I’d call you home.


The moment I saw you nearing,
I felt a strange calm settle over me.
My heart slowed the pumping.
My mind backtracked on the whirring.
The dark corners of my guilt-soaked soul
Took a deep breath and let go some.
You were my personal brand of redemption.
All the screaming, all the crying-
It took a backseat in my head.
I knew the second I saw you nearing,
You will be my salvation.
You felt like home.
You are home.



Scars and hope.

Because there's still hope.

                           The drying scabs,
     Chipping away like the many coats of that
                         Week old nail color
     Revealing the new pink of the healing skin,
     Left after those huge wounds have healed
                    Leaving behind the scars
                    Of the many wars fought,
                                Inside out.
                   All that’s left are the scars
        To remind us about the times gone by,
                   And the new, healing skin
                           Giving us hope.