The deal.


That shrewd gaze looked around with an intelligence she wouldn’t have expected him to have. And that damp breath made her wanna hurl. The wet,gurgling voice rattled her insides. She sat hiding behind a pseudo wall in her 13th floor apartment. She had to hide to save herself. She had to hide from the devil himself. He had come to extract the payment that had been long overdue. He had come to extract it from her. She hadn’t fathomed that the deal she had made with the monster in that moment of desperation would come to bite her in the ass. She hadn’t expected him to remember. She was, afterall, one in those innumerable hordes. She had been sure he would forget and move on. She had assumed that he would let her go. Told her how assuming was wrong,and how it could be fatal. She hadn’t even tried to make an escape. She had just waited 7 years for him to make a move. Stupid. Stupid. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult with every second that passed,with his need to make it even saturating the already humid air. The waves of amusement she felt coming from him startled her. Shite. He was amused. He was enjoying this game of hide and seek. Did he know where she was hiding? Oh gawd. He did. He had to. He was the devil. She couldn’t get a breath in. Maybe she would choke and die before he got his hands on her. That would be a better way to go. Yes. She suddenly felt the air shift behind her. “Tick tock time’s up”, that wet voice gurgled behind her as the forked,green tongue came out and took a swipe of the air. The feeling of absolute terror she experienced in that one point five second was all she experienced before succumbing to oblivion.



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