The Road Less Taken.

As he saw his


Galloping away,

Far in the distance,

Far away,

He stared at the trees,

And the creek gray,

Bidding him farewell,

And journey safe,

He wondered if

He would ever come

Back to this time


He was leaving his

Life behind, and was

Walking a path

Rarely trodden.

He was taking the

Road less taken.



Broken her.

She's broken inside;dead.


                    Tear filled eyes of hers
                            shining bright
               like twinkling stars in the sky.

P.S. Can this qualify as haiku? Honestly, I dunno much about the poetry form. All I know is that it’s a three line poem involving some element of nature, and it kind of conveys a story. Albeit a short one. Please don’t kill me for this. 🙈
Annnd, do tell me what would make it a haiku, if it’s not right now? Seeing as so many people write awesome haiku here, help me out!! I wanna learn. *insert a winning smile*



I watch the sun go down.

A new morning is on it's way.

The sweet wind in my hair
The quiet company of one
My mind reeling with unspoken thoughts;
Brimming with the shadows of actions past
Remembering those silent warnings
And syncretic union of days gone by
And more to come.
Laughter sounding clear in my ears
Transporting me back to those joyous moments
And with it coming of the silent suffering:
The escaped tendrils fluttering in the breeze
Shake off the unwanted recalling.
The wind centres me;
Makes me want to focus on possibilities to come.
I watch the sun go down,
Beyond the horizon with the saffron hue,
The birds flying high to go back home
Leaving the shadows of struggles behind.
I watch the sun go down.
It will rise again;A new morning.