz you aren’t sure if you will pass in some particular paper are two entirely different things,don’t you think?

        Oh. That’s real sad,especially for a kid that age.

        Nah. We ate it all. Lol

        Haha they don’t really force me or anything. But maa’s like,”Won’t you celebrate even a little bit? I was thinking we will have a small, cozy dinner at that new place we heard of a few days ago. And we will get a cake,ofcourse.” And, hence, we go.

        Arrey nahi hai Kahin bhi.-.-


      10. Oh, you became an adult when you differentiated the little fun of birthdays with growing up or may be growing out of it. You are already an adult, oldie.
        See, at least you get many gifts and billion wishes. I have hid my birthday from everyone, I mean my colleagues and friends. Only calls from family members and no messages.

        The thing about family is how much ever you grow up, they will be there for you, a few good friends included. You may have responsibilities and may have to deal with them on your own, but you will get the first set of guidance and help from them which will make you take them independently. Yes the worrying is different for different situations, but what I was saying is that there will be worrying. Money is temporary, unless you have a steady job. Clearing the exam is inconclusive, but you will. The magnitude of the worry varies but the very idea of worry will be there.

        I know. I am not such a big fan of B’days anyway. It makes me realize that I lived one more year.

        You can get one now and send a slice. -_-

        Lol. Won’t you celebrate even a little bit? That tells that you are such a workaholic having nose in some text book or the other. 😛 Such a textbookoholic, sigh.

        Arey, batao toh. You are 20 years old now. Take responsibility and give a party. 😛


      11. I guess,yeah.*sigh*

        That I do.:/
        But, why? When is it?😶

        Okay,as you say. I can’t argue about something I don’t really have much idea about.:|
        And worry will be there,but the issue I have is with the magnitude itself. So,yeah. But anyway.:/

        Nah. I even ate a chocolate cake a few days back,but no. 😛


        Nope. I still plan on not really taking responsibility till 30.:P


      12. It is the reality. Let it sink in, miss grown up. 😒😁


        You missed it anyway by a long shot. 😊😊

        Hmm. Point.

        Yeah. You will handle it with ease. Don’t worry about it. 😊

        So mean 😒😒.
        Share. Share. 😒

        Oh. Until 30?
        When are you getting married ? 21? 😜😜


      13. Shite. I thought you would mention it some time. I didn’t ask hence. Belated happy birthday for whenever.🎉🍫
        🎂 Here. You can have some afterall.

        Haha that I am. But I am sharing now,aren’t I?:P

        How about never?🙎


      14. It was in January. But thank you. 🙂

        You always send emoji or photo. -_-
        Chalo ussi ko adjust kar lete hai.

        I give you 5 more years max. You will get married before or at 25. Wishing you an advanced married life. 😛


      15. 🙂

        That is all. -_-

        Don’t worry. You will get married before 25. I will talk to uncle and aunty and inform of your enthusiasm to get married and let the curtains raise and band baja barat all around.


      16. I don’t? I asked for you address so that I could send you a real one. You didn’t oblige, as if I would be sending a bomb or something. -_-
        Wishing you a Happy Married life in 2 years. Congratulations.
        *After two years*
        Me : Hows married life?
        You : It’s fantastic. It’s beautiful. It’s everything I dreamed of.


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