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Check out realgirl2!
She has just started,but she’s quite good!
So,if you people don’t mind,do visit her blog. 😀
Thank you so much! ♥


It’s 100 now!

100 now!

Well Well Well
If this isn’t a Surprise.
Just two days ago I made a post about receiving 50 followers on WordPress. That was quite an achievement for me as this blogging business is a separate part of my life.No one, and I stress NO ONE, from the outer world knows about my blog.Not even a single soul.So,I was quite a bit happy when the numbers reached 50.
But this?This is freaking awesome, man!I have surpassed the “100” mark in just two days! That means more than 50 follows in 2 days!
It feels fictional to me.My feelings are all over the place right now.I never expected to gain any readers when I started blogging a couple of months ago.
And now?I cannot imagine life without you all.
You people have become, like a family to me (and let me tell you my family is fabulous, FABULOUS. So you all are, too!). Haha
All of you are amazing, people!
And I am thankful for it.
So…a big freaking THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Love xx